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Earlston 5000w countertop induction cooktop from China for restaurant

Earlston 5000w countertop induction cooktop from China for restaurant

Earlston 5000w countertop induction cooktop from China for restaurant

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Commercial induction cooker
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  • provides comprehensive and professional services in accordance with the actual needs of customers.
Company Advantages
1. Earlston electric induction burner is manufactured by our competent workforce utilizing well-tested material and sophisticated technology following the set norms of the industry.
2. The product is waterproof. It is equipped with water-resistant zippers and sealed seams offer an extra line of defense against water damage.
3. The product features stretch recovery. The fabric used has passed the tests on the stretch recovery of yarns under a specified tension and extension.
4. The popularity of countertop induction cooktop also can contribute to its strict quality assurance.
5. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd fully implements the quality management system, laying the foundation for future innovation and development.

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Model No.


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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater

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Easy clean

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Not easy be scratched

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Good heat conduction


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd is the first large manufacturer in China specializing in producing countertop induction cooktop .
2. Earlston has its own team to help improve the performance of best induction cooktop .
3. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd firmly believes that high quality and professional services will ultimately pay off. Ask! Earlston creates an environment for the long-term development of customers. Ask!
NOTE that I purchased the GOLD version of the NuWave PIC induction cooktop. This model is the same physical size as other NuWave cooktops, but has a larger, 8-inch induction area. I had first purchased a NuWave PIC Plus unit at a department store. Its smaller, 5-inch induction area worked fine with the small frying pan that came with the unit. However, a 12" Calphalon tri-ply sauté pan (induction suitable according to Calphalon) would not deliver suitable results. It also appeared that the NuWave Plus model's thermostat was not working correctly. The NuWave Gold model works well with pans ranging from 7" to 12". Spend the extra money and get either the Gold or the Pro. (The Pro has a higher wattage rating, so would heat water more quickly than either the Plus or the Gold).
Induction is faster cooking with more control over your cooking temperature. Plus you save energy. I've bought alot of cadco products and this one seems as well built as all their cooking equipment. The fun test is to boil a cup or two of water on it and your regular stove top. And test the different times. The induction boils water in about 3 minutes versus regular cook stove tops that boil water in over 7 minutes.
Wow. Compared to gas, this things rocks. As you may know, induction does not work by applying heat to your pan, but by applying a magnetic field to the pan, which causes the electrons in the ferrous (iron) material of the pan to move really fast, generating heat in the pan itself, not the cooktop. (The cooktop does get hot from the transfer of heat from the pan to the cooktop surface, so you can get burned if you aren't careful.) Just like gas, the amount of heat generated is instantly affected by any adjustment to the power level. If a magnet won't stick to your pot or pan, the cookware will not work with induction. I have a lot of cast iron, which is perfect for induction, and one "induction ready" stainless steel pot. Stainless is usually not magnetic, but some have a layer of iron sandwiched among the material at the bottom, which allows the pot to be used on an induction stove. Depending on how much iron there actually is some work better than others. My pot heats okay, but the cast iron blows it away. Since the heat is generated only at the bottom, I do not plan on using any enameled cast iron with it, even though I know it would work. I am afraid the enamel would craze and don't want to take the chance. Here's how I tested: I have a high-end gas cooktop with an 18,000 BTU burner. I used a 12" cast iron skillet and put the burner on high. After cooling the pan I did the same with the induction cooktop. I measured the temp of each at 0 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 min, 90 second, and 2 min. Each started at 84 degrees. At 30 seconds the pan on the gas was 193, the induction, 253 (it passed 193 at 16 seconds). At 1 min, gas was 287, induction 382. At 90 seconds, gas was 347, induction 505. At 2 minutes, gas was 380, induction was smoking and 560. This particular induction cooktop suggests you use it with a dedicated 20 amp outlet. The plug on this unit is a 20 amp plug, see picture. Really, the unit is 1800 watts, so at 120 v, it draws 15 amps of electricity. Theoretically it should be useable on a 15 amp circuit, but it could blow the fuse, or trip the breaker if you have anything else on the circuit in use, even a lightbulb. So they make you either use the right circuit, or consciously bypass the 20 amp suggestion. You can get an adapter to use with a 15 amp circuit, but you should probably not run the thing on max power. My circuit was actually 20 amps with a 15 amp outlet, so I changed the outlet. I love the speed and control I have with this induction cooker. I also love that the unit is a smooth top which makes cleaning a breeze. What I don't like is that the unit is never off unless you unplug it. Although there is a power switch, when the unit is off the display flashes red horizontal lines as long as it is plugged in. You have two choices with the power settings: watts, and temperature. There is a learning curve to figure out what the setting should be if you want it at anything other than highest or lowest settings. The default is full power. If you set it at 370 degrees, then switch to watts, it does not give you the equivalent but goes back to 1800 watts (max) and you have to adjust again. Likewise if you set the watts and switch to temperature, it starts again at 460 degrees. I have noticed that the temperature setting is lower by about 20 degrees than the resulting temperature of the pan while cooking. With a pot of water set at 140, the water measured about 155-157. It was fairly steady, but not accurate.
