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Earlston 3500w induction cooking plate manufacturer for restaurant

Earlston 3500w induction cooking plate manufacturer for restaurant

Earlston 3500w induction cooking plate manufacturer for restaurant

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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-3 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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First and foremost, you will likely need an adapter. This is not designed for the average outlet in most homes. I already happen to have an adapter, but you may be able to call the company and request that one be sent to you. Aside from that, this thing is a serious induction cooktop. The quality very much feels like its at restaurant levels. The power levels are strong, so I really don't recommend this for someone who is thinking of camping or anything similar. This is more applicable to anyone with a serious culinary hobby or career that needs an extra, powerful "burner" handy when cooking.
I absolutely love this skillet. It's huge, super heavy, and awesome quality. AmazonBasics for the win on this one.
We needed a cooktop...waiting on mew appliances. While it was difficult to cope with a single burner, this one was an excellent choice! It boils fast (I use the 'sear' setting). We have used it mainly for rice & pasta dishes. Going to try some meat dishes this weekend:) A good quality purchase that I will be able to use when my new stove is @ capacity during big meals.
Noisy and slower than expected.
I bought it use with my fondue pot, works a I hoped, It melts the cheese, keeps it at the correct tens. Tthe fan noise is low and doesn’t interfere with conversation.
It's everything it says. Cooks great, fast, easy to clean. Love it, but......settings are just about impossible to read under an overhead light. Have to cook in the dark or lock in settings before turning on kitchen lights. Hence the missing star.
This product is great. Small and lightweight. Doesn't take up much space in the cabinet. Easy to use. Great for cast iron and the camper.
Nice! We've been using it for months now and it heats up fast and does all its supposed to do. It has a few bubbles in the finish on the parts that we heat up the most though... I suppose we'll just have to live with that since we can't return it now. It fits like it's supposed to and clean up is a snap compared to our old gas stove. As long as the hot dot light isn't on, then I can just wipe the whole thing down after each time I cook with a clorox wipe in less than 10 seconds, and have it sparkling for the next time I use it! So convenient! I love it. It also makes the kitchen look so much more modern.
This is the best fry pan I have ever owned. I like the straight sides because the food doesn't slip out when stirring. It is a breeze to clean, nothing sticks and is heavy duty.
Have bought Emeril's pots and pans for years. The nonstick fry pan is the greatest.
My daughter wanted a real set of pots an pans as she called them an she was correct ...this is the last set you will ever need to buy...she absolutely loves it
Nice weight to the pan, very well done. Great for making "one pot meals" like chili or a chicken dish
Good size and works great. Wish it was slightly heavier duty but i can't complain for the price!
We use it on a electric flat top stove with 2 burners and it warps pretty bad while cooking and tends to flatten out when cooling off.
Makes fabulous omelets. This is my second pan. My first one is still perfect after 5 years of almost daily use.
Professional chef quality. Amazing quality for the price. I'm ordering the entire set of cookware in the near future. Husband and I are so pleased with purchase!
Using these pots and pans on a regular basis and so far they perform like top of the line commercial products.
I absolutely love this set of pots and pans! They are beautiful, a nice shimmery silver, and are a good solid weight. I appreciate the long handles although they still get very warm while on the stove. I researched extensively, looking for a good set that could go into the oven, and have been very pleased with these. I wanted pans that are dishwasher safe (in case I get lazy) even though I prefer to hand wash to ensure the finish isn't jeopardized. My only complaint is that the larger skillet isn't very large at all. I may need to order a separate, larger size. Even so, I would highly recommend this set! I think they will hold up well- I've only had them for 5 months.
