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220v best electric induction cooktop customized for home

220v best electric induction cooktop customized for home

220v best electric induction cooktop customized for home

Model No.
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Commercial induction cooker
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220V-240V/50HZ-60HZ, 100V-120V, 50HZ
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Product Information of 220v best electric induction cooktop customized for home
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With the pursuit of excellence, is committed to showing you unique craftsmanship in details.
Application Scope
's can play an important role in various fields.With a focus on , is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.
Company Advantages
1. Design of best electric induction cooktop have helped best induction burner win the market.
2. The product is eco-friendly with no mess or wasted paper, which is reusable as the equivalent of 50,000 sheets of paper. It provides an easy way for users to writing or drawing with the included stylus.
3. Its electric circuits react flexibly and actively to the transmitted signals, which directly helps reduce the signal distortion rate.
4. Made of premium quality, this product does not produce electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to people. It is definitely a user-friendly product.

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Model No.


Rated Votage&frequency

220V-240V/50HZ-60HZ, 100V-120V, 50HZ

Product name

Commercial induction cooker

Heat type


Rated Power


Control type

Press button

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater

220v best electric induction cooktop customized for home-5                

Easy clean

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Not easy be scratched

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Good heat conduction


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
220v best electric induction cooktop customized for home-8
  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


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Folks, if you have been using non-stick cookware your entire life now is not the time to switch to stainless. If you do make the "LEAP" this set is great to "learn" on because of the price. It does lack a lid for the frying pan but it's a "frying pan". The last thing you want is a bunch of moisture falling back into the grease. It needs a lid for sautéing. And the set should have steamer basket. Hence the 4 star rating. Nothing anywhere should be given 5 stars. 4 1/2 maybe but nothing is 5 star anymore. Period. Also, if you take that leap of faith and fail because of your own inexperience suck it up and don't send the kit back. Keep making mistakes until you get it right. When you blame the discoloration of you pots and pans on "haze" and then say it's actually about "rust" with a :( old school emoji is just silly. Even the rank amateurs such as myself know what happens to stainless when someone has added coarse salt to boiling water or didn't dissolve it first and cranked the heat up. It took me a long time to fully understand the effects of heat, transfer of heat and the changes unmanaged heat transfer does to metal. If you boil water out of the pot and don't catch it in time you affect the properties of the metal significantly. It also changes the appearance/color and it is obvious. Burn happens with stainless so does the "haze" (dishwasher people). Burning salt is grade school easy to identify. No matter what you do....don't say the "haze" is "rust" on anything stainless. Your either obfuscating the truth to get your money back or you don't really know what in the world your talking about. And most importantly.....don't say something is "used - very good" when all the above mentioned atrocities have occurred to each freaking instrument. Almost forgot about the scratches. No scrubbing pads. That includes the ones that say they won't scratch. Amazon warehouse do your job and check the contents. I mean really......c'mon man! Tighten-Up! QA (lady from Boca) and QC (Amazon) have both failed. This is definitely a 4 star set. Great to learn "the art" of stainless cooking. Don't spend the money on the high-dollar stuff to learn. Cheers!
Works well. Replaced anodized aluminum set I'd had for years. Works well with ceramic cooktop and portable induction. Took a bit of getting use to cooking at lower temp settings. Attractive and appears to be well made. Over all quite satisfied with purchase.
I love the feel, alittle heavy, but not too heavy. I thought i burned my mac-n-cheese, it look stuck to the bottom, but i washed it and without a major scrubbing sponge, it came right out easily. The handles are touchable during cooking. i will recommend this to all.
Daughter like them. Even heating. Nice weight and quality.
very heavy and work great on induction cook top. However, I find everything sticks and I have tried, olive oil, pam olive oil spray, grapeseed oil and butter. Even poaching eggs leaves a sticky film in the frying pans. I have to use SOS pads to remove the white film after cooking.