There are a few things I love about this. An easy to appreciate feature is the portability. For me, this means cooking outside. Onions, garlic, that sort of thing. The ease of use thing is a huge factor. On/off, hotter/less hot, set the time -- all easy. Meanwhile, it is rigged to be safe, with an auto-off feature. This is induction heating. Unlike fire and unlike a regular electric stove, it heats via magnets. I won't pretend I understand the physics of it, but the result is impressive. It heats quickly, cleans without trouble and is energy-efficient. This is going to be used a lot. My neighbors are going to wonder what that great smell is. Annoy yours by buying one today. Anthony Trendl americanspeechwriter.com
Huge skillet. I love it. I can make enough chicken, hamburger patties, pork chops, etc... in one batch. Clean up is super easy, especially with the chair metal scrubber I bought with it. I would love to have a lid that fits it.
I've owned many induction hotplates and this one is just plain industrial. It puts out a lot of energy. In a hurry. First things first - you will probably need one ofxa0 these adapters xa0to plug the cook top in. It comes with a special high amp plug. Also and is unlikely to plug straight into your wall outlet. Once you have the adapter, be careful. You might trip a circuit breaker if you turn this thing all the way up. Note - haven't tripped one yet. This no frills make-stuff-hot machine has been a pleasure to use because it is so responsive. I was worried that the buttons, which are sensors under the glass, would not be responsive. I've had that problem with other devices. This one has no such problem. Also, it has excellent markings showing what and where the buttons are. Specifically, they aren't screened or printed onto the top surface where they'll get worn away. They are either in the glass or under it. The top glass is perfectly smooth and easy to wash with no threat of scrubbing the button markings off. The only issues I have with this machine are that it doesn't have fine adjustment between settings. It goes from 200W to 1800W in 10 (I think) even steps. Unless your cooking up a few gallons of something, those steps are way too big. For example, you'll be frying eggs on the lowest or second to lowest setting. The other thing is that it jumps to a high power setting as the first adjustment point. So, you have to poke that "-" button a few times right away. This is probably not the cook top for use with a small sauce pan. You'll be constantly adjusting the power - if it matters. It does fine cooking ramen in a little sauce pan but that's basically setting the temperature to boiling and being done with it. Oh yeah - it has temperature settings. Those too are spaced to widely. The timer is easy and intuitive. Pressure cooking pinto beans is just a matter of picking a power level and letting it go for an hour. Note: Got it up to temp at 1200W, then dropped it to 200, set timer to 1 hour, wandered off, forgot it was cooking, discovered cooked beans a few hours later. The 250 degree (F) temperature setting was a bit high.
Well made and heavy duty. Had bought one previously that was 1/3 the weight and eventually cracked. This thing should last forever. A real bargain for 29 bucks. Would hate to drop this on a bare foot.LOL
Wonderful! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor. Really well made product
A friend was singing the praises of induction cooking, so I bought this. Now I'm a member of the choir. I use this every day, and never use my stove top. I've been cooking in cast iron on it lately, and it's fabulous. I put a piece of paper between the induction plate and the pan to avoid scratching the glass; it also catches a lot of grease spatters. I particularly like that I can increase or decrease temp in 10-degree increments. I also love that I can take it outside to cook smoky/smelly things.
It looks great but the glass top is hard to keep that clean look, biggest con is that when you set a skillet on a burner you have to adjust it so that handle is over a grille support otherwise the weight of the handle will cause it to tip over. It does take a little while to get used to the extended light time rather than what we are used to, second or two to light the burner this needs substantially longer light time.
I got this stove for about $250, have had it hooked up for a short while, and I like it so far. It probably doesn't match up to a $1500 cooktop, but definitely is better than the really old setup that I had before this. Pros: -Cost! -The burners all make a decently even flame -All burners can all be on at the same time, without an impact on flame strength (this seems like it should be a given, but I've seen reviews for other similarly-priced stoves that say otherwise) -The top cleans very easily -The cooktop seems to be solidly built Cons -The adjustment can be a little bit touchy, and tough to adjust -Occasionally the flame will light, then go out immediately after sparking. It always lights on the second attempt. I'll update later if I notice any other strengths or weaknesses.
WOW !!!. We got our new cook top range and it is so much more than we expected. It has so much class to it, and it added so much beauty to our kitchen. It was shipped on time and in very good condition. We had a small problem hooking it up, I suggest buying the fitting shown with the range when you order it, then you should be OK. Anyway 5 star all the way, you will love it.
Arrived on an island somewhere in the Caribbean without a scratch. We LOVE it! Island cooking will start immediately.
For the price this cooktop advertised at, I didn't expect more. But, as it turns out, the instruction is very thorough and was able to guide me through the entire process. In terms of its material quality, let's just say it's what you would expect for this price. Function wise, it works. Nothing special about this.
Perfect for everything, nothing sticks
