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3500w commercial induction cooktop from China for home

3500w commercial induction cooktop from China for home

3500w commercial induction cooktop from China for home

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Countertop; Flat type
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Knob control
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Worked as expected.
Very happy with it so far, Still experimenting. I would like to have another power setting between 1 and 2. Find 1 to be too low for many needs and 2 too high for the same purpose. ( ie sauces)
First experience with an induction cooktop. Bought it to use with hot pot. Even though the pot itself had an 11 or 12 inch base, we were cooking a broth, so it did great. (The directions that come with the pot say it handles a maximum pan size of 8.7 inches). I agree that if you were trying to cook something evenly in a pan, you would not want to exceed the recommended diameter. But for a soup or something like it, there was more than enough power to handle it. I turned it on Level 8 (out of 9 power settings) so we could keep the broth boiling while continually adding items (even frozen potstickers). Worked like a charm on the 13" stainless steel pot. You can see it in the middle of the table. Simple to use. Push a couple of touch sensitive buttons to turn it on, and then use the knob to adjust the temperature or power level. Added bonus is that it is safer for my aging mother in law to use than exposed electric coils or burning gas. They are going to get one for their home for safety purposes.
This portable induction cook top is plenty power to cook anything you desire. Easy clean up surface. It is lightweight, can be easily stored when not in use and works so fast for your meal. It is safety to use and easy touch to control temperature.
Okay, I’m going to plead idiocy here. If you are new to induction cooktops I might be able to save you a lot of grief here. If you don’t want to read the whole review, just know you should have a magnet to test your pots and pans. So when I received this top, I tried it with EVERY pot and pan I had. E0 error (not a proper vessel) appeared. I leafed through the manual and saw that it was a improper vessel issue. But since non of my 17 pieces of cookware(all different brands) didn’t work, I assumed the induction top was to blame. No biggie. Send in, get a new one. Same problem. Buy a new induction top from Duxtop( love it by the way) and upon opening it the first I see is a BOLD “important please read” note suggesting to use a magnet to test pots and pans. If it sticks to the bottom of the pan, it works. And sure enough... I feel real stupid. So a message to aicok: I’m sorry, I like your products, but I was really confused. I currently love the top I got from Duxtop, but if you could add a note like this for morons like me it might save you guys from things like this happening again. Happy cooking y’all
I bought this Electric Induction cooktop for use with my RV since it's always better to cook outside when camping. The magnet that came with the cooktop was really helpful in picking the right pans to keep in my RV. Once I got the proper pot placed on the cooktop, it got hot and the water started to boil. Otherwise, it is cold to the touch, which is really safe when having kids running around it. The design is really nice, compact, with sharp and round edges and it fits perfect in one of my RV's kitchen drawers. Really happy with my purchase and I highly recommend it.
The surface is not that cool when the pot is taken as it was advertised.
Very nice, and hoping to give it to a senior in residence where they only have a microwave. Haven''t used it yet, but I like that it will either get built in, or stay on its rubber feet. It is a bit bigger real-estate wise than I would like. Seems to take up a lot of wasted space around the controls.........
It nice for a quick meal, powerful and easy to clean.
Excellent product for the money. The only con is there are more frying pans than sauce pans. Could use one larger size saucepan. Others are small.
Highly recommend this cookware. Non-stick is great, as well heat distribution. Hot water and dish soap clean up is quick and easy. Have not put in dishwasher and with the simplicity of clean up I don't intend to.
After some research I decided to go with this set. I knew I wanted a stainless steel and a nonstick surface. I have had them for 2 weeks. We cook 4 nights a week.. they have been fantastic. Easy to clean, strong, solid set. Even the bf who is an excellent cook and very picky person with cookware loves this set. I cook often and I enjoy this set just as much. Exactly what I was looking for. My only negative so far is I think the set should come with a larger saucepan or steamer pan.
I've only been using these for a few weeks now, but wow I'm so happy with my purchase! I cook a lot and these are SO easy to clean.
These are wonderful. Heavy and nonstick. Great for scramblers.
Excellent product.
Excellent product and arrived sooner than expected!
I bought this to use in my rv and to try induction cooking. After using it a few months, I really like the way it works. It has the responsiveness of gas without the downsides. Heats up the galley much less than a gas cooktop. I can clean up and immediately stow the cooktop since it's cool. The temperature setting mode is really handy for maintaining a low simmer. Update: After a few more months and more extensive cooking on it I'm still quite happy with the performance. Only issue to date is depending on the temperature to mode to work accurately at high temps. Best to verify as oil seems to get much hotter than the indicator is set for. I can heat a can of soup almost as fast as a microwave. Next range I buy for my house will be an induction.
