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a high-frequency induction furnace for making alloys

by:Earlston     2020-02-12
A paper about high school
The frequency induction furnace for the manufacture of alloys is introduced by Mr. D. F.
Campbell said at the fall meeting of the Institute of Steel in Birmingham on September 10.
Early work in this area was carried out by Dr. Prenton University
Notrap, his research guides the laws of physics from high induction
Frequency equipment led to the development of the first metal
Furnace. As Mr.
Campbell points out low
Frequency induction furnaces are 40 years old and 20 years ago they seem likely to replace high-
Grade steelmaking.
However, this possibility has not been realized for various reasons.
Induction heating, however, is widely used in non-
Black metal trade in furnaces with vertical slots works at normal commercial frequencies.
The disadvantage of these furnaces is the need for an iron core, so the molten metal is contained in the small passage around the iron core, and also in the main bath of the furnace.
This involves a lot of wear and tear of refractory materials.
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