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Earlston 220v induction cooker online manufacturer for restaurant

Earlston 220v induction cooker online manufacturer for restaurant

Earlston 220v induction cooker online manufacturer for restaurant

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Commercial induction cooker
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220V-240V/50HZ-60HZ, 100V-120V, 50HZ
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's is processed based on advanced technology. It has excellent performances in the following details.
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1. Earlston best electric induction cooktop is manufactured using the finest raw material, which is procured from some of the most trustworthy and certified vendors in the industry.
2. From our user experience, it can be seen that induction cooker online has the advantages of best electric induction cooktop .
3. It is widely used with a promising application prospect and tremendous market potential.
4. The potential value of the product makes it applicable in multiple scenarios.

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Model No.


Rated Votage&frequency


Product name

Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater

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Easy clean

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Not easy be scratched

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Good heat conduction


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has become one of the gold suppliers of best electric induction cooktop in China market. We are widely known for years of manufacturing history in this industry.
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You won't be tossing whatever you're cooking in it, but it gets hot as heck on a glass top, and everything that's come out of it so far has tasted pretty darned good. Versatile, sturdy, you can't go wrong really. If you're cooking for one, you might try the nine inch version, or just get both. You won't regret it.
Very happy with this cookware - Seems particularly suited to a glass top range. I tossed out all my other stuff except the big lobster pot and have everything I need with this set. I think you'll be really happy with this set especially at this price point.
Nice heavy duty pans that work great on my Nuwave induction plate. Very well constructed.
So far, so good! I'm very happy with this cookware. It looks beautiful and it seem to be a very good quality. Although, both, the lids and pan's handle get hot when cooking. So I had to order some lid handle covers, and I'm still looking a pan handle covers.
Works really well.
Great product
Love it on time
I think tnis is great
Wonderful and super safe!!! I absolutely love it!
Very nice gift for my daughter and her family
I like de facility user...
Easy to use and it's very convenient.
Works alot better than some
Love the fact I can have an espresso without having to pay for it or use a rediculous machine to make it.
We have 2 and use them daily. Great quality, boils water within minutes, and cools down almost immediately.
Bought this cooktop to take with us on in our camper. Really have enjoyed cooking on it and especially love that we traded in our old, old, old set of pots and pans for a new set once we got the cooktop. The only negative thing about it, the nobs are not marked and it makes for a difficult transition if you're used (like me) to cooking on a 1-9 system. Making the transition to a digital system was a little challenging.
Nice looking. Great to cook with. Still haven't figured it all out yet.
Works great.
The most common complaint is that fried foods stick to the skillets. Of course it will, if you don't season them! Like cast iron, these stainless steel skillets must be seasoned prior to use to make them non-stick. Like magic: Pre-heat the skillet over medium heat for 2 minutes. Add enough oil to coat the bottom. Continue to heat for about 6 minutes until the oil smokes. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Pour out the oil and wipe with a paper towel. You now have a non stick pan. After use only wipe clean with a paper towel. Do not use soap and water. If you do, just re-season the pan. Use like any non-stick skillet: Maybe a light spray of PAM or a little bit of oil. Gloria K. Purchased from Amazon Prime