This induction cooktop worked very well when I first purchased it in January. I used my cast iron cookware on it and all cooking levels worked as I would expect as described in the product manual. By early summer, the induction cooktop was maintaining a low simmer on levels 1 and 2 and then would burn on level 3. I contacted the manufacturer and they tell me that this is normal, and the temperature levels are only reference points and the unit is normal. I fail to understand how a change in condition such as this, is normal. I'm extremely disappointed that I spent $120 for nothing. If they come around to eventually rectify this situation, I will provide a follow-up review. Update: 12/5/12 It has taken awhile, but the mother company has checked out my induction cooktop and says they can't find anything wrong with it. However, they are providing me with a replacement cooktop. I am curious to see if I have the same issue with the new cooktop as I noticed a reviewer for the max burton 6200 mentioned something very similar. At setting 3 it maintained a rigorous boil, but at setting 2, couldn't maintain a simmer. I look forward to testing the new unit out and seeing how things go. TO speak to the customer service, it took awhile to resolve (4 months), but I do appreciate the good will in sending a new unit.
I've used an induction burner before in Singapore and loved it. This one using standard US power is even better. Nothing heats up a huge pot of water faster. The range of cooking temps and power choices ensures cooking versatility to meet almost every need, although you have to experiment with both at first to find what works best for your particular need, I especially like how pot handles stay cool and how fast the cooking surface cools when the unit is turned off. The only negative is the interface disk to allow cooking with non-magnetic pots. I have a large (3 Gal) stainless steel pot that worked great on my Singapore unit (no interface disk) but would not work on this model without the disk. This disk's smaller diameter (6 inch) left a bit to be desired when using an 8inch diameter kettle. Even on full power it took around 40 min to get 2 gal of water in the pot to a near boil. The disk sold with the cooker states it decreases efficiency by 10%--don't believe that, its more like 30%. It definitely pays to have the proper cookware for the cooktop. They give you a magnet to take with you when shopping for cookware or for checking your own pots. With the cookware this unit really rocks.
This was our first experience with an induction cooking unit. All we had used previously were the old "electric hotplates" with resistance coils. So far, we've never had to turn the heat control over halfway up to cook anything, and in most cases, setting it at two or three is all it takes. If you've never used an induction unit before, do be careful with the heat the first few times. The bottoms of the cooking vessels heat up almost instantly, and get much hotter than you would expect for the power setting. The unit itself has excellent build quality, and is easy to operate, clean, and store. There is a cooling fan which operates all the time the unit is on. It's not loud enough to be obnoxious, but it is noticeable. All in all, we've been very pleased with the performance of the unit, and with our first venture into the world of induction cooking. Just remember induction does require cooking vessels that will attract a magnet.
Gave as a present, and they love them!
This set is excellent. It has all of the sizes of pots and pans that you need and the tops fit nicely on both the pots and pans. They are non-stick, and so even without cooking spray, oil, or butter, nothing gets stuck. They cook evenly and clean up easily as well. I do not put them in the dishwasher, as they do come clean in there, but that seems to wear down the non-stick more quickly. The grips are comfortable and do not get hot at all, so they are great. Overall, they cook things will and are truly non-stick, high quality pots and pans
is great !!!
My current cookware is Circulon and has been going strong for 25 years. When offered this through the Vine program it took maybe two seconds to hit send. I had no plans to deeps six my "current" set, but this seemed like a nice improvement. Two frying pans, a stock pot, a high edge sauté pan, two graduated size pots, and matching glass see through lids for all. This is a good starter set that can be augmented. The pots and pans are well balanced and stable. They will work on all cooktops, but they work fine on gas stoves. The handles stay cool to the touch. The interiors have non-stick properties and are very nice. I used my Teflon utensils because I don't own any metal ones. My old cookware was/is not metal utensil safe nor dishwasher safe. The exterior surface on everything is shiny stainess. Nothing stuck to these pans. Worst case scenario was my homemade from scratch mac'n'cheese. You can clean this set with a dampened paper towel, but I also hand washed. Dishwasher safe? I did not try this out mainly because this was no effort to hand wash. The Circulon products I have owned are tried and true winners with one exception. They have black exteriors and can get stained and are difficult to clean. These have stainless exteriors and are quite easy to clean. I also love the series-through lids as there is no need to remove the lids during the cooking process. This is a great idea and an obvious design consideration. If you are considering this set, it might be a good idea to see if a larger set is offered. My experience is these are great values that supply essential pans.
Good quality and substantial pots and pans
Great looking and great pans.
Love, love, love this pot set. The sizes are great and works superbly on induction stove.
Well made set, will last a long time , non-stick works very well. So far, it's been a pleasure to use this Circulon set.
I purchased this product for a friend. Since getting it he has used it once. Now I have known this guy for twenty years and he is 70. He said this is the first time he has ever been able to make eggs sunny side up. SO I have to give this product 10 stars. This man is a great cook and loves this pan. You have given me the perfect gift to share. Thank you!
I've had this unit for over a year now and haven't used it a great deal but enough in supplimental cooking to get a pretty good feel for it. I originally bought it as the recomended induction unit by Cook's Illustrated to get a feel for cooking with that kind of heat because it seemed like such an effective use of technology. My unit came with the removable piece that purportedly allows you to use non-magnetic cookware - well, it does - but so poorly as to be nearly useless in my estimation. The cooktop itself generally worked very well, heated water very quickly, had a broad range of capabilities with the time, heat level, and temperature controls. I found two limiting factors that reduced the value of the unit to me. First, the cooktop controlls heat by cycling on and off like a microwave rather than a continuous application. I was unable to simmer effectively (like oatmeal). Second, the actual heat input of the cooktop is a small (around 4 inches) diameter central ring rather than the large diameter outside ring covered by the accessory plate in the illustrations. This results in a small area of sometimes intense heat. I was not able to effectively saute or brown foods other than in the center of my cast iron dutch ovens making a stew a tedious operation. There may be a way around these limitations but the documentation that accompanied the unit provided no hint.
What I mean in the above title is that; cooking really is faster, when you cook all the radident heat thrown off from standard stoves is completely missing with induction. I'm simply amazed. We wanted to try this before committing to a cooktop and we are so happy with the performance of this unit. We need to still do a little more research and "play" with cooking but at least it's fun and we get to eat the research! Turns out we also already had cookware that works perfectly with this cooktop. Actually we bought these skillets from Amazon. Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri (8", 10", 12"), with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating from Germany (100% PTFE and PFOA Free, these pans work nicely. So if you're thinking about purchasing an induction cooktop I really don't see how you can go wrong with the above unit. After a few weeks of "research" we are still really happy but using the disc which is included with conventional cookware leaves a lot to be desired. Cooking is mind numbingly slow. So if you purchase an induction cooktop plan on purchasing induction cookware.
Unless I absolutely have to, I'll never use an electric or glass top stove top again! This thing is amazing. It even fits in a drawer so I can hide it away when I want my kitchen counters clear. I had just purchased a new stove with a glass top but this induction cooktop beats that new one to pieces! Now the new stove just acts like an extension to my counters. I'll use this out on the deck when I entertain. Can't do that with a full sized stove! You have to make sure your cookware is induction ready or get the adapter to utilize non-magnetic, non flat bottom cookware. Haven't tried it with my cast iron yet.
If you are looking for a great value on some very good non-stick pans that look great and perform exceptionally, … look no further. For approximately $200, you will get 1 and 2 quart saucepans, 6 quart stockpot, 3 quart saute', 8 1/2 inch French skillet, 11 1/2 inch French skillet, and a 10 inch skillet. Glass lids are provided for 2 quart saucepan, 6 quart stockpot, 3 quart Saute', and 10 inch skillet. Circulon Momentum pans offer outstanding performance for a non stick pan in this price range. (I use gas stove..) The completely enclosed aluminum core base contributes to even heating. I find that the pans heat extremely evenly. Nothing sticks! The Hi-low groove design on the bottom of the pan really does contribute to it’s non-stick capabilities. -These pans are oven safe up to 400 degrees - Induction suitable as well as all stovetop types- suitable, and dishwasher safe. -The glass lids make it easy to see what’s going on inside the pot -Metal utensil safe (although I wouldn’t…) -Love the protective handles…very comfortable grip The glass lids are nice quality and hefty. Instructions talk about potential lid lock if you have cooked and turned off the burner. In case of lid lock, place pan back on burner on low to release it. * I could see them adding a small port hole on the lid to prevent lid lock from happening. **To address the review of the person that said she was disappointed in the weight of these pans, I have to disagree. In this price range I consider these pans to have more heft than I had expected. They are by no means light weight, nor are the super heavy. I would say that they fall somewhere in between, leaning on the heavier side. Durability has yet to be determined but I will update. *Note: I will never be one to use ANY non stick pan over the highest heat of a burner. I think non stick pans last longer if you don’t use high heat or metal utensils…even if they say you can. Don't leave them on the stove pre-heating for long with nothing in them. These pans are also very attractive. They would make an absolutely wonderful gift. The packaging was impeccable. Highly recommended!
This 11-piece cookware set is great. I've use the skillet multiple times to saute vegetables, and it worked well. So far, the skillet has truly been non-stick. I didn't need to use any cooking spray. I've also used the pot to boil rice, which worked well.
I received these as a gift and have been very pleased.
This induction powered wok has enough power to heat a five inch diameter area in the center of the wok to>550 deg F, empty, pre-heated on SEAR when checked with an IR temp gun. The wok surface temperature will gradually decrease from this until at the edges of the wok it will only be ~200 deg F. Even commercial wok cooking has a similar temp gradient that is used to move food around to hotter or cooler areas as you cook. This is hot enough to get great results if you manage it. In other words it doesn't heat like a commercial wok station with a 250k BTU gas jet burner so you simply cook less at a time. This means that there is no reason to use it for high-heat stir frying at anything less than the SEAR setting. If you overload any wok with too much food, this one included, the temperature will dive down and may not recover until you have wilted all the freshness out of your food. Then you can blame the wok if you want, but if you only cook small amounts and keep the bottom real hot (>450) the results you get will be amazing, better than anything you can do on a regular rangetop with a flat-bottomed pan. An IR temperature gun is really helpful until you can tell how hot it is from experience. For example, one large chicken breast that is cut up into 1/2" pieces cooked in three batches will work, all at once will overload it. This seems like a huge disadvantage until you realize that stir-frying at these heat levels is extremely quick. At>450 F, 1/3 of a cut-up chicken breast is done in less than a minute. So in less than 5 minutes you are done anyway. This includes removing each batch and allowing the wok temperature to recover, just additional seconds. Dishes that require you to add successive ingredients also need to be batched and only brought together at the end. Not big enough for banquets but superb for 1-2 people everyday or occasionally even 4 if you're having a beer or sake and taking your time. I never liked asian stir-fry at home before getting this. 4 stars because the price is $50 too high for most people to justify.
Have only use once, worked fine. Nice design and looks
This is a great idea. We love it. It heats up fast and keep the pans heated evenly. With out it it’s almost impossible to keep a pan cooking evenly. Only down side is that it is Very hard to clean if food gets on it.
it really works and allows me to use my pots that dont work with the induction range
cookware that wasn't induction compatable. I bought this before I bought new cookware. It works great. Since my new stove is all induction, all be buying a few more of these.
If you like cast iron and have a flat top range it is a must. I wish it were bigger. It is excellent at evenly heating. I like it
This is one that is going to last. You can wash in the dishwasher - as for induction works very well. Love to make slow sauce. It cooks all day without burning on the bottom.
It is flat and no holes like those flimsy aluminum ones.I am a retired tool &die macer, and appreciate the fine workmanship. I have two of each size and love them both.
Love, love, love this cooktop. Easy to keep clean. Love features on cooking options. Only con, is making sure any new purchase should be magnetic. Otherwise, having to use the buffer plate slows down cooking time.
The product works great. Every thing cooks so fast on this cook top. It's so easy to clean. I use a damp towel to wipe the top. The cook top looks so handsome and neat. Very convenient to carry. I have a gas stove at home. I use this more than my gas stove. I plan to use on the kitchen table for my hot-pot dish. The temperature is so easy to control. Everything boils at medium heat so well. I fell in love with it.
It heats in a 4" circle really well and extremely fast. I use cast iron, so it ends up heating the edges eventually but not as even as I'd like. However, it's small, decent priced and works better than other options. It heats my cast iron up really fast.
Tried it for a year, then had a Bosch induction cooktop put in my new house. Terrific. Wouldn't cook any other way. Will use the Burton in the basement.
i work with this machine every day now for at less 3 year and its doing the job well as the first day, very good quality product, i love it!!
AMAZING product, very durable compared to others we have bought.......will buy again
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