This cook ware is exactly what I was looking for. Purchased a new home with a glass top stove (always cooked on gas before). After doing a lot of research on appropriate cook ware the Duxtop set is exactly what I was looking for.
Does the work, need some more testing
Very nice, gave as a gift and they love them,
Great quality set. Heavy solid construction. Good comfortable handles. I cook a lot and am pleased. Great value. My first induction set. They form spots on bottom after use but all recommend barkeepers friend. I had my eye on more All Clad but would buy again. I liked the weight. Some might not.
Wonderful cookware, and it is a Wisconsin Company. Wish it was made in America though. The cookware is super high quality. I like it better than my all clad because of the easy pour lip, the handles and the price point! I want more pieces! Going to order another set and hoping there will be more individual pieces available soon! Thank you Amazon!!!
These pots and pans are beautiful!! I purchased them about two months ago. ( I can't tell you how they work on an Induction stove because I don't have one.) I bought them because they are stainless steel and stylish. I read lots of reviews of lots of different models before I settled on these. They are easy to keep clean (so far), dishwasher safe (a big plus) and a nice weight. The handles are solid and, with the exception of the smaller pans, stay cool to the touch. This is the ONLY negative thing I can say about this cookware. It was a pleasure to get rid of my non-stick Calphalon cookware. I would recommend these pots and pans unconditionally. The quality is fantastic and the price is right.
This is an excellent set of cookware for induction. You would most probably need to purchase additional specialized pieces. But this set forms a very good basis.
Beautiful and we love cooking with these!
Even heat distribution, fairly easy to clean, looks great cooks great. Overall excellent set of cookware.
Love this set. Looks beautiful and works beautifully on our new induction cooktop. Just the right weight and feel to it.
Perfect sizes and great quality with even cooking.
My husband bought this set for me to use daily as I sometime burn the food and pans of course but these are easy to wash!
So far so good! Love the new set. Works excellent on our new induction range.-- Bar keepers friend is a must to keep them looking like new.
excellent product. i use these in a bed and breakfast - makes all the difference in the world to have the right tools!
We have a good dishwasher, but these don't clean well in there. love the construction of them though.
Outstanding Product!!
Great product! The customer service is wonderful, I found a small flaw in one of the pots, and the company was quick to replace it. Thanks!
My wife loved it!! It seems to be of very high quality and heavy. It looks beautiful! We have not used it yet but it looks and feels to be of very high quality. The seller was great and would definitely buy from them again. Highly recommended!
We recently purchased an induction stovetop so we needed new cookware. We've used this set for a couple months now and just love it! It is so easy to use and cleans up nicely, always looks clean, shiny and brand new. Highly recommended.
perfect for induction cooktop! Zooms up to 500 degrees quickly and stays hot. With induction, the handles don't even get hot. Make sure to dry completely and oil after washing (rust starts to form quickly here by the beach), but My new favorite pan.
Excellent piece. Easy to use. Roomy enough to cook for a crowd.
Works great! I bought it for my kitchen, but end up using on our outdoor burners.
high quality, heavy duty, and works great
This stands up to my 50,000 BTU burner. Stir frying continues even after removing from the heat. Nothing else matches this for high heat cooking. It's heavy, but that's the price you pay for unmatched results.
Whoever thought of this is a genius. I especially love the bottom because you don’t need a holder to hold your wok like most typical Asian wok.
I just received my Lodge Pro-Logic wok yesterday, and I'm ecstatic! I have a professional-grade range running propane (however, I'm not a "professional-grade" cook ;) ). With the rolled-steel wok, I couldn't keep the wok hot enough to actually stir fry even with my settings nearly on high (which is VERY hot on my range -- it would burn most food in a regular steel pan). Every time I added something to the rolled-steel wok, I'd initially hear a nice sizzling sound, but the added mass and the adiabatic expansion of the steam that was released would cool the wok so much that the food would just steam and slow-cook. Not so with this wok. I preheated the wok on a medium setting (which I eventually had to turn down just a bit). The onions browned quickly, and when I added the meat, it was browning within just a few turns around the wok. The difference was staggering. The whole meal was done in easily half the time of the other wok with the heat setting at half the level of the old wok -- saving me a significant amount of expensive propane. I've seen a few comments on other reviews that seemed to suggest that you need a massive heat source for even this wok, but I would not expect that to be the case. If your range is working properly, the heat that it puts out should mostly just affect the amount of time it takes to preheat this wok. Once the wok is heated, your