I have this set, bought from Amazon. I consider it good value for the money. I will answer some concerns others have had with their sets. My set was shipped to me in the original manufacturers box that was probably in a container with a zillion others. Amazon shipped it in another box with space and packing around the shipper box which took any abuse UPS could throw (literally) at it. Lets talk about that shipper box which again was a box within a box. Everything was held by designed cardboard packing material that fit the pieces and held them away from the sides. It was packed like it was headed for a mess kitchen at the front (or they were aware of the gorillas that ups uses). If the UPS truck had run over it, it still might have held up, maybe. Amazon is starting to realize, and pack for the kind of handling that mass delivery systems can dish out. This is well made stainless steel cookware; it has an aluminium sandwich on the bottom so the heat distribution is more even and it works on induction cooktops (I have a couple of NuWaves and a 30 inch GE all induction cooktop). This is not commercial cookware. I worked in college as a cook, and we never had anything anywhere near this good. Commercial pans get rough treatment from the cooks, and a lot of steel wool and hard grease cutters from the dishwasher, and everything goes through the dishwasher, the guy and the machine. Commercial pots usually have flat stainless steel lids also. This set is really nice home cookware, much better than commercial quality. These pots are not eye candy. They are brushed stainless which you can't see your face in. The brushed finish holds oil better. The pot handles are large and stay cool, the lid handles can get hot. Tip: Get Barkeepers Friend Cookware cleaner for when you screw-up, we all do. Buy in multiples, it is cheaper that way. It's on Amazon. I think all the Barkeepers is the same stuff in different packaging, but I might be wrong. Tip: Also get the Magic Jetz scrubbers on Amazon, they are easier on the pans than steel wool or ghod forbid those squiggly stainless steel scrubbers or chainmail (use that on your cast iron stuff). A little advice to those new to stainless cookware. Use the PAM on your Teflon pans, not these. I use duck fat or pretty much any oil. Start out on medium heat (5 out of 10) with something in the pan. Then when you have food in the pan, you can ramp up the heat a little, or even a lot. You will learn your own style as far as heat control goes. You can maintain your desired level at a lower heat once you get there. Gas, Induction, Ceramic, and Halogen will give you faster response to control numbers than electric burners. If you cookware changes color (straw to brown to purple to blue) you are way too high in the heat and you can damage the pan. If you just have to see what it will do, put 2 liters of cold tap water in the 4.2 qt casserole and let her rip. My GE induction cooktop will boil it in 4.5 min from 50 degrees on level 10, and maintain it on level 3. Remember, when it is hot enough, back it down. Last tip: get a ThermoWorks Thermapen here on Amazon, the price is right and they are really useful. Get a bright color so you can find it quick. You will be surprised how often you overcook food.
We just received this item and they have a very nice look to them. We have used them once so far for scrambled eggs. The pan was preheated and we wiped it with olive oil. We cook our eggs on a lower temperature. They did not burn but it took a little work to get the pan clean, but it wasn't bad. This was to be expected. The three star rating comes from the medium sauce pan had a couple of scratches on the inside bottom and the size of the large frying pan was disappointing. It is a 10" fry pan with only 7" of cooking surface. We had a 10" caphalon with our old set and it was at least 8" in terms of cooking surface. We expected it to be bigger I guess. The other point that I didn't pay attention to is the measurement marks but they are not etched but some sort of overlay and they are only in metric. The lids seem awfully light for a supposed higher end product. Overall, we are happy enough with them not to return until we get to use them more. It is a great looking set and looks and feels like good quality. We also love the large sauté pan. I'm not sure how much difference it makes when the cladding is only on the bottom and not up the sides (like All Clad). We didn't want to spend twice the price for All Clad, so we tried to go to the next price point. We looked at this and one of the cuisinarts. The cuisinart had a mirrored finish and didn't have glass lids. Keep in mind this says 17 pieces but in fact it counts the 3 cooks utensils as part of the 17. The meat and potatoes of this set is that it's 7 pieces of cookware. We are currently at 3 stars until we have time to find out how well these items produce over time.
This cookware is beautiful as well as functional and the price can't be beat. The steamer basket is an added bonus. The quart measurements are marked on the inside of the pot, the lid is see through so you can tell when the water is boiling, and there is a little hole in the lid for steam to escape. I love this set and would highly recommend it.
