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Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen

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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen-3

High quality ceramic glass top plate

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen-4

Copper coil double layer heater

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen-5                

Not easy be scratched

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen-6                

Good heat conduction

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Easy clean


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop customized for kitchen-8
  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Very good product
Perfect for making Turkish coffee on a gas stove. Spreads out the heat for a more even and controlled boil.
This is a Christmas gift for my niece who often eats late and is too lazy to walk to the shared kitchen and waits there for over half an hour for her food to be done while she is already in her pajamas. I tried it upon arrival and like how fast it cooks food. I had some trouble at beginning as it kept showing E0 but later found out that it does need a real stainless steel pot (the thicker the better) to make it work. Once the cookware is correct, it cooks very fast. Touch screen buttons on this burner are sensitive and the countdown digital timer is a plus. Fan starts from the beginning of cooking and lasts awhile after you switch off the burner. Fan makes a little sound, but definitely will not wake up my niece’s housemates. A little regret that we did not buy it for her sooner.
This portable induction cooktop is a quality unit, sleek look and well made. The glossy glass surface is all flat so that grease is easily to be wiped off. It works less effective than my previous 1800 watts one but it heats pretty fast. It’s compact and lightweight. I really enjoy using it a lot for tabletop cooking such as hotpot, tabletop BBQ etc. And I appreciate it have a timer, because I need automatic power-off timer feature for slow cooking. Anyway I’m so happy with this product.
I have had this set for a little while now and love every piece. My wife and I bought a low end Circulon set about 12 or 13 years ago and it has served us well. That was why I stayed with them when we wanted to replace them after all this time. I simply could not be happier with this set. Yes, you can't use them over high heat, but using the covers helps a LOT when a recipe calls for bringing things to a boil. And when it comes to fixing any kind of eggs, well, you will never use anything else. Cleanup is often just wiping them down with a paper towel. The weight and balance is very nice with very comfortable handles. If I have anything negative to say it would be that I would like a 2 1/2qt pot with a steamer AND double boiler insert instead of the 2qt pot. A pasta insert for the 8qt stock pot would be nice, too. It is all about knowing what dishes non-stick is good for and when you want to reach for the cast iron. Our previous Circulon set has lasted all this time. I fully expect this to be the last set I buy.
It's a good set without a doubt. It needs to be cleaned and treated with special care but I think (and hope!) that it will last a while. The only thing I wish it included is a medium size pot. It does not. It goes from a large pot to a fairly small one. So we had to hold on to an older pot from our previous stock.
We bought an induction burner for RV travel - but use it at home, too. This tool allows you to use non-magnetic cookware with induction cooking.
I have several small pots that I use for sauces or icings that need cooking. They are great for most things but have hot spots that burn some sauces a little. This solves the problem at a reasonable price. It's well constructed and heavy. Good buy.
I purchased this but my wife is the expert. Along with the pan.,she loves it. It is a great improvement over the electric stove.
Love thet induction cooktop. The stainless steel plate is a waste of money but the induction cookware is wonderful as long as you have the right cookware to go with it. If you use the plate, it is slow, takes forever and nothing browns...would not recommend the plate.
My cooktop stopped working and I needed a replacement didn't want to buy a whole new ccoktop right away so figured i would try an induction burner first for two reasons one I wanted to see if I like cooking on induction(YES!!!!) and two didn't want to pay a fortune for a new cooktop without doing some research. I am so glad I went with this brand and bought the stainless steel plate i can still use ALL my cookware on this. I have had this for two and a half years still using( still haven't bought a new cooktop lol) it works great would buy again
This is our second unit as we needed 2 for heavy cooking. Well made unit with decent heating area. Only downside is the lack of granularity for simmering. Next time we will get a unit with finer resolution at the lower temps.
Several great things to say about this product! First, it has been manufactured well, great options with the controls, the extra plate is necessary if your pan is not recognized by the induction burner. Secondly, this burner is far more economical to operated than your stove and thirdly, it does not heat up your kitchen or wherever you are using it! The negative is that it shuts off after 180 minutes, however listen for the chime and you can turn it back on.