I ordered this little pan not for use as a wok, but for use as a small nonstick saucepan. It's been very difficult to find an inexpensive, small nonstick saucepan for use on my GE induction range. Most nonstick saucepans are aluminum and will not work, which is a pity, because aluminum is the best cookware heat conductor outside of copper. This little wok was my attempt at solving this problem. I've been using it to heat canned soup, leftover chili and nacho cheese sauce. It has done a very good job at all of the tasks I've asked of it. Pretty much any small amount of liquid that needs either quick heating or a nonstick pan. As a wok, I've no idea how it works. Nonstick pans should never be heated on high heat. My uncoated steel wok goes from cold to 600ºF in about a minute on my induction range. PTFE-coated pans are unsafe above 500ºF. I don't use nonstick pans on anything higher than medium heat, for both my health and the longevity of the pan. **UPDATE** I've had the pan for over 6 months now, using it several times a week, often several times a day. It works well, and is showing only minor scratches and a few chips in the Teflon on the rim of the pan. But again I warn against using much heat. For example, when heating queso dip, which is almost solid when cold, attention is needed. This is because the pan is so thin. Over medium heat, the cheese melts quickly, but you'll want to stir it almost constantly to avoid scorching. I now only use it for thin liquids. I still give it 4 stars because it's pretty good for it's price point. But if you're willing to spend a little more for a better pan, read on. If you want a nonstick saucepan (or frying pan, for that matter) that you can walk away from and know that thick sauces won't scorch on medium heat, I highly recommend Anolon Nouvelle Copper Anodized, in either the 2-qt saucepan or 2.5-qt covered saucier. It is simply one of the best nonstick pans ever made, with an astonishing amount of aluminum (6.5mm) plus .5mm of copper. For comparison, All-Clad has 2.5mm of aluminum, and the Anolon costs less.
love this wok
I no longer want to wash pans... I want all my pots and fry pans to be dishwasher safe. and these are. perfect.
I have been using this pan for the past week and a half and am fairly impressed by it. It's as good as any non-stick pan I've purchased in the past. Its handle is sturdy and the pan has decent weight. The non-stick coating seems to be good, but only time will tell. Unfortunately the real test of any piece of cookware is how it performs over the long term. It's anyone's GUESS how this pan will hold up a year from now. But so far so good. Don't take a knife, fork or metal utensil to it. Be smart and use nylon, plastic or silicone. That being said, as a NEW piece of equipment, it performs perfectly. Eggs slide off. Fish doesn't stick. It's a great pan. The outside coating has not stained yet. But again, only time will tell. It's dishwasher safe, but you'll wear the pan much faster this way. Also don't let it soak in the sink. Let it cool on the stove, clean it gently with a sponge and hand dry it. Pans like this last much longer this way.
I order this griddle but was sent the wrong item. Amazon made the swap amazingly simple and in 2 days, I received the correct griddle. This is probably the best griddle I have ever owned. It's quite a bit heavier than others I've had which makes for more even heat distribution.
So far, the best non-stick pan I have owned, easy to clean----I do not use a dish washer. Unfortunately the glass lid keeps this a 4---nothing wrong with the lid ---I just prefer a solid SS lid.
Very nice pan for the price. It's super large and allows me to make large meals in it. I love it!
I've used this twice, and easch food/sauce has stuck fast to the very bottom of this pan (and then burned in place), and no amount of soaking will take it completely off. I ended up rubbing very very gently with fine steel wool and a Magic Eraser to get the gunk removed from the bottom. Now I'm hesitant to use this on anything but low heat, which kind of goes against typical wok cooking.
Love these
It's a big pan
Everyone with a family of 4 or bacon lovers need this. It makes a ton of bacon fast! I warm 2 tortillas at a time. Anything sticky just wipes right off. This was a my favorite pan hands down!
This is the second one I've owned just avoid washing while it's hot it will warp.
Excellent pan
i do a lot of cooking this set has smooth heat and great cleanup
Nice. Having been on Emeril Live , you need this cookware
Love these, they hold heat and cook evenly.
Great pans. I refresh every 2-3 years from normal wear of non-stick. Great thing is they are heavy and sit flat for even heating.
This was a gift for my daughter for Christmas. I own these fry pans and love them. She loves the quality as much as I do.
These were bought for a Christmas gift. They were great quality and the recipient loved them.
so far so good. easy to clean, even heat... super happy kitchen dork, here.
I love this wok! Easy to clean. I use it more than I thought I would. Good Quality!
