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Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop directly sale for restaurant

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop directly sale for restaurant

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop directly sale for restaurant

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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-3 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

Earlston 220v commercial induction cooktop directly sale for restaurant-4

Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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is fine , the top hold blk knob falls off
I bought this as a Christmas present for my daughter and she loves it! This was the only tea kettle that I found with a tea ball. It was exactly what my daughter wanted. The color is beautiful and unusual. It whistles very loudly so you would never ignore it. I’m glad I decided on this one.
Love this! Pretty and reliable
it is a good quality kettle,the whistle is loud enough to let you know
I needed to light up the pantry in a 2016 Grand Design Momentum RV. I mounted it on the ceiling in the pantry, and used white LED light strips across the top in the inside and then down both sides. This lights them up when you open the door, keeps them lit while you are there, and then shuts them off after the delay set on the unit when you close the door. The door has a frosted glass window, and the sensor does not see movement or heat through the glass which is exactly what we needed. You can see the lights on when you close the door until the delay time passes. If you pull the terminal block straight out, you will see the polarity markings on the motion detector. For reference, negative is on the outside, positive is on the inside. The output is -+ and the input is +-. The only thing I don't like is that the shortest delay turned out to be 2 minutes. I haven't checked the longest as we don't need the lights on long after the door is closed. Aside from that, it's as advertised and is worth the price.
Purchased for RV closets, Great when you figure out how to wire it, it comes with no instructions, you will need to unplug the green terminal block to find polarity, if you miss wire it, it will not turn off.
Used it to turn on led lighting I installed in kitchen cabinets. When you open the door, lights are automatically turned on. Works great. Doors are off in the upload. I routed the wires behind the cabinet before installed and hid the wiring inside led light channel.
This sotya tea kettle is convenient for tea-lovers. The whistling feature and the ergonomic design of the handle add to the intuitive and easy operation. The stainless body will hopefully make it a lasting product.
Boil water, which is what I wanted it for, and it whistles when the water is boiling. It’s compact, just the right size, and looks good sitting on my stovetop.
It holds more water than any of my previous tea kettles. It is easy to hold in the hand - isn’t too heavy, nor is it hot. Loudest whistle ever!
Good kettle. Love the color.
No problems, works as expected. Installed led light strip in cargo compartment of my Travel Trailer with this motion sensor. Open the door, lights come one, works Great.
I use a Fluke 83 (and original one) in a manufacturing plant. With 600V and 480V everywhere and everything from robots to VFDs that need troubleshooting, this thing is indestructible. I've had my 83 suffer drops from 4 stories up on a gantry, and I've worked outdoors in the rain and snow without trouble. With good probes and not being a moron, this is the last meter you'll ever need to buy for your average use.
Love it. Does just what I needed.
Very useful
works well for small bedrooms, bathrooms, office, study, or large closets. I use it for our small bedroom/office that runs cold at about 65 degrees fahrenheit and quickly warms to between about 72-75 degrees F and their is also a temperature setting.
Just ok.
Voila! I can see all the snacks in the pantry now! I bought a set of LED strip lighting and used this photocell to light up the pantry when I open the door. Since the LEDs are attached to the door facing on all three sides, the entire room (albeit a small one) is lit from floor to ceiling. This is the lighting kit I am using. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MHLIFO8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Worked great in my test of an under cabinet lights system. I dropped it from the top of the cabitnets and it stopped working. I highly recommend it just don't drop it!
Awesome product, easy to use and produces great results.
Well made kettle, nice looking and give you more desire for making hot tea! It’s still recommend while it’s a little pricey.
Yes teapot is wonderful! I will order it again if I have to. The only thing is that they whistle is a bit fidgety.
My wife lives making tea and requested this as a Christmas present. She loves it!
Love my purchase... exactly as expected, thank you!
These are quality measuring spoons. I grew tired of my old (cheap) stainless steel set bending easily, so decided to try these. I am very pleased with my purchase. They are not only sturdy, but the stainless seems quite well made and is polished to a brilliant mirror finish. Very pleased!
I am going to admit that I am not known for my cooking abilities. It's almost a joke in our family "mom's cooking". I have very limited taste buds, so I never really felt the need to learn to cook much. Unfortunately, my family suffers because of this. When I was asked if I wanted to test and review this, I almost blew off the request, thinking "that's for people who actually know how to cook" and "I could never do that". But, I spent some time on the internet looking at sous vide recipes and information and decided that I should try it. Thank goodness, this has changed so much for my family. -Appliance use: I'm going to start with this in case you're familiar with sous vide cooking and just want some thoughts on the appliance. I looked up some other appliances on the market and this one seems to be top of the line. The controls are all very easy to use. I read the instructions, but even then it's all straightforward. Being able to lift the top off to empty and clean it is huge. Some other models are all one piece and I read that it's very hard to empty them. The induction cooktop is very handy if you have the right cookware for it, unfortunately I don't, so I haven't got to enjoy that feature. I plan on ordering myself a new pan to use on it for Christmas. The insert helps keep the food off the bottom and upright so the water can circulate over the whole surface area of the food easily. Overall, I haven't found anything I don't like about this sous vide. I will tell you, it's rather large. Thankfully I have the space for it, but I would make sure you have the space before ordering. -Warm up time: One of the biggest questions I had when ordering it was how long it takes to warm up. Is it like 5 minutes or 30 or somewhere in between. I can tell you that it warms up pretty quickly, about 10-15 minutes I would guess. Staring with hot water cuts down on that time. -Variety: So almost anything can be cooked in here. What I like best is that we can match up different things that need to be cooked at the same/similar temps and do them at the same time. For example, tonight I made salmon for my husband and daughter and steak for myself. I can't stand seafood! Smelling it makes me want to get sick. So not only was this great that my family got to eat some healthy salmon, I also didn't have to smell it during the cooking process. -Outcome: Everything we've cooked in here has come out perfect. The steak is juicy and so tender. The salmon is excellent (per my family). Chicken comes out moist and yummy. The veggies are firm still, but slightly soft from cooking. Next up I'm going to try turkey breast. I've never cooked turkey in my life and I'm actually excited to try it now! I love that there's some wiggle room with timing. Sometimes life gets in the way and I don't want to start dinner time at an exact time. Most things cooked in here have a wide range of cooking time. -Planning ahead: One big reason I was willing to experiment with this is how busy we are at night. Between sports practices, homework and other obligations, it gets very busy at night. From the time my daughter gets off the bus until bedtime it's hectic. Dinner is often a rushed time with something thrown together. This cooker really helps me plan ahead. I now have meats vacuum packed away for dinners. We can go to Costco and buy in bulk, vacuum pack portioned bags and then they are ready to throw in the sous vide. He picks out and vacuum packs the seafood and pork ahead of time, since I can't stand them. Then I can throw them in here while he's at work and have dinner done. -Cleanup: There is virtually no clean up with this. The only bad part is cleaning up the pan that I sear the meat on. The insert and lid I was off. The actual basin I wipe down. It's just too easy. -Party planning: We haven't got to use this for a party yet, but I'm really excited to do that in the future. I love that I can throw quite a bit of food in here before people arrive. Then just open the bags, sear the food quickly and have it ready to go. That really cuts down on the time I'm away from guests. If you like the ease of the crock pot, but want your food to taste a little more fresh, this is perfect. It's a little intimidating at first since most of us have never even heard of sous vide cooking. I keep wondering "why isn't everyone doing this!?!?" How come no one told me earlier how great this type of cooking can be? I could've been feeding my family all of their favorite foods this whole time and still enjoyed my favorites. Even my husband who was skeptical when this huge appliance came in the mail is now super excited about making yummy meals in here. Again, I was sent this for testing and review purposes. That has no bearing on the rating or review I am giving it. It's just an awesome, easy to use, 5 star appliance. Jan 2017 update: I am still using this. I ended up getting a FoodSaver vacuum system and love how well it works with my sous vide. So I go to Costco, buy my meat. Come home, vacuum pack it in individual servings. Then freeze it. The day before I want to use it I put it in the fridge, then the sous vide a couple hours before eating. I did a Whole 30 and this was so helpful for that. I have busy evenings with sports for my kids and fitness classes. I love my crock pot, but everything kind of tastes the same and my family gets bored of it. The sous vide functions for my kind of like the crock pot, in the way of being able to get a meal ready before leaving and then having it ready when I get home. When I get home from basketball practice at 7:30, I can't be starting out a meal or we won't eat until 8:30. The sous vide makes it possible to get a meal on the table 10-15 minutes after getting home. Clean up is easy since the big tub doesn't get dirty.
I LOVE this! Its a little bulky but the Sous Vide works great. I haven't tried using the induction cooktop yet. I also purchased a Joule and a smaller container for when I don't need to cook in larger quantities. This doesn't have wifi and and an app like the Joule.
Love 'em
Fabulous measuring spoons. They are the perfect weight heavy but not too heavy. They fit well into most of my spice containers and are really well crafted.
Love these, they are high quality and I couldn't be happier!!!
Well made and will be a great gift for the person I ordered them for.
Very heavy and not sharp.
EDITED — Cute and pretty tea kettle but the “anti hot” handle does not do its job ... took the kettle off to pour and had to put it back down immediately again. I spoke with the seller who informed me that using the rapid boil on my gas stove may indeed make the handle a little warm and recommended that I use a slightly lower setting. I did that and it’s sorted out now :) glad they reached out to me otherwise I would have been annoyed that it was hot. I wish it would work with rapid boil, but to be honest, it actually warmed up the water really quickly - gave it a 4/5 for that little inconvenience.
"Just arrived and found large poop looking smears on the inside of the lid. I just unwrapped it from the box and was really looking forward to using it today! Returning it." - This was from the first tea kettle I received. I wanted to update my review because the company was incredibly helpful and sought to remedy this situation right away. I was able to return the defective one and was going to look elsewhere for a teapot because I was frustrated but they reached out to me and offered to send me a new one free of charge. It just arrived today and I am very excited to try it out. Did notice a discolored 2-3 inch line on the inside? Not sure what that is but will wash and update again after first use. Thank you again Sotya!
To give a gift to Dad, he always needs a kettle that can be used to make tea. This meets his requirements, and he is very satisfied with this.
I absolutely love these . There sturdy strong easy to use and well made. Yep I’d buy them again and again ..
Great product and purchasing experience.
Great quality.
Gift for mom. Loves it. Loud whistle.
This teakettle works as decribed. It was well made of stainless steel and a good looking. It is light weight can be used on induction stove, gas stove etc.
The kettle is of good quality, easy to use and light weight.
this is an update to my last review. i recieved the replacement part. now everything is even better that i expected. this company support is the best i can remember ever dealing with and i am 78 years old. you can buy this with Confidence it will be the best cooking thing you have ever tried.
The Oliso Smart Hub is one of my favorite kitchen tools. I've used it both for Sous Vide and as a tool to sear the meat and cook on. It is portable enough to take to dinner parties where we gather and cook together. The water gets to target temperature much faster than other Sous Vide appliances. Additionally, you don't loose the heat to the environment like other appliances because of it's doubled wall and sealed top. When I first started to Sous Vide, the above improvements were my immediate gripes, and this machine solves them both. The price is a bit high for a machine that can't really handle large quantities of food like brisket. You would have to purchase multiple devices and handle them in batches. Neither of these option are really practical, so this should be a strong consideration before purchasing. But for me, this machine has become a permanent fixture in the kitchen. It is a very simple to use standalone appliance with no smartphone integration. When the water reaches target temperature, you place the meat in and set the timer for cook time. I do wish the timer would continue to keep until I address it. I have to set a separate timer so I don't overshoot time if I happen to leave the room when target time is reached. If you don't mind these small gripes, you will find this machine to be very useful.
I’ve had this bad boy for a couple weeks but a family health emergency prevented me from opening it and trying it out. I finally got the chance to put my Oliso Smart Hub Induction Cooktop and Sous Vide Smart Top to good use over the Christmas holiday and it is near perfect in my opinion. I’ve used it a few times already and I’m loving it. ABOUT SOUS VIDE COOKING: I’m new to Sous Vide cooking. For those that don’t know, “Sous Vide” is French for “Under vacuum”. It refers to the process of placing foods in vacuum sealed bags before placing them in the hot water bath. The hot water bath is actually what does the cooking. It’s a bit different than the typical cooking methods most of us know but I’ve already found it great for providing consistent and predictable results. Wait. I need a vacuum sealer? I know what you’re thinking. “What if I don’t have a vacuum sealer?” No worries. I don’t have one yet either! Affordable vacuum sealers are available from a variety of retailers, and Oliso also makes one that’s available here via Amazon. The good news is you CAN do this with ordinary high quality tight sealing zipper food storage bags. My first few uses have been fine with name brand high quality zipper sealing food storage bags. Don’t try this with those cheap dollar store sandwich bags however. I will say there are many out there that claim vacuum sealing bags prior to cooking with this method is safer. They’re overly cautious but still probably right. Obviously one of the reasons we cook food is to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens. Safe cooking means you need to heat foods to predetermined temperatures for set periods of time. . . long enough to kill bacteria. Vacuum sealing sucks out all the air so the food is sealed in a bag without air. Without vacuum sealing there’s going to be air trapped in the bag. An air pocket trapped inside a cooking bag could act as insulation and prevent areas of food near the pocket from reaching safe cooking temperatures. This theoretically could lead to bacteria surviving the cooking process which could theoretically lead to illness. That being said. . I had to throw caution to the wind. I don’t have a vacuum sealer yet so I just used good quality zipper bags and I squeezed out as much air as I could prior to sealing and cooking. If you don’t have vacuum sealer yet and can’t/won’t afford one. . . you do have other options! HOW IT WORKS: First things first. It is important to note Sous Vide isn’t necessarily a quick process. I like to consider it a crock pot on steroids. Even though it’s a slower process overall, I still feel it saves me time in the long run. Confused? Hear me out! Preparation time is a bit more involved than normal cooking because most items need to be placed in a vacuum sealed or plastic bag. You then need to fill the souse vide smart top with water and let the water heat to the proper temperature before placing your food in. Once cooking starts it typically is a lower temperature and slower cooking process than you’re used to. The manufacturer provided me with a time and temperature chart to use as a guideline for cooking. Cooking meats can take anywhere from 40 minutes to a couple hours or more depending on the texture and other characteristics you’re after. So how does a long and slow process save me time and headaches? In the long run it takes the guesswork out of cooking. I’m a single dad that’s usually trying to do 12 things at once. Attempting to babysit and monitor cooking food while preparing sides, setting the table, starting a load of laundry, returning a phone call etc. usually ends badly. I forget and end up burning or over cooking something. It happens at least once or twice a week. With sous vide cooking I find things much more forgiving. If I forget about that steak for 15 or 20 minutes it isn’t charcoal. It is simply a little more tender. Try that on the stove or grill. Things get out of hand and overcooked very quickly with more conventional cooking methods. Cooking with the Smart Hub and Smart Top allows me to start dinner an hour or two ahead of time and let things cook while I get other tasks done. I can multitask with no rushing, no overcooking, and no redoing dinner because I burnt something again. One of the great benefits I’ve found with Sous Vide cooking is consistency and reliability. Things do take a bit of trial and error. Once you’ve found the correct temperature and time you that suit your tastes for a dish you can knock it out of the park time and time again. There’s no guessing or inconsistent results like I often experience with stovetop or oven cooking. I’m able to control things much better when cooking this way and so far I love it. Case in point: cooking hard boiled eggs. I have a hard time with hard boiled eggs on the stove top. It’s not something I cook frequently and my son and I are a bit picky about how we like them. I never bother with dragging out a thermometer to note water temperature and I invariably end up boiling them and cooking them too hot for too long. I decided to hard cook some eggs sous vide style and I followed the provided guideline of 160 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. They made nearly perfect hard cooked eggs without rubbery green yolks. Unfortunately my son and I like them pretty close to that overcooked state. What can I say. . . my mom taught me the “wrong” way of cooking eggs in boiling water.) We like them somewhere between textbook yellow yolk and green overcooked rubber yolks. That’s not a problem with the smart hub and smart top. I simply adjusted the temperature and time to suit the way WE like our hard cooked eggs and I can repeat the results every time. Something I can’t easily do when I cook them in on a normal stovetop. Of course cooking eggs is hardly the highlight of what you can do with this product but it does illustrate just how handy the consistent results can be! PROS: + You can use the cooktop separate from the Sous Vide Smart Top water tank. This makes a great little induction cooktop for searing, pan frying etc. + The Sous Vide Smart Top obviously can be stored out of the way in a cubboard and the cooktop is small and attractive enough to be left out on the counter if you have the space + Sleek and Modern Stainless Steel Finish + Once you’ve got the hang of things you can get consistent and reliable results with this appliance. + No more babysitting and turning food. Set your temperature, set the timer and then you just need to remember to check on the time every so often + Makes killer ribs and other meat that you want to slow cook for a tender + Allows me to multitask like a boss. Preparation time is a little longer, cooking time may be longer, but you’re free to get other things done once cooking has started. + No Guessing! Once you dial in the correct temperature and time you can get consistent repeatable results over and over again! CONS: - The SmartTop is a bit large and bulky so that’s something to consider if storage is an issue in your kitchen. The Smarthub cooktop itself is a bit smaller and doesn’t take up much storage or counter space. - Fingerprints. It is a small complaint, but the stainless steel finish is a magnet for fingerprints and smudges. - You need to ensure you have a suitable pan for the induction cooktop if you plan to use it to pan sear, cook without the smart top etc. You’ll need an iron based or magnetic pan. This isn’t really an issue unless you don’t have a cast iron, enameled steel/iron or stainless steel pan with a magnetic base. Incompatible pans include things like copper, glass, ceramic and aluminum. - Price. The price tag may be a bit intimidating at first glance, but this little guy really can replace a variety of other appliances in your kitchen. Price is comparable to similar products in the marketplace. - The Timer Doesn’t Shut Off The Smart Hub: The timer is just a timer. While convenient this thing would be perfect if the timer actually shut off the smart hub cooktop. Once you dial in the right temperature and time how awesome would it be to be able to set it and forget it and let things shut themselves off when your set cooking time is up? Final Verdict: 4.75 Out of 5 Overall there isn’t much to dislike with this product. I was provided a complementary product for testing and review and at the start I was a bit intimidated. I quickly discovered the Smart Hub and accompanying Smart Top couldn’t be any easier to use. Controls are self-explanatory and the smart hub even lets you know via colored LEDs, an audible beep and an icon when you’ve reached the correct temperature. It has definitely opened up a whole new world of cooking for me.
xa0Never really heard of Sous Vide cooking method before, but I may just be a convert. The Oliso Sous Vide system is dead simple and produces great results - even with zero experience in the cooking method although like anything it will take time to master. The video shows the entire process from start to finish. That steak was the very first thing I cooked in it and it was ten minutes over where I generally like my steak, but I liked it so much I cooked the other two pieces I had straight after I did these and they were perfect. With the video I also show the Oliso bag sealer and this is NOT included with the induction cooktop it needs to be purchased separately. I used a cut that requires a bit more work in rump and was curious as to how it would turn out. Set it for 140F and an hour and tens mins cooking time. After it was finished I seared it on very high heat in an adjacent pan I was making the mushrooms in (that is the sound you will hear in the video it is not the Oliso!) The texture was incredible with the meat being very soft and quite amazing to taste (only added a dash of salt and pepper). Sous Vide isn’t just confined to meat though you can do all sorts of things with it be it vegan / vegetarian however it will take a bit of learning as you go I think with each foodstuff you add to your repertoire. I’m not going to give you a list of instructions this is a review and its up to the company to do that but I will tell you its easy. Ridiculously easy, and require sealing your foodstuff in a vacuum bag and giving a water bath is essentially the process and even just skimming the instructions the only bit I got wrong initially was not using the clip to seal the bag which was a very quick remedy. The plate section is an induction cooker (and can be used with induction pans not just the system) which heats to a given temperature then stays consistent at that temperature. Any good chef knows their tools and part of that is achieving consistency each time. For the rest of us being able to have the machine produce consistency each time is as good as we will get - and I’m just fine with that. Induction heating is quite safe and I have used an induction plate I have got from Amazon for quite a while in my house (although that can only set in 20 degree increments whereas the Oliso is within 1 degree!) Aesthetically it looks great although its big so make sure you check the measurements and ensure you have space. I’d like to be able to set a timer so it starts automatically but I didn’t see that in the instructions. My $20 coffee maker can do that so I would think this should be able to also but I will have to figure it out but it may not be the case due to safety reasons I guess. There are a few drawbacks you may want to consider before investing in this system. The sealer uses proprietary bags which can be used ten times, but its advised to only use them once for meat which can get costly real fast if you follow those instructions. You need a vacuum sealer bag and the Oliso brand one whilst very good is another $150, which is an added expense to consider. The other thing is it will change the shape of your food a little. You will see the steaks have a slightly compressed look to them so you may need to take that into account if you really like that thick cut - you might want to get it a tad thicker. That is just the nature of the cooking method. The results however speak for themselves and I’m throwing everything in it now and going by the included guide doing pretty well. Not all of it is working, but I’m making notes as I go and am adjusting what I’m doing so I’m confident I will be a Wiz in no time. So far i’ve cooked both steak and chicken (included a quick marinade it was great!) but my vegetables need a bit of tweaking but are getting there. The downside to this ‘experimentation’ is you can’t check as you go like you would on the stove top - its either hit or miss which is why It pays to take a few notes. The results on just the meat have me sold on it and can easily recommend it, although take note of the potential cons to see if its right for you. Product provided for review - its just my opinion.
I received this item as a gift. It's a lovely, extravagant gift. It's hard to justify something like this on purely utilitarian grounds though because you can get the same functions for half the price or less (including a separate induction cooktop). A key difference, however, is that this product looks like it belongs in a modern kitchen, while a solution cobbled together from an immersion circulator, Rubbermaid container, a rack, a top, etc. looks more like a science fair project. There isn't anything to circulate the water, so this relies upon convection to keep a constant temperature. I feared that this would lead to hot spots, but the design and the rack, which keeps the food off the very bottom of the pot, seems to minimize this risk. Pros: - Looks great - Comes with a rack and cover - Base can be used as an induction cooktop - Stays cools to the touch, except perhaps for the glass cover - Quiet, but not silent when heating. Fortunately, the design retains heat really well, so it's silent a lot of the time - Possibly safer than an immersion circulator because it doesn't involve submerging an electric heating element in water. I feel more comfortable leaving this running and leaving the house than I do with an immersion circulator. Cons: - Kind of heavy - Expensive - Runs 2 degrees above my meat thermometer (which is 2 degrees above my immersion circulator) - Glass top is nice, but it fogs up and gets hot - Makes a loud, annoying beep when you plug it in
My wife and I have been reading about sous vide (under vacuum) cooking for a while now. So when a friend bought this machine, I decided to borrow it to try it out. I was actually impressed. At first I thought this was just another gimmick, you know, you see them all the time in the cooking world. But after using it a few times I realized there may be something useful here. We cooked meat twice, and seared it on a hot grill after it was done cooking. We also tried it on vegetables, which came out great too. Now I just need to start shopping for the right machine for us. This one works great, but I just need to decided which countertop appliance I am going to replace so I know what sixed machine to buy.
I am very happy with the quality of these measuring spoons. My favorite spoon is the 3/4 teaspoon!!! I just love using one spoon for that measurement instead of two! I highly recommend this item.
These are not the usual flimsy bendable measuring spoons. They are heavy and very nice.
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