stovetop only needs to keep adding heat that the wok is losing during the cooking process. This cast-iron wok has a fantastic heat retention, so I can't imagine that would be an issue. The only real down side to using a cast-iron wok (or any cast iron cookware) is that you have to RESPECT it. You can't let your mind wander and inadvertently grab -- or even lightly touch -- the handle to adjust its position. You can easily get a second or third degree burn from cast-iron cookware, so you need to be CAREFUL! The other possible downside is that if you don't use this regularly, you will still probably need to take it out, clean it, and oil it occasionally. If you just throw this wok in a drawer and leave it for many months, it could rust -- even if it was originally oiled (rust is not a disaster, but a pain in the rear nonetheless). When I cleaned this wok, I took a bowl of maximally-hot tap water and poured it into the wok while it was still on the range. Then I brushed it there. It cleaned up very nicely. Don't forget to dry it and oil it!
Very nice wok. The cast iron holds heat really well and can get really hot if you need it for high temp stir frying. I've also used it for a variety of curries and even some deep fat frying. Pretty easy to clean, just heat and use some hot water. Just season with a little oil each time it's used once it's been clean, and it's pretty non-stick unless you are using sweet sauces or maybe shrimp. Only downside is it's definitely a little heavy -- i've cracked a sink with a heavy wok in the past so be careful. Overall, highly recommended, get's used at least once or twice a week for us.
Wow. This is one heavy cast iron wok. I'm over 65 and it's quite heavy. I do love the quality and the fact that it's already "seasoned". And I specifically bought this for my ceramic-top (flat glass) stove. (Just don't slide it across the burner so you don't scratch the top.)
It's Lodge, it's big, it's heavy and it cooks very nicely. My wife was thrilled. I had told her that a package would be on the porch when she got home and she was not to touch it. Not that it mattered, since when I got home I couldn't help but see the big bright yellow Lodge box with a picture of a wok on it... apparently I didn't read the part that said this box shows what is in it...LOL. It worked out great, she still was excited and I made her wait until Christmas to get it. She has thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure I will as well. This thing should last forever.
Love this Cast Iron Wok, wife was hesitate at first when I purchased for our induction stovetop, but after using for stir-fry, is fully convinced that this is the best Wok ever. Make sure you clean and season properly, I just use salt and water for cleaning, and season with canola oil after each use.
I'd give it five stars if they made a glass lid to cover it. I can't understand why they don't--they make larger lids, and smaller lids ... Fortunately we kept the lid from a previous wok that this one replaced. Not a perfect fit, but better than nothing. Once we seasoned it to Lodge's suggestions, it really was non-stick. It's cast iron, so it's heavy--you'll want to be careful if you have a glass cooktop. And you'll want to use a mitt to pick it up by the handles once it's hot (Lodge ... why no handle-sized silicon grips for this?).
I've been using Black Friday bargain woks for years and thought I was happy with them... Then there is this. Awesome. Great heat distribution. Excellent cooking. It almost makes me a better cook than I really am. If you like cooking with a wok, step up to this one. It's just that good.
We have used cast iron for a number of years and this is the latest piece to the cupboard. It is probably the best yet! Yes, it's heavy, and that's why it works so well at distributing the heat. There's no need to move it during cooking. The texture is very consistent(pebbled is the best way to describe it) and the original seasoning on it was very well done. Within the first two times we used it, the seasoning went from dark brown to a black....just like the old cast iron. Olive and coconut oil with occasionally some butter is all it sees and nothing sticks to it. Another great product from Lodge! BTW - we are part of the NO soap on cast iron crowd.
This specific wok was recommended to me from a woman who owns an Asian fusion restaurant and teaches cooking classes there (we used these in the class). She couldn't say enough great things about these woks, and all the Amazon reviews agreed with her. I got this as a gift for my mom and have used it with her once. She loves it. Take good care of your cast iron and this will last you forever.
