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Can’t get enough LPG cylinders? Shift to induction cooker | Delhi News - Times of India

by:Earlston     2019-11-26
New Delhi: The coalition government recently limited the number of subsidized LPG cylinders to 6 per household per year, adding two new words to the household cooking vocabulary-induction stove cooktop.
Traders engaged in household appliances trading said sales of induction cookers have increased significantly in the past few months.
T. S. Arora, the boss of Mahindra department store, said: \"The demand has almost doubled . \" The company stores six or seven brands of stoves.
Although this ceiling came into effect only in September, since the beginning of the year, there has been an increase in demand for induced stoves as people look for alternatives to traditional gas stoves.
\"Even before capping, there is a problem with the availability of the gas cylinder and its price.
In addition, people now want simpler cooking options, \"said pundi Hatti, the owner of a household goods store.
The top of the induction cooker running by electricity uses electric radiation to directly heat the cooking container, rather than passing heat from the burning flame to the gas stove of the container.
Experts say the result of this is faster, evenly heated food-it takes about two minutes for the induction cooker to cook a liter of water compared to the result of the traditional gas stove for 8 minutes.
Because the cooker is also heated directly, the energy is rarely wasted.
\"The energy efficiency of induction is about 90%, while that of gas stoves is about 68%,\" said Chandru Kalro, chief operating officer of Prestige TTK . \".
The US Department of Energy also concluded that the efficiency of induction cookers is 84%, while the efficiency of gas cookers is about 40%, and most of the heat will leak into the surrounding environment.
\"The initial industry discussion suggests a reduction of 20-
The energy used by the field equipment is 25% compared to the standard electrical design, the cooking time is faster, and the cooking surface is colder, \"said Rebecca Duff, senior manager of ICF International, consulting companies operating in various fields, including energy.
A December 2011 study showed that aesthetic appeal and new technologies have driven sales of Indian appliances, and sales of induction cookers have grown more than other kitchen products such as microvave ovens.
The convenience in the kitchen seems to be a big factor.
\"It\'s portable, so I can make lunch even if I watch TV in another room.
Sheetal Dodia said: \"Because it is too fast, I am also going to work for lunch . \" She recently purchased a basic model that supports the gas stove.
\"As of last year, there were only one or two big brands, and now there are about 50.
There are different types of induction cookers for different needs and budgets.
Hemant Mittal, owner of Namita Store, said: \"The model starts at about Rs 2,000, to Rs 7,000 . \".
Since one may need time to adapt to the high-speed heat at the top of the induction cooker and control the heat level, the company now has preset menus and customized Indian cooking plans in their models.
The fierce competition between players has also led to greater development of induction cooking.
Kalro said: \"In the past year, we have launched at least six new models, including one with a voice interface and another hybrid model with LPG and induction.
Other brands have also introduced models that include dual burners, LED technology, children\'s locks, auto-off options, and timers.
Despite the potential benefits of inductive cooking, it still has time to replace the traditional gas stove as the main source of cooking. “I often stir-
Fried food, this requires me to throw the pot, it is impossible to use the induction cooker.
Again, there is no option to cook items directly on the flame, \"said housewife Poonam Dhavan.
\"User acceptance can be an obstacle because high temperature time requires different cooking methods,\" Duff said . \".
Another obvious problem with the induction cooker is the cooker.
Since its working principle is subject to radiation, it needs a magnetic cooker like cast iron or most stainless steel.
Simply put, the pan is compatible if the magnet sticks to the bottom.
\"When comparing fuel, energy efficiency must also be considered.
\"Induction stoves may be 80% efficient, but power plants that provide electricity may be 30% efficient,\" Duff said . \" He added that the inductive load has also increased India\'s already high peak deficit (close to 10%)
Most areas face peak load cutting times.
Since these stoves are powered by electricity, the power outage here is likely to cause an interruption in the cooking process.
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