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a review of the char-broil k6b 6 burner gas grill with side burner

by:Earlston     2020-03-24
My husband and I tried recently.
Broil K6B 6 burner 65,000 BTU gas grill with side burner for three weeks.
We did this so that I could provide detailed comments to anyone considering buying this model.
We note that this unit is often used during the review period so that we can have a good understanding of how it performs under regular use.
This is my comment.
First of all, this Char-
Broil 6 burner gas grill costs about $385, including shipping.
This seems to have put this gas grill high.
End the category, but also consider the size of this unit.
It has a main cooking area of 650 square inches and does not include additional space on the attached warm rack.
The Weber Genesis will cost you about $950 and it is considered a very large grill with a main cooking area of 507 square inches.
With this in mind, Char-
Broil offers a huge cooking area for less than $400.
I ordered my new charcoal.
Broil gas grill delivered directly to my door online, avoiding the hassle of figuring out how to take it home.
This grill is big and heavy and not easy to put in my car.
The unit weighs about 150 pounds, which leads me to believe that it is heavy by decent-duty materials.
It\'s not as heavy as the $1,000 model because it weighs close to 200 pounds, but at this lower price point I don\'t want this grill to have that much weight.
My husband and I started the assembly process.
There are a lot of parts and it\'s easy to assemble, but it does take an hour for the two of us to work together.
The instructions stipulate that it takes an hour to assemble;
I just want to say that it is possible to only have someone to help you.
Once assembled, I was surprised at how big this unit is!
I thought it would be big, but it could be seen in person.
This is a gas grill that inspires you to hold a party.
So that\'s what we do.
Next weekend we had an outdoor party for about 50 people. The Char-
Broil works like a champion
No problem running continuously for a few hours, you can put a lot of food on this grill at a time.
When anyone asks for a burger or corn spike to be placed on a grill, we never need to tell them to wait, even though part of the grill is slow --
Most of the party is cooking baked potatoes and things like that.
Not only did this grill impress my husband and I.
We have a lot of guests who not only added this Char-
Broil, but also asked how they could buy one for themselves.
This is an impressive unit.
It looks very modern with shiny stainless steel and black metal.
The lid is bent very well.
The knobs are sturdy.
The cooking grille is made of heavy-
Cast iron painted on porcelain.
Of course, everyone is impressed by the huge quality of this size grill.
During the warm months my husband and I cook outside on a regular basis.
We tend to think that our gas grill is our outer oven.
The unit works well at this capacity, but there are two things that make it less than ideal.
First of all, it takes a long time to warm up because the chef\'s box is large.
Second, it takes quite a bit of propane to maintain a long duration temperature in the cooking box to bake something.
I know a lot of people use gas grills to bake more traditional foods like steak or burgers, so this is not a problem for most grills.
However, this needs to be remembered if you like to do all the summer baking outside.
The unit has a side burner.
It works well and the flame is not easy to go out in the wind like some side burner on the cheap grill. This Char-
Broil gas grill has a burning station which basically means it has a super
In addition to the six ordinary burners, the burner is heated.
This allows you to have a good roast of steak and other things before you finish your steak in a cooler part of the cooking area.
Both my husband and I felt that the choice worked.
The huge size of this unit also allows us to see larger items.
My husband baked a whole bone one day.
He finished cooking leg of lamb on an ordinary stove.
This is the best leg of lamb we have ever had.
The outer layer is crisp, the brown color is exquisite, and the inside is kept moist, very rare.
All in all, my husband and I have this feeling.
The grill is a great value and incredibly good-
Price it in its size.
However, not everyone needs a huge gas grill and buying a grill that is too large will result in the use of more propane than needed.
In order to minimize the use of fuel, you can only open one burner, but in such a large chef box, the heat around is often lost.
This is not the best Grill for people who usually only cook for two people, but for people who often entertain, this is a good choice.
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