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Earlston 5000w electric induction cooker directly sale for home

Earlston 5000w electric induction cooker directly sale for home

Earlston 5000w electric induction cooker directly sale for home

Model No.
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Countertop; Flat+concave type.
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Press button or Knob control
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Model No.


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Commercial induction cooker

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Press button

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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This is the best wok I have ever owned. It takes a little bit to warm up but once it does it cooks. I think it cooks so well because once heated it has the thermal mass to fry/singe the food instantly keeping moisture sealed in. Very easy to clean also.
I like the size but very heavy wish there could be lighter and rust proof.
This is an obviously sturdy wok. It distributes and retains heat well. I use it to cook a lot of different things. Very happy with this purchase.
Durable, well made, and attractive. I like cookware that really does its job and increases my enjoyment of meal preparation. This item fills the bill. I would recommend this anyone who is looking for quality.
This wok is great. Requires little heat and I am able to use it on the electric stove. But I think it works better on gas. Just make sure to marinate it.
As soon as it arrived I threw out my old 'non-stick' wok that was all scratched up. This is a very heavy-duty, quality item that will last a long time.
I was so pleased with this product in my own home, I bought this for my father and he uses it almost everyday as well!
Works wonderful
Size Speed of cooking.
[Update] It's been a few weeks of daily cooking, mostly with a cast-iron pot and a deeper than usual cast-iron frypan. I have one lid that fits both. This is hands-down far better than my other unit due to great amount of control of temps and wattage. It's not just "as seen on TV" hype, it really is better. ### I have not yet done a 100% test on this, so it may go up or down a star later. However, I have been using induction cooktops for several months after we tossed our old electric range in favor of a single induction cooktop and the superb Wisco stainless steel countertop commercial oven (see my Amazon review and others for more.) What separates this unit from the many other Chinese cooktops is the adjustable temps. For example, I have a "moka pot" with a wide base that happily works on induction cooktops. With my other cooktop I need to carefully monitor the power/temperature of the water to try to prevent it from forcefully (and too quickly) shooting up into the upper chamber. I also try to avoid the last "gush" of superheated steam which liberates waxes and other undesirable components from the grounds, making a bitter brew. With this unit, I set it for 220 degrees and the process is much more even. I do a lot of single-pot gluten-free from scratch cooking using either a cast iron pan or 5-quart pot, so I'll get back with more later. Oh yeah, it's quieter than my other cooktop and does not require a cool down phase before unplugging.
Having researched these for long and low Gerson cancer therapy cooking I purchased this style. I got three and we often have them all going at one time. I find I am using them for my regular foods too. HeAt is better distributed with my powerful burners. I feel there have been fewer boil-overs.
Well this didn’t turn out to be what I was hoping. I was looking for a simmer mat because i have a gas stove and nothing seems to simmer on low, everything always boils. This barely made any difference at all.
I’ve purchased a few woks over the years, but there’s nothing like cast iron for even distribution of heat and Lodge quality is second to none! I do a lot of stir fry and this wok heats up quickly and evenly, doesn’t stick and cleans up easily. If you are looking for a high-quality wok that will last a lifetime at a reasonable price I highly recommend this product!
This the best wok I ever had. If it seasoned properly nothing will stick to it you can have Japanese hibachi or you can make street tacos! Love love love !!
I love it.
Purchased for induction cooktop. Very comfortable and solid handles. Lids fit very tightly - good seal for steaming. VERY easy to clean. Highly recommend
Very happy with it
Excellent purchase, great value! This set was well rated by many reviews and it is offered by the manufacturer of induction hot plates!
Needed new cookware for my new induction cook top. This is good quality and should last a long long time. Easy to clean I really like it,
Love these pans they are thick and heavy, the weight feels great in your hands. They clean up very well, and I feel great cooking with them for my family. Also made in US, so that feels good too.
This particular one I’m giving to my sister for Christmas. I’ve had one for several years and love it. It keeps the heat low enough on my gas stove so things don’t stick and burn.
This diffuser seems to work for its intended purpose of keeping heat evenly dispersed and not burning pan or contents and food heats and simmers well. Good helpful product and fast shipping
So far so good. I’ve used it several times and found I could simmer a pot without scorching the food.
The best. Sauces don't burn nor does candy
Love this for canning preserves or simmering anything on low heat without burning.
SO glad I invested in this! Gorgeous piece of equipment! Bigger than I was looking for/really need, but works beautifully. Really is pre-seasoned. And after its trial run, washed it in super-hot water (only), scrubbed it a wee bit with a sponge, dried it on the stove/with a paper towel, and added another very small coating of grapeseed oil, applied with wadded-up paper towel. Have it hanging from a slightly-spaced double set of hooks. With a stainless cover hanging over it. Suspect this wok will become one of my two or three favorite pieces of cookware (right up there with the 4qt Le Creuset Dutch oven that I've been happily using for 30-plus years). Lