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555 dc motor speed control

by:Earlston     2020-01-20
This is a very cool circuit that allows you to control the speed of a DC motor of a considerable size!
This line is part of Jameco and Instructables Hacknight, hosted by the H3 lab in Jameco, Texas, El Paso, and it sends us a bag of awe-inspiring bags that we put into use right away
Bill of Materials: 1-555 Timer IC (from Jameco)2 -
Small glass rectifier diode 1-
High current rectifier diode (Jameco)1 -
1 m Ω potentiometer (From Jameco)1 -(
Green, Red, Brown)Resistor 1 -1KΩ (
Brown, black, red)Resistor 1 -
Power MOSFET 2-.
01 f ceramic capacitor 1-
We need a lot of jumper cables.
I tend to install them first and then put them into the assembly, but you can install them in any way as per the schematic diagram.
You can do it my way if you want.
Install 555 IC on the bread board.
The installation will go to another jumper of the potentiometer.
More jumper connection pins 4, 8, 2 and 6 follow the picture. In order to know the position of the component more clearly, the circuit is completed according to the schematic diagram.
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