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12 volt dc motor speed controller

by:Earlston     2020-01-19
Hello, my friends. I hope everything goes well.
Today, I will share with you a new small project of motor control circuit.
I will discuss with you a new idea of DC motor speed regulation.
In the previous article, we discussed the step motor control using the micro controller and keyboard.
Construction of List of induction motor components (
Motor control circuit
: Power supply 12 v DC regulator 7812 555 IC IN4001/4007 diode variable resistor 50 k capacitor 0.
1 uf/pF capacitor 0.
01 uf/103 pf resistor 33 Ohm FET 75NF75 DC motor 12 v power LED bread board/Vero board jumper details and video access website c945 motor control circuit diagram is an important component of any circuit
We mentioned the whole circuit diagram in the following figure.
According to the circuit diagram, we make the hardware on the project board or vero board.
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