Decided to use this product a few months before making any comments. I'm very satisfied with this cookware. Handles get warm at most. Handles are sturdy and easy to grip even without hot pads. Clear lids don't feel as fragile as glass. Even heat on bottom and sides is fast with not hot spots. My product does not crackle and pop when heating as some cookware. We hand-wash even though the product says it's dishwasher safe. Cleans easily for the most part with tough sticky food clean-up only a few times. The weight feels less than my cast iron cookware and is as easy to lift as my old stainless, non-induction cookware. Glad I purchased all stainless instead of getting a non-stick interior so these pans will last much longer. The large steamer basket easily steams veggies with a couple of inches of water or use it to cook pasta. The two smaller sauce pans sizes are handy for most side dishes. I'm using a brand-new induction 5-burner cook top. Used this cookware on all burner sizes with same even heating. I have not used the cookware in the oven yet. The company making this Duxtop product is American based making this quality purchase an even better choice. The company doesn't put as much money into its marketing budget. Instead, they put money and energy into making high-quality cookware. I will not hesitate to purchase other products from Secura and sold by Lafraise.
We have been trying out our new kitchen set for about a week now. We first tried it out on a gas stove top because we wanted to see the difference in how they perform on gas and on the Precision NuWave Induction Portable unit that we have. Our gas stove leaks which is why we are switching over. Who wants to breath in gas leak fumes. Besides, the guy who came to fix it, couldn't so... anyway. The set does work great on gas tops as long as you follow the pamphlet that comes with it which clearly says not to use it on high. You don't need to. Everything heats up so well on medium. We read a lot of reviews about the bottom of these discoloring, and ours haven't. We also read that some people were hearing a loud buz coming from the pots and pans when used on their induction surface. All we heard was the fan blowing on the bottom our NuWave unit. There was no buzzing or any other noise other than the water boiling in the pan after 30 seconds. We stood there with our jaws to the ground watching how fast it heated up to boiling on MEDIUM which our induction unit says is 375 degrees. This set is beautiful and heavy compared to the crappy cheap pots and pans we were using. I'm not sure what induction units that other people are using but if you have a NuWave, then these are the set for you.
I agree with other reviewers that this is fine quality cookware at a very good price for such a product. For forty years I have cooked on gas tops, including powerful ones benefitting from sturdy copper, stainless steel and cast iron cookware. I treasure my tools and I expected to take my expensive pots and pans with me to a new residence--alas, MY All Clad pots and pans, my commercial grade copperware and my commerial grade stainless srock pots are NON-MAGNETIC and do not heat on my new induction cooktop. Gas cooking is not an option in our new location and I needed the right product and prompt shipping or I would have been eating cold soup for a while. Duxtop provides sets in a number of configurations but this ten-piece one best met my needs. I can cook four servings of anything, including boiling pasta in the lidded kettle. That is also suitable for making smaller amounts of meat or vegetable stock This magnetic tri-ply stainless steel set is of reasonable weight without being commercial cookware. Handles are firmly attached with rivets that run through the body of each pot or pan or top. I do not feel this is a sanitation issue: food is readily cleaned off the cookware, especially if it is used on an induction top, where proper power selection and inherent even heating can minimize food sticking. I use an industry approved sanitizer on other equipment; it comes in home-sized spray bottles so you can use it too if you are particularly concerned about sanitation. Rolled edges help prevent drips during pouring. Diameters are designed to fit the induction cooktop 'eye' requirements--being neither too large nor too small. Having shopped for other induction pans at Amazon, feedback from other customers led me to have the confidence to make this purchase and I also agree that this is a fine price for induction pans that will be given normal use in the home.
We like these pans and the whole kit comes with a lot of stuff. The pans feel fairly solid, a little lacking in the handle but the pans themselves seem pretty good. Season these things properly and maintain them the way you are supposed to and they are easy to use. I found a few small flaws in the surfaces of a few, but that really doesn't bother me that much. I think you'll find that to be the case in most pans that are going to be affordable for the normal home use. People seem to be interested in where pans these days are made as well, and no these are not made in the US from what I could find. I believe they are in fact made in China...so there's that if that's something you are concerned about. My complaint is that these pans don't really seem to be of much better quality than cheaper big name brands with similar specs. I thought that spending the extra money would result in a better feeling pan quality-wise. But that does not seem to be the case here. All in all though, these are not bad pans, their decent and average quality. Like I said, season them properly and maintain them and you shouldn't have any issues with scarring, warping and whatnot.
