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air pollution dust generated from induction furnaces to be re-utilized for metal recovery-ppcb | ludhiana news - times of india

by:Earlston     2020-02-13
Punjab Pollution Control Commission (PPCB)
A project has been launched to guide the industry to adopt cleaner technology and re-
Use their scrap for useful purposes.
To continue this effort, the board of directors, in collaboration with Madhav alloys at Mandi Gobindgarh, obtained a trial run of the re-operation
Using the air pollution dust generated by the induction furnace device, and successfully established a technology that can recycle such hazardous wastes, recover metals such as zinc, iron, silicon, lead, etc.
On Monday, the PPCB conducted an interactive workshop with induction furnace units operating in the Ludhiana district, where technical experts introduced the reuse of air-contaminated dust generated by these devices.
More than 50 industrialists, including K, attended the seminar. K.
Garg, chairman of All India induction furnace Association, Pardeep Gupta, chief engineer of PPCB, Ludhiana and other senior officials.
While interacting with industrialists, gupta highlighted the need for time to switch to cleaner technology and informed that so far, the dust collected by the induction furnace device through its control device is being treated through the following hazardous waste facility Nimbua near Rs
8000 per ton, but now the Madhav alloy will lift up the same dust for about Rs.
1000 per ton, resulting in savings of approximately 80% per cent of expenditure and taking major steps to control pollution in Rudiana.
Gupta also said that the Madhav alloy plant has been approved by the Central Pollution Control Commission and the PPCB.
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