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cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant

cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant

Cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant

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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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With a focus on product quality, pursues perfection in every detail.
Enterprise Strength
  • abides by the service attitude to be sincere, patient and efficient. We always focus on customers to provide professional and comprehensive services.
Company Advantages
1. Earlston electric induction cooking plate is guaranteed to cause no environmental pollution. Mercury ingredient in the battery cells is strictly controlled and the ingredient test shows that mercury ingredient is in a minimum amount of 0.0001%.
2. The product can be 6-7 times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights and cuts energy use by more than 80%.
3. buy induction cooktop online product quality has reached the advanced level in foreign countries.
4. In the coming days Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd will continue to improve its marketing network and service network.

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Model No.


Rated Votage&frequency


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Commercial induction cooker

Heat type


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Press button

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant-3

High quality ceramic glass top plate

cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant-4

Copper coil double layer heater

cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant-5                

Not easy be scratched

cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant-6                

Good heat conduction

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Easy clean


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
cost-effective buy induction cooktop online from China for restaurant-8
  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Earlston has successfully explored a new path for its better development.
2. With our broad sales network, we have exported our products to many countries while establishing a reliable strategic partnership with many large and famous companies.
3. We build up a strong company culture of society charity while maintaining profitable growth in business. We regularly hold or take part in all kinds of donation projects or charity sells. We incorporate sustainable development into our business model. We believe it will impact our business by improving the company image, building the brand and motivating us as a business owner.
Bought as a Christmas present for my daughter & son-in-law; they love it. My husband and I have the skillet, but now I want this set too!
It was for my wife, she is very happy and so am I. Great cooking, love the food that she continue to make. Thanks.
LOVE the shape and size but I've only had it 2 months and its ruined. everything sticks :( I called to replace it through copper chef and they said I had to replace it through Amazon. However amazon does not accept returns after 1 month. love the product .....which it held up better
Good set for cooking newer pans deeper and bigger and better.
This is a good non stick multi-function pan. As long as the non-stick lasts as claimed, it should be useful for many years.
I bought them as gifts for the family. They were thrilled. I use it almost everyday. I intend to purchase more as soon as I see them reduced.
I thought the product would be a bit heavier than what it is. I have not actually used it yet - I have been ill - so I cannot speak for how it cooks. For the price you pay for this item, it should actually be a bit thicker and heavier. To me it appears to be something you could buy at a store for maybe $20. I do not understand why it cost so much.
Best pan I have ever purchased! I have had mine for 3 months and use it nearly exclusively!! Clean up is a breeze! No more scrubbing and scraping or soaking pans. I use it as a roaster and also fry pan. Fry basket makes the best fries ever!! I bought the 9 " fry pan also just yesterday and the lid from the above system fits perfectly. I am going to move some of my old stainless steel pans to the basement!! I have made chili, roast beef, chicken, pot roast, scrambled eggs, meatloaf, roast a whole chicken and the apple pie! Cooks a bit faster than other cookware so keep that in mind!
I bought the 9.5 inch square pan and it worked perfectly 3 times. Then everything stuck to it and I almost threw it out. Using Utube videos I seasoned the pan several times, heating to the smoking point rubbing oil in, then cooling pan. Finally it worked again. Tip: heat pan slowly to start, then raise heat. Rub a little vegetable or cocoanut oil firmly on pan occasionally. I have used it 10 times since seasoning and no sticking.