Attractive to look at but that’s about it. After opening the box, I found no regulator so I went to the plumbing store and paid $33 for one. (Nothing in the manual about the use of a regulator so I assumed it was an oversight.) I then installed the stovetop and it wouldn’t ignite. I then decided to call Empava who told me that although the stove doesn’t require a regulator, they would be happy to send me one at no charge if I wanted one. What? Does that make any sense? After hanging up, I uninstalled the regulator and hooked up the gas line directly. Then I was able to get the burners to light but they wouldn’t stay on after releasing the burners button. This is the process that I used. 1. Turn button to activate igniter, depress the button to release gas, igniter ignites the gas, release the button and turn button to gas mode (out of igniter stage) and the gas flame would disappear. Nothing. So I then started over and this time I just continued pushing the button down to call for gas and the flame finally stayed on. I had this issue with all 5 burners. Is it possible that the lines were being cleared of air? Yea, maybe. So after 15 minutes of doing this, the burners would usually ignite and stay on but not 100%. Not sure if the unit is bad or if it’s just the way they work, ie poorly. Anyway, after igniting all of them, I noticed that there’s no difference whatsoever in all of the flames. The flames are all small so you’ll find no roaring flame for quick boiling for example. No kidding the flames are all so small that you can barely see them. It will serve the purpose of cooking but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking to save a dollar. I bought it to replace a 30 year old thermador. So for $250, you get what you pay for. I will return it if the tenants say anything about it.
There was not a good installation direction supplied. The unit is nice and well worth the price, but the flames are not very strong. I didn't change the orifices that are supplied for different pressure gas supply, and I don't think these will help when using Natural gas from city supply line.
Really like it. Had a minor issue with the thermocouple that was resolved by wiggling the attached wire.
We both love it,It cooks Great very fast,Cleans Easy, [Now We Are Cooking with Gas].
Arrived right on time! Easy to read instructions (in about every language you can imagine) Definitely a task for a DIYer. Made of nice quality and is elegantly designed. Cleans up nicely. And definitely added the perfect touch to complete the update of our kitchen!! Thank you!!
The price is amazing. The cooktop looks great - very clean. It showed up with no damage and in perfect condition. Be CAREFUL when putting the cast iron grates over the burners. They come in several pieces and its easy to drop them on the cooktop - you don't want to scratch it right out of the box! Gas fittings: this stove-top uses BSP (British Standard Pipe) fittings. They are half inch. If you are in the United States and are hooking it up to a standard appliance gas line, the connections are NPT. So you will need a (G Thread 1/2" Female to NPT Thread 1/2" Male Pipe Fitting Adapter). Copy and paste in Amazon to order it. They're $20. Lowes or Home Depot will NOT have this fitting. A plumbing supply store might, but everywhere I called had no idea what BSP was, so I ordered it. Not sure if the link will post, but here it is { https://www.amazon.com/Thread-Female-Male-Fitting-Adapter/dp/B00XKWTNN0/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1518287409&sr=8-9&keywords=bsp+to+npt+adapter+1%2F2 }. Other than that, it's a cinch to instal. Push to ignite controls require 110, which we had under our cabinet. Will update after a few months as to how it performs longer term.
When I saw the price tag for this product, I was like that is pricey! $200 is a bit too much for this set. My wife said it is worth investing in, I trust her opinion we got it, and we are happy with it! the lining does not degrade with time which is the issue with all the non-stick pans! easy to clean, just make sure you use a lining inside the pan if you are going stack them in the cabinet! I do recommend this product.
I have been cooking for 30 sum plus years, and bought pretty much, every kitchen gadget, this is one great product, i truely believe in, i have, and still have from a few years ago, the non stick, easy clean ,cool handles Pans And the rivets make this a Sturdier and safer to use ,this was so good, my daughter, now has her own pans,and we are going to add to our sets
This pan is heavy duty and cooks food very evenly. It also is very easy to clean. I was surprised at the weight of the pan when it came, I'm not sure what I expected but it certainly exceeded what I thought the quality would be.
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