We go through frying pans often in our home because so many are not of good quality. This nonstick pan is our new favorite. Heavy and well made, it heats up quickly and offers a silky smooth surface for all our meals from omelets with bacon to steak and fish. The handle stays touchable so you won't burn your fingers. Easy to wipe and wash in warm, soapy water. It's the perfect size for small kitchen cabinets yet offers a generous 10" cooking surface. We especially love how easily and evenly our burgers cook in a jiffy, and melted cheese is a breeze to clean. It is oven-safe to 450 degrees as well. Pricey but well worth it. I give this an A+!
I have several pans - a few of them say that they are nonstick. But this pan really puts them all to shame. Even without olive oil or PAM or any kind of cooking spray, things don't stick to this pan when they get heated up. And cleaning off any residue is surprisingly easy compared with other similar pans. It's a nice size - I wouldn't mind it being a little deeper so it could hold more without anything spilling out - and has quickly become my most-used pan for cooking anything on the stovetop. It might seem a little pricey to some but for a solid, long-lasting pan this is a great deal.
Ok, I don't want this to come across as a negative...since I gave this fry pan 5 stars...but I was watching a commercial for another nonstick fry pan on TV and they cooked an egg on it and it didn't stick...and burnt cheese on it and it didn't stick. First thing I did was take this pan and fry an egg in it without any spray/butter and guess what - the egg stuck. Now, it didn't stick badly...and it was so easy to get off...and, to tell you the truth, I will always cook with a little spray or butter or whatever anyway - so, to ME - this is a fantastic nonstick fry pan. Why buy this pan - ok, let me tell you. First of all, it's probably the best made pan of any I've ever owned. Seriously put together. Very, very nice. And it looks great. Cooks evenly...and heats up quickly. Secondly is the ease of cleaning it. I read that you can put this in the dishwasher - but I have no idea why you'd need to - takes about two seconds to clean this in the sink, wipe and put away. Yes, it's that easy! But, hey, if you had to, you can actually put it in the dishwasher - incredible! Best nonstick pan I've ever used. Perfect size if you're cooking for one or the whole family. Love this pan!
Works as what I expect
good quality for the price
Cooks great but it did scratch a bit when my husband used a metal utensil. Has not affected the performance, but it was advertised to not scratch. I’m still pleased with it—-just wish I had not turned my husband loose with it.
Very durable and scratch resistant. I purchased a small pan years ago and it still looks like new. Was excited to add to the collection.
Have had this set for about 6 months now and love them! They clean up so easily, good heavy weight, look nice! I did a lot of research before purchasing these, so glad I did!
Great pan that did not look at all like it had been used. Even if it had it is like new. Works fantastic and great cooking device.
My husband loved it
This is a great product. Really good nonstick.
Decent product but easily scratches; the use of silicone cooking spoons is recommended.
Heavy weight, great size, easy cleanup.
It was hard to buy just one pot without getting a whole set so this one was perfect to replace the one I burnt up by leaving it on the stove.
My husband loves this pan! I think I'll get a second one.
Awesome, use it every day.
This induction cook top is well worth the money, highly portable, and very efficient.
Perfect size for the kitchenette in my back office. Heats well, cooks well. This is my second one- both still working. I took one home to use so we don't have to turn on the stove to use one burner during the summer
I use this cooktop all the time and it's wonderful. It heats and cools so quickly it's amazing. It's also very easy to clean as it has a smooth ceramic top. 5 stars!!
I got this for $30 and it's great. We have a cabin and have been using a hot plate there. We have bought two and they are both junk and the temp isn't regulated very well. This unit has temp setting and works very well. You can also set the power consumption so that is nice as well
Good basic induction cook top. Bulky, with basic controls.
I bought this to replace my stovetop while i was waiting for a replacement part to arrive. It doesn't heat enough to brown the breaded pork cutlets or the home fries I was trying to make. It worked ok for eggs and the plated noodle dish I made and such. Also the temp marks on the dial are coming off after 4 uses. This will severely hurt it's remaining usefulness. I was planning on using it to supplement my camp stove but it is going to be headed to Goodwill after my stove is repaired.
This is one impressive unit. Very easy to use. I have never had a faster heat up on any burner. It does exactly what they advertise that it will do, and for a very reasonable price.
Works great even on smaller diameter pots.
First intro into induction cooking, unit works as advertised though I did have to find another skillet as the 1st one did not work even though supposedly induction compatible - not necessarily the units fault.... only other thing I would remove "ceramic" from short description - because most people immediately think electric cooktop- but it's just the cooking surface, not the element creating the heat below.
Exactly what I was looking for !! Perfect size for One.
now I need a bigger one
Muy bu no para freír vegetales
Purchased this gift for my husband because he loves cooking fried rice, but we didn't have the correct pan and he was always making a huge mess on the stovetop. This pan is large enough to get the job done, but also stores well because it is not "too large" to store. It keeps a steady heat without hotspots like some cookware.
It works fine I don’t mind it but i received the pan with a dental already in it
It is really big so I need to find a place to store when not in use. The bottom black paint scratches easily and comes off.
This wok has saved us a ton. We like Chinese food a lot but our favorite sources of it are really expensive. We get it the way we want it now. I like to add lots of extra water-chestnuts, and of course, meat.
A bit flimsy but the price was right. The non stick surface seems to be holding up well. Good size
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