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9 problems to be noted in the process of threaded rod heat treatment furnace

by:Earlston     2020-02-06
Rebar heat treatment furnace is the induction heating equipment commonly used in modern rebar heat treatment industry.
Although the rebar heat treatment furnace replaces the traditional unsafe and environmental-friendly heating method, the following points should be achieved during use so as to make the furnace longer --
Create higher value for users.
9 matters needing attention in the use of rebar induction heat treatment furnace: 1.
Cooling water should be clean without impurities.
If the water quality is too poor, a filter should be added at the inlet.
Water shortage is prohibited at work. 2.
In use, the inductor should be protected from short circuit. 3.
The inductor should be kept clean at all times, especially more
Prevent mutual transfer inductance
Point contact should be kept clean to prevent oxidation. 4.
The main power supply equipment in the equipment is water-cooled.
The temperature of the cooling water is very important for the cooling effect of the power equipment.
When the power unit stops working, do not turn off the cooling water during the interval.
For users with a load adherence rate of 100%, the cooling water temperature should be lower than 40 °c.
Soft water is recommended under conditions. 5.
Users who use ordinary water as cooling water should regularly (
Depending on the water quality, generally two months is a cycle)
Descale the pipes in the equipment to prevent damage due to poor heat dissipation.
The detergent is washed with ordinary car water tank detergent, and is directly pumped into the equipment pipeline for cleaning after 1: 40 dilution. 6.
The machine of the induction heating heat treatment line shall remain clean and regularly remove dust from the circuit board and other components with a brush and compressed air. 7. Keep the air-
Cooling and water
The channel can be cooled without hindrance at any time. 8.
The adjustable device of the circuit board inside the equipment is closely related to the reliability and safety of the equipment, and users and personnel shall not adjust it without authorization. 9.
The sensor connection panel, the main unit and the transformer connection joint should be polished frequently with sandpaper and cleaned with alcohol to maintain good point contact.
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