We've owned this about 4-1/2 months, but only installed it about 3 months ago. Has never worked properly. All the burners will turn off at irregular intervals. We never use them on "high" except to boil water; even then, they turn off before the water boils. Good success frying eggs (quick w/ moderate heat), but that's about it. Don't even think about sauteeing onions - anything requiring more than 4 or 5 minutes on moderate heat. Pans are NOT the problem - neighbor has Samsung induction range; my pans work fine on his range, his pans don't work on my GE induction cooktop. Authorized GE Repairman easily reproduced the problem; says "we will replace the "boards" under warranty". GE can't seem to ship the boards. (Incidentally, I tried to buy a Samsung induction cooktop - but they only make induction ranges). I promised my wife that she'd love induction; GE has really let me down. UPDATE:April 22, 2017 Since GE sent the new board - replaced under warranty - AND I bought new pots, unit has performed flawlessly. I can't imagine why GE wouldn't just install the correct boards initially - this apparently has been a know problem for some time. Also, we had initially purchased "induction-ready" cookware from.Cuisinart. They apparently just attach a steel disk to the bottom of their regular cookware. This works, but not very well. We returned that set to BBB and purchased (via Amazon) a "Duxtop" set which is of an "Allclad' type construction. These work superbly well. We finally are getting the full benefits of a good induction cooktop.
Great stove easy to install
This is my newest friend in the kitchen! My husband and I made a stir fry for dinner and I couldn't believe how wonderful the texture and taste of the vegetables and chicken turned out. I ate ALL my veggies this time! The fresh vegetables were not soggy, overcooked or limp--they were crunchy, stayed hot for a while, cooked quickly and absorbed so much flavor! I can say the same about the chicken. I still can't believe how well our food retained its heat better. We coated the pan in grape seed oil after heating it up, but we have heard that flax seed oil or coconut oil are great choices as well. We love cast iron products and are confident this heirloom-quality pan will last us a lifetime! We are always happy to support American-made products and companies we can trust. We ahve the pancake pan and the classic skillet. The weight of this wok pan is incredibly heavy, so take caution if you have a difficult time lifting heavy things. Thank you, Lodge! :)
My new favorite!! This will be my go to. The first night it arrived I used it for dinner and it heated up quickly, cooked evenly, fast and is the perfect size for a large family dinner. It’s heavy so did not slide around. Love this new cast iron wok!!
This Wok has a nice flat bottom about as heavy as a small engine block that just sucks up the heat and transfers it to the pan. It doesn't take long for the entire pan to be sizzling hot and it cooked stir fry amazingly quickly and evenly. I had previously tried to do the stir fry in a flat bottom pan (tried iron and steel) but just couldn't get things cooked evenly. But this did the trick. I think the flat bottom would work well on an electric eye or a glass top stove (I have an old electric stove for canning and it covered the largest eye) but I didn't try heating on it. I have bought a lot of Lodge Iron (grew up cooking with it) and I have never been disappointed in a Lodge pan.
There is a definite thrill to use this awesome giant when doing massive stir fry. This pan can do anything that needs oriental style high heat quick cooking. What a great and fortunate purchase. Love it! (Makes a wonderful venison stir fry)
I’ve used on my glass cooktop range. It has a flat bottom so it has great surface coverage to get it really hot for doing stir fry. It’s really heavy. I got two bamboo 15 inch spatulas because “tossing” this wok is impossible. So I toss the food and leave the wok still. It’s awesome. Get it. I’d get another one if I ever had too but I think it will actually out live me.
Great HEAVY cast iron wok. Make sure to season well before use to prevent food from sticking, as I learned the hard way. Takes a while to heat up but worth the wait.
This thing is AMAZING. It makes stirfry a snap and I just can't recommend it highly enough. The reviews I read here on Amazon were super helpful, but really if you are thinking of buying a cast iron wok, do it! You can't go wrong with Lodge. And sure, this thing is heavy. But all the better to stirfry with! :-) If you ahve trouble getting your burners to heat it up enough, try sticking it in the oven at 500 for 20 minutes before you start cooking. That'll help!
this has quick become my go to skillet for just about everything. First time was a great lo-mien. made everything in this one pan, including boil the noodles. Made a great pasta dish that i was able to make my sauce and vegies in the wok then it was big enough to add all the ingredients with the pasta. i foresee being able to get rid of several pans to clear out room for this in my cabinet. i bought a lid for mine, but quickly found that i did not need it. If you want a heavy cast iron versatile pan, this is the one.
I have owned 2 other woks before this one: the first was electric, the second was anodized, and now this one -- by far the best of them all. I was in a department store, looking at woks, when a guy noticed and told me about this one that he'd bought from Amazon -- at about 1/2 the price of the stainless steel versions in stores. I am really glad he spoke up, because this heats uniformly, cleans up beautifully, and the slightly rough texture allows the food that has already cooked to be pushed up the sides where it stays warm. I only wish it came with a lid, but I have the lid from my old wok and it's "almost" big enough to cover -- sits just inside the rim.
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