I have used these pots/pans for about 2 weeks now. They are very nice. They feel good in my hands and have a nice weight to them. They are shiny and very pretty too. The sizes are wonderful. There are a lot of options, which is one of the reasons why I chose this set. They come with a set of lids, that are glass. That is another reason why I purchased this set. I want to be able to see what I am cooking without removing the lid. I like the large pot with the strainer because it makes it super easy to boil large pots of shrimp or crab. I bought these to use on my new induction cook top. I am not sure if it is the cooktop or the pots/pans that make a slight humming noise when it is first turned on, but I had done my research and knew to expect this. It is not loud, nor is it annoying. It even stops after a little while. The pots do have spots on them, on the inside, after using them. We wash them by hand, although you can put them in the dishwasher. I have purchased the bar keepers friend cleaner, but haven't used it just yet. I am sure that will remove the spots. But, they don't really bother me, so I am not worried either. This is a really nice set of cookware especially for the value. I am very happy with them.
This set of pots is exceptional in performance and quality. They look very nice too. I've been using them for about 4 months and have no complaints. We use them on an induction stovetop and they are very responsive to temperature changes. They brown vegetables and meat nicely and I even cook scrambled eggs in the large cook pan. They stick slightly to the bottom, but if you add a small amount of water to the bottom of the pan after removing the food and bring to a boil for a few minutes, all of the stuck food can be removed with a spatula very easily. This works for any food that is stuck after cooking. I haven't tried cooking eggs over easy, but may if you added a good amount butter or oil they wouldn't stick. Overall, I've been very, very satisfies with the set. Any remaining water spots or cooking residue can be removed by applying a small amount of Bar Keeper's Friend. They look brand new after that, all shiny and clean. Some reviewers reported white spots after boiling water and Bar Keeper's Friend removes any spot, stain, residue, or scratch. I would buy these pots again and recommend them to anyone. It's so nice to use healthy pots that don't release any toxins in the air or food. Enthusiastic two-thumbs up!!!
These stainless-steel pots and pans are absolutely amazing. I bought them because I recently remodeled my kitchen and bought an induction stovetop that required stainless-steel pots and pans. After searching for the best bang for the buck, I came upon these and haven't regretted my purchase. They are heavy duty, have layers of steel on the bottom that heat the food really fast. Prior to putting the food in the pan, I do put a bit of olive oil in the pan so that the food doesn't stick. Cleaning is not a problem, however I do make sure that I clean the pot/pan well prior to putting it in the dishwasher (if there is food stuck on it), otherwise the food will be stuck on it when it comes back out of the dishwasher. I have not had any problems with rust whatsoever. Again, the quality of this set is unbelievable. They are sturdy and hardy, and will definitely stand the test of time. If I could change one thing about this set, it would be to make the set bigger, because of how frequently I use them and need to wash them. Otherwise, this rating get 5+ stars from me.
I use this for dyeing clothes. It heats up the pot quite fast, specially when using warm water. The design is nice. I wish it would turn off by itself faster when you remove the pot. It just keeps beeping and then eventually will turn off. But overall super happy!
NICE!!! Can't wait to use. I always keep EVOO by to make sure they are oiled. We have a small set of HotDots that came with the AGA but we are a family of 7 and HotDots doesn't offer any larger sets. After the reviews we decided on these. I'm not used to glass lids so we will see. Got here within 3 days!! I'll update after we use them. I'm not picky though this is a hikme that cooks all ther time so stainns etc aren't a big deal. Barkeeper's Friend is great at helping with those!
I've had my Duxtop for months now. I am totally satisfied. It took some time to get the uber-shine to drop down a notch. Drove me a little crazy at first. I do no induction cooking, what ever that is. Love the way it moves from stove top to oven without a second thought. Seems the micro scratches from the wash thing (not a cloth not a metal hair pad) has helped abate some of the initial stickiness but so it goes with most new cookware. Still using my cast-iron fry pans for my serious no stick omelets, crepes and such. Want to get me a 5 qt. saute when I can. I'd buy Duxtop for others and more for myself. I love having heavy sidewalls on my cookware. Never want to go back to triclad bottom with no serious sides.
