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a closer look at elon musk\'s much-hyped hyperloop

by:Earlston     2020-02-19
You can thank the smart billionaire Elon Musk for bringing electronics to the super cycle proposalmagnetic-
Electric traffic and linear induction motors re-enter public awareness.
Hyperloop is a real system.
The traffic is very fast.
Musk claims that if built, it will allow people to travel 800 miles an hour and reach San Francisco in about 30 minutes from Los Angeles.
It will put passengers in an aluminum pod on it. ground tubes.
As imagined, the system can deliver people or cars.
The vision, therefore, combines the concepts behind pneumatic tubes, linear induction motors and maglev, but is not a direct implementation of these technologies, Bloomberg Businessweek explained.
\"Maglev has been coming forward for many years,\" said Mark Thompson, a professor of electrical engineering at Worcester University of Technology, who received a doctorate in maglev at MIT.
\"The Japanese made a prototype. The Chinese have a train.
This is a new application of old technology.
\"Initially Musk didn\'t even want to develop or finance for the super high-speed rail because Tesla and SpaceX were his top priorities.
On Monday, during a conference call explaining his design, he signaled a change of mind.
\"It would be cool to see a new way of transportation,\" Musk said . \".
\"I think it might be helpful if I made a prototype and helped things develop this way.
\"The linear induction motor is not new --
Musk suggested that our reporters \"look up\" when asked about them \".
Prior to that, there was the original concept of maglev.
After James Powell and Gordon Danby invented the maglev train in 1968, the maglev train was popular in the United States. S.
By the beginning of 1990, Qiansen.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan has made maglev his passion and incorporated it into the multimodal transport safety and efficiency Act, which encourages states to use federal funds for non-
Mode of road transportation.
S. interest and investment in new transportation infrastructure has dried up since then.
This is based on policy reasons. S.
Emir Frankel, assistant minister of transport, booked the room.
\"Talking about these types of leaps --
When we cannot really fully maintain the existing infrastructure, it is very unrealistic to use technology in the environment.
At least not in public policy debate, \"Frankel told NPR.
As for Hyperloop, Thompson says the science behind it might work --
There are all kinds of open questions.
\"The details are devil in terms of testing, safety, passenger safety, exit, vibration, all works,\" Thompson said . \".
Musk agreed, acknowledging that there was a potential problem with the road to the Super loop.
\"The way these things work is that you start building a prototype and you start to run into a series of problems that you have to solve,\" Musk said . \".
Launching a capsule to carry the human from the test tube will definitely require some testing.
He estimated that a prototype could take about two years, and it would take ten years to build a complete system covering 1,000 miles.
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