To start with, it looks good on a counter top and it is small and light enough if you want to store it away it is no problem. With regard to heating up vessels it is incredible. The heat control leaves a little to be desired in that the increments between settings sometimes seems a little too much, but is certainly manageable. I have used mine in my kitchen and on the patio to supplement my briquets-only grill; and, although I havent been strapped for cooktop availbility, I'm sure it would be real handy if your regular range top was already fully in use and you needed another burner. Cleanup is a breeze but to tell the truth I use a sheet of parchment paper below the pots to minimize cleanup and surface scratching (sometimes it gets a little charred if I'm frying hard but it's cheap to replace). I would recommend this device.
I bought this to go RV-ing but I am using it in the house also, because it heats up so fast. If you use magnetic cookware cookware it heats up even faster, so you might want to start on a lower setting. This model was recommended by a mechanical-electical engineer and I can see why. I will probably use this instead of my oven burners. Thanks.
Hoping this will save me on my electric bill,,taking a bit to get used to using..but it does do the job and much faster than a conventional stove top.
it heats up your food and not burn the middle of your pan. The best thing i bought in a long time. Great product
It does it's job on my new induction range. My primary use for it was keeping my coffee warm in my Chemex pot. Yes, it has discolored as many mentioned so it's not shiny and new looking but it works. I would recommend.
It worked exactly as it was supposed to! I was able to use my 19 quart aluminum pressure canner on my induction cooktop. I only wish there was one that is slightly larger, because of the size of my pot. The handle on this caused my pot to have to sit a bit off center.
Using this product, it takes a lot longer to boil and cook. It did not meet my expectations
Excellent diffuser. Packed well, timely shipping and well made.
Thicker than I expected but works well.
Using it on top of a butane burner to add stability and it is working well.
exactly what I expected
She loves it. Has been cooking since Saturday and she is very happy with it.
Great for small apartment
Suprisingly effective for the price. I’ve used it without issue including on Thanksgiving Day. Simple to operate. Heats evenly. Love it.
This item was purchased since I am remodeling my kitchen, and need to save money from ordering out all the time. Currently cooking in my dining room. It is very safe and disfuses heat through the lifted technology, also if the vessel is lifted off the cooking surface , the machine goes into safe mode . Easy controls with tempature settings and a lock feature to keep at a constant tempature. I feel this burner is best with cooking with cast iron. Heats up very quickly and maintains heat throughout the pot or pan. Easy to clean cooktop with a sponge and soap. Definitely worth the money. ( I also used it outside for a party when keeping homemade meatballs in sauce on a low tempature ( warm, compared to high heat cooking). Everyone was pleased that had the meatball Parm subs.
Best cook set ever bought, sturdy and solid.
Beautiful, easy to clean, maybe the best cook set I have purchasef.
good sturdy set
They arrived damaged
Circulon is by far my favorite pot and pan brand. I spent almost $500 on my last set then gave them to my sister when we moved into our new home that has an induction stove. I've been slowly building my cookwear back up and recently bought this set. They ARE induction capable and work great. Truly non-stick pans. I have never had to used any sort of spray, oil, or butter to prevent sticking. I will continue to be loyal to Circulon. Also, the oldest piece in my previous set was 8 years old. Still looked great with no chipping and also didn't need any added non stick protection.
So. Happy. I abuse my cookware so I need something tough and strong. I had an old Rachael Ray set that managed to warp after only 1 1/2 years of use, so finding something with a hard, thick bottom was a requirement. The things I didn't expect with this set were their being metal utensil safe and oven safe! Who needs cast iron when you got these bad boys! They don't warp, they're clean and attractive, and best of all they're oven safe.
At first I was wondering if 1500 watts would be enough. IT IS! (doing the math work it comes out to equal about a 20,000 btu stove burner, not the biggest but still well above most consumer stove burners) The wok is light weight so it is easy to "flip" the contents even for non muscular people like me. The wok is made of plain steel so it needs to be "seasoned" like any other real wok. If something gets stuck to the wok it is easily scarfed off with a scouring pad with no damage to the seasoning at all. The heat is variable over three ranges, low-medium-and high. The dial is continuous reading but the actual temperature is only approximate. (very approximate!) However, once you get used to it there is no problem with this at all. The wok heats and cools very fast, faster than the heavy steel woks on a consumer stove. On the "sear" temperature setting it does a fine job searing chunks of roast or any other meat. It can also put a nice char on peppers and other veggies. The heat is not as high as a commercial wok on a blast flame but it certainly is completely adequate for preparing two people's worth of veggies and meat. There is a question of whether the wok can be placed on the stove top under the range hood to remove fumes. It certainly can! It is recommended in the instructions to not place it directly on the stove but I suspect that is to keep some numbskull from accidentally turning on the stove burner under the wok base! I use mine on the stove and there are no harmful effects to it at all. There is some question as to if the wok if placed on the stove over an induction cook top element will induce harmful currents into the element. I don't have one to test so I can't say about that. But for plain gas stoves it is fine to place the wok right on the stove. Be sure it sits steady of course. (As with all wok cooking there are copious fumes produced that will stink and grease up your home if you don't have a good vent hood to blow the fumes outside. ) So the general recommendation for this wok is it is a great piece that works as good or better than stove burner woks on consumer stove burners. The only shortcoming I have seen is you must dry it thoroughly to keep it from rusting. As with any steel wok.
I wish I was aware of this product prior to buying some new stainless steel cookware to work on my induction cooktop
The screws get loose with use on the handle. The pan is fine though. works well
Works great! Heats up fast and cooks even.
I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it looks really nice. I bought it for my Thanksgiving meal. Love the same day delivery. I love the loop handles and lid lifter. The site says you can put it in he oven, but the paper in the box wasn't very clear on that, but I assume you can.
it is non stick for sure. but the bottom seems not flat enough.
Pro's able to use non-induction style cookware with ease Con's, inability to lift off induction cook-top, handle doesn't sit flat...stays hot for a long period of time. All in all a great product if you need to adapt older cookware that isn't compatible with new cook surfaces
Some how I managed to get this item in the 3 unit universal touch screen stylus pen.. Hope you can figure out my mess up.. Still I am a happy homemaker with this fine product and would recommend it to others.. thank you''
I was a bit worried from negative reviews before buying this product. However it turned out to work perfectly well for us. We have a Miele induction top, and I made sure, as advised, that the size of the diffuser fits well with both one of the induction heater and the tajine bottom. I put it on 6 to start with (9 is the max), and within minutes my onions are sizzling in olive oil. Then I can leave it simmer for hours on 3 and that works very well too. The tajine cooker is nothing special, just a standard clay one bought from one of the local Moroccan store in the hood. The diffuser itself took a slight golden shade when used the first time, but that's all. No traces are left on the cooker and, really, I cannot put my arms down for this - tajine are awesome after all. No I have not tried using the diffuser for anything else, it would beat the purpose of induction, I have proper pots for that.
I've bought this induction cooktop as I was thinking about installing a natural gas generator indoors. I said why not, since water heater, furnace and my dryer all use gas. In doing research, I've discovered unhealthy side effects of cooking with gas due to chemicals in what I thought was a "clean" burning gas. They recommend running the exhaust fan when using gas to cook. I bought this burner on impulse; long story short, I'm blown away. My little experiment. Took 2 quarts of 50 degF tap water, filled in identical Cuisinart Multiclad pro 3qt pots. Gas stove against the induction cooktop, thought it was going to be a blowout with gas taking cake. Induction burner on high and gas was on medium high that the flame was starting to lick the outside of the pot. It took the Max Burton 11 minutes to bring the pot to a roaring boil, stove....very long 24 minutes. I've also took temperature measurements along the way, using my trusty instant read thermometer. This will be a time saver for me! I like the instant setting changes and immediate response by the pot. This also has temperature setting, you can set the cooktop anywhere from 140 to 450 degF, no guessing here if you want to simmer all day. Very energy efficient. Perhaps I'm going to give some thought to replacing practically new gas range to induction after this experiment. I've heard about plastic case cracks, so I've spent a bit more and went with the stainless steel model. Since I have induction ready cookware, I don't intend to use the insert, except when I need to use non-stick pan (which is not very often). Fan noise is definitely audible, like a large tower computer noise, but definitely much less than a hair dryer. I can still have a normal conversation while cooking. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to expedite cooking, easy clean up, and versatility controls via 1-10 setting or 140-450 degF setting. I'm going to get another one after a week or so. Yes, I'm an engineer...home experiments interests me especially when I encounter unexpected surprises. Update after 1-month use: I find the temperature setting much more effective. Settings are a bit coarse if one uses power setting or temperature setting exclusively, but may find the combination acceptable. All day cooking is not possible, as the cookware automatically shuts after about three hours. Yes, I made good on my original review; ordered the second unit today.
I give this burner a real workout. I'm very pleased with it.
We bought this because our stove broke and we didn't want to rush buying a new one. I was not sure what to expect on power output and was pleasantly surprised. We used this to brew a batch of beer, which involves boiling several gallons of beer for several hours. Cooktop didn't short out or fuss. Really please with the purchase.
Looking very nice, working very good too
the product that i recieved was defective: return was painless.
Works great on gas, and perfect for convection top. Spreads heat uniformly, able to simmer at a consistent temperature. No need to buy convection friendly cookware.
Using as an induction plate under my non-induction cookware. Works great. Price was fair.
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