My new house came with a high-end induction range, so I had to give up the top-drawer (but non-magnetic) stainless cookware I'd been using and abusing for 25 years (it still looked brand-new). So I have been learning induction cooking and this new cookware at the same time, somewhat resentfully. After a couple months, I love 'em both -- stove and cookware. The reviews are correct, this is a very nice, very solid set of pots & pans, and it performs extremely well on an induction cooktop. My burners have a sort of turbocharge setting for bringing water to a boil, and these pans respond like champs to it. That's the one time I've heard a tiny bit of singing from them -- and I live in the country, where there's not a lot of ambient noise. This is where my one criticism of these pans comes in, though -- there's something about the combination of the pans' proportions and the way their lids fit that makes them prone to rather dramatic sudden boil-overs, even when they're not terribly full. I've just learned to listen closely when I've got a pan on the supercharger -- when I hear it start to bubble, I'm there in a flash, turning the heat down. Aside from that one quirk, these pans just do what you ask them to do -- the highest praise I can give a tool. They store pretty much like my beloved old set -- frying pans nest within each other, the small handled saucepan (with its lid) fits inside the larger one & lid, the inserts store inside the large kettle& lid, and I store the dutch oven solo, though the saucepans might fit inside it. A tip: I bought an assortment of inexpensive silicone lids for microwaving on amazon last year, which turn out to be great for all uses, including stovetop -- that gives the largest fry pan a lid, and the silicone actually makes an air-tight seal wherever you use it. If your cooking experience is all on nonstick, you will need to learn a new way of cooking to use stainless -- lower heats, learning to wait for a crust to form when you sear, keeping your omelet moving like Julia teaches. It's not hard -- I've been using plain stainless for many years now, washing after every use, and never have a problem with things sticking. If anything, these Duxtop pans hang onto food a little less than my dear old set did. Agree with the other reviewer -- the packaging on this set is amazing, and all done with well-engineered cardboard.
I love the pans very easy to use but after 3 uses of my saute pan I have a pit in it. I tried the Bartenders Friend which they recommend for cleaning but it is an actual pit. Other pans are fine so far. I don't want to return them but wish this one could be exchanged. Amazon will refund promptly if i want to return but I want the pans as they are extremely heavy duty and cook nicely. Just not sure why this one pan pitted .Otherwise this set is AA++ so far
These are the best pans I have ever owned and I say that coming from Scan Pans. My husband and I bought our Scan Pans 9 years ago and they have been degrading for about 4 years. After a ton of research and watching deals, I decided to order these, and I am so glad I did. The pans are sturdy, but not heavy, cook well/evenly, and clean up quite nicely. I took the advice of some of the other reviewers and bought Bar Keepers Friend and it works very well to clean up everything dish soap cannot. I cannot recommend them for non-stick cooking, though. I still use my copper pan for eggs and grilled cheeses. Overall, the price we paid for the quality is amazing and I am so glad I bought these pans. They will surely give me many years of use. I've read so many reviews about people who say these pans are difficult to clean. I made pork sausages for dinner and made quite a mess. I took a picture of the pan, soaked the pan, and then very easily cleaned the pan with a no-scratch Scotchbrite sponge. The photos are attached. The heating a temperature you use to cook with will greatly affect how messy your pans get. As you can see, mine cleaned up very well after soaking for 30 minutes.
OMG! These are beautiful. Handles are easy to hold, (yes they're heavy but I'm a guy) and don't get hot. If you season them as recommended things don't stick. If you wash them inside, season them again and no problem. They work really well on my induction cooktop, heat evenly, cool quickly. And boy are they built. Should out last me unless some catastrophic failure happens and I can't see that any time soon.
This is a perfect set as it has the see-through lid, the small steamer basket, and the pasta cooker, plus the stock pot. It all nests inside and takes up little space. LOVE IT. Easy to clean too!
So far so good. I purchased my set on 04/15. I've had it about a month and have used it on several occasions. I have had no trouble with things sticking during cooking or any trouble during clean up (just using regular dish soap and washcloth). I have used some type of oil with everything I cook, even if it produces its on oil/grease (in these cases I use very little oil - just enough so the food doesn't stick until it can produce its own oil). I have also followed the suggestion of allowing everything to get hot prior to cooking: let the eye get hot (I'm using an electric stove), once hot, place pan on eye and allow the pan to get hot, once hot, place your oil in the pan and allow it to get hot, once hot, add food. I definitely recommend this set. I'm glad I found it because I was saving to buy All-Clad.
I use these every day, as they are my only pans now & I LOVE THEM. I had not previously cooked with stainless steel and was afraid I would burn everything, but I've had 0 problems so far. The pans heat evenly & if you cook on them properly, nothing should stick.
I've used this set for several months. Initially, I was apprehensive about food sticking and how much work would be involved to clean the stainless steel cookware. I previously been using Teflon, but wanted to switch to a healthier cooking choice. Even though some food occasionally sticks, it is a breeze to clean. As everyone reports, the Barkeepers product brings the items back to new. We love this set and are very pleased with the purchase!! They are always gleaming and new looking..
We purchased this cookware set after we found out that our existing Cuisinart stainless steel cookware was not compatible with our induction stove top. We purchased this and the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro, which is a more expensive set. In the end, we decided on the Duxtop set, for its superior quality and appearance. The weight of each pot is great, and the handles are far superior to the Cuisinart set. We thought the Cuisinart would win, but the Duxtop was easily the winner! As for Induction performance, they seem to be great. We have no problems with unevenness, though there is a slight vibration while cooking at the highest settings.
I purchased these after reading lots of reviews for the best cookware for glass cooktops. They cook evenly, dont scratch my cooktop and are very sturdy. The only negative is that they stain easily. I use Barkeepers Friend as suggested, but still need to soak and scrub to keep them shiny. Overall, I'm pleased with them.
We needed to replace our cookware because we were switching to a Wolf induction range, which requires cookware with ferromagnetic bottoms to receive the ac magnetic energy from the induction surface. These Duxtop pots and pans have the requisite magnetic borrows bonded within bright stainless steel, which both looks great and is very easy to clean. The lids are glass with stainless steel edges and handles, ant the cookware handles are low thermal conductivity stainless steel, for both cool handling on the cooktop, but high oven temperature compatibility. Great set!
We recently bought an induction cook top and had no idea which pans to buy. After a lengthy search on the internet, we decided to go with the Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional set of pots and pans. We couldn't be happier. The price was reasonable, and they perform beautifully. We will purchase more items from Duxtop as we need them.
I'm a great cook and I've had the same old cook ware for 30 years.. These are beautiful and quite efficient!!! I don't understand the sticking problems I see in other reviews.. Just turn down the heat!!! These are EFFICIENT! Also use PAM cooking spray for the eggs.. They'll be absolutely perfact EVERY time.. The dis - colorations are normal and a swish of white vinegar takes care of it. If you gotta scrub, always keep the "bar keepers friend" on hand ( it's a good house keepers friend!). They are beautiful and I'm so proud.
I brought this Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional 17 piece Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set for my sister for Christmas 2018 and she loved it, she no longer needs to wear the cooking gloves because the handles of the cookware doesn't get hot plus these very easy to clean, she wanted another 8.6Qt stockpot so I had to wait two weeks because they were out of stock but within one week this item was back in stock, I definitely recommend this cookware set, the seller was also very helpful (Lafraise) he told me when the 8.6Qt stockpot would be available.
This set is beautiful and works well with my induction cooktops. The only thing I can say not so positive is that the stainless steel finish seemed a little mottled looking after the first use, but I got some stainless steel cookware polish and it seemed to clear that up. They are a great weight, no too heavy but very sturdy. Love all the pieces!
Great product. My husband is a chef and he likes them a lot. I have a difficult time preventing my eggs from sticking but they are still delicious. A little extra work to clean off stuck on food but overall these worked for us.
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