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apergy unbridled esp systems installs permanent magnet motor powered by its smarten variable speed drive

by:Earlston     2020-02-01
On May 14, 2019, Apergy unbridled esp system was installed in Woodlands, Texas with a permanent magnet motor driven by its smarten variable speed (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--
Apergy“Apergy”)(NYSE: APY)
Today, Apergy announced the development of unrestricted ESP systems in partnership with Houston
Electric submersible pump installed successfully (based on Renault elevator technology)ESP)
System using modular permanent magnet motor (PMM)
Powered by its SMARTEN™Lifetime variable speed lane (VSD).
The vacuum cleaner does not need to modify the standard configuration-confirm the site-
The proven SMARTEN hardware and control software effectively run induction motors and permanent motors.
On-site test of ESP system featuring Renault elevator
Stainless steel, modular 200 hp pmm and standard SMARTEN vacuum cleaner installed for mid-range customers
Mainland China.
ESP was launched on firstattemptt without any problems, running perfectly and producing 3,800 barrels of crude oil per day.
The well is connected to the lookout for an unrestricted ESP system™Remote-
Effectively manage monitoring services for the operation of ESP systems.
The SMARTEN vac design also addresses one of the safety considerations when using PM motors.
When the PMM is turned off, the driver protects the field personnel from the full voltage generated by the reverse rotation. The patent-pendingtouch-
Safety compartment will be high
Voltage, a component that generates heat from a low drive
Voltage Electronics.
RyanRasmussen said: \"We started to work with indld Lift in November, bringing a PMM solution in just five months, and the first anniversary of the founding of Apergy vice chairman and managing director of Apergy ESPSystems unscrupulous.
\"One of the biggest challenges around PMM technology is the need to switch existing surface control systems to operate the motor.
With our smarten technology, there is no need.
Today, any standard SMARTEN drive in the field can run PMM-reducing the complexity of running an ESP system with PMM.
SMARTEN technology is an example of apergy\'s commitment to deliver impactful technology to advance customer production goals, \"he said. “Our in-
House designed by SmCo™Patented automotive product line-
Reynolds ingmodular PMM technology can reduce customers\' power operating costs by more than 25%, \"said Ed Curt, CEO and president of Renault elevator technology.
\"In addition, the drive-friendly motor is processed, wound and manufactured in Texas, enabling us to minimize lead times in the United StatesS.
\"About ApergyApergy is a leading provider of high-engineering equipment and technology to help companies around the world drill and produce oil and gas safely and efficiently.
Apergy\'s products provide efficient functions in the life cycle of the well
From drilling to completion to production.
The company\'s production and automation products include manual lifting equipment and solutions, including Rod pump systems, electric submersible pump systems, propulsion cavity pumps and drive systems, and piston lifts, and fully automated and digital products consisting of industrial IoT devices and software (“IIoT”)
Solutions for underground monitoring, site productivity improvement and asset integration management.
The drilling technology of Apergy provides the market-leading polycrystal diamond tools and bearings, thus achieving cost-effective drilling.
To learn more about Apergy, please visit our website atwww. apergy. com.
Renault elevator technology is a family work elevator technology, engineering and manufacturing company, actively seeking new solutions to improve efficiency and reduce production costs for customers.
Renault offers modules from 50 HP to 600 hp in all industries-
Standard dimensions at price points that compete with traditional induction motor systems.
For more information about Renault elevators, please visit our website. reynoldslift. com.
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