Ok, first off, I have the other pan and just bought this one "elsewhere." (Can't wait!) The directions clearly say NO EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or oil sprays. The directions say if you want to use oils or butter, use "refined" oils with higher smoke points like peanut, corn and clarified butter. Otherwise, you will have a thin carbonized layer on the non-stick coating - and (boom!) you're done. Sticking. You don't cook on "full high" with this cookware, either. You never cook on "full high" (the flame licking up the sides) with nonstick cookware. If you want that, get yourself some SS cookware or some cast iron. Nonstick uses lower temperatures. It seems lots of people didn't really read the instructions. As for scratching on the outside/bottom? It's like my high end copper pots and pans: "Scars of war." Battle scars, they happen. Don't slide your pans across your grates if you don't want scratches. Me? I slide/scrape/slam/sling/pound - it's cookware, not jewelry! (grin) "Allez Cuisine!"
Perfection. Cooks really well, and it holds the heat. I can turn the burner off and the pan will still have enough heat to cook.
It does what's advertise the problem is its size 9.5 x9.5 hsn during chief ming was selling 11.5x11.5 size much more usable.
It cooks your food fast and your food taste better.
Excellent product
great pan so far.
So far I am very happy. I've read all the reviews complaining about stickiness vs non-stickiness. I just decided to use little coconut oil just to make sure, and I am very happy. To clean this pan is very easy - just under the faucet with running water or wet paper towel to wipe it out, if needed.
I got this gift for my sister for her birthday, and she loves it.
The best pan I have ever encountered.
Unusual - good items - good service.
Love it don't have to use any oil unless you want to love the size
Works as advertised! Been looking for a nonstick answer for my induction cooker and this does eggs in no time with easy cleanup and without using pan sprays.
So far it works as described and is dishwasher safe. highly recommend
I bought a whole set of copper pans and they are great for nonstick. Only thing about this pan is its size. It seemed so much bigger in the tv ads. It's actually quite small and the strainer basket could not hold all the noodles I cook for my family.
I have to admit, I do love to cook on this thing. It doesn't disappoint as far as nothing sticking to it.
I like it.
This is an incredible pan...You will not be disappointed ..Lives up to all of it's claims...
Great product
Purchased these after seeing the infomercial on tv. They work as good as shown on tv and really are amazing. Made omelets without oil or butter!
First few months was a great pot but began to lose non-stick ability and it is difficult to clean If you don't cook alot it is good
Great, love it.
I almost cook everything in my new copper chef. It is wonderful and so easy to clean.
cant fine a 6 th star pans are great
These pans are amazing! They cook so evenly and they clean so easily. We keep it on top of our stove because we will use it every day.
very nice
Love the square shape.
Great item!! Your food taste better with the copper pan.
The infomercial speaks for itself. The product speaks for itself.
we just love these pans. cook great easy clean up and versital.
i got it for my sister and she love it
Nice cookware but needs a SERIOUS REDESIGN on the lid handle! Caution: You can get a SERIOUS BURN from the lid handle!
Non stick no more after less than a year of use. Yes I used wooden cooking utensils.
yes it works like it shows on TV.. the open baking of steaks and chops was great.. we have electric open and it cooks a bit hotter so we just let steaks bake for min of time and it was perfect medium. pink on inside,, great product
Been cooking with these for awhile and I have to say they are well worth every penny. Love the square pan for making perfect omelettes.
I bought it as a gift because of all the publicity on the item. The receiver really do like it.
I was at the Santa Cruz market in Ventura, CA when I saw the infomercial for this contraption. My Hamilton Beach deep fryer has just taken a dump after not being used for an entire year (not that, that should of mattered). I wanted a replacement but not a traditional fryer as they are not maintenance friendly and unpredictable. Not the copper chef. Immediately upon removing this pan from the box me and my friend made restaurant quality wings and I'am by no means a restaurant quality chef but dammit they were simply the best wings ever and finally what I have been trying to achieve all there years of cooking. I left the used creole oil in the pan for about a week and it still cleaned up no problem. Also when using this as a deep fryer be sure to only fill the pan half way. Final thoughts on this product be sure to order it from amazon.com as to avoid any hidden payments and a must more efficient price. Defiantly glad I got this product best decision I made all year!
I use this all the time! Cleans great!
Just as advertised!
Greatest pan ever. Heats evenly and washes up quickly. But u can get it for 1/2 this price at discount store which I found out too late (Ocean State Job Lot)
This pan is all it's cracked up to be. The ad is true. The surface is slick, non stick! The only thing is the recipe book is underwhelming. But that is OK.
The best pan in the entire world. I'll buy this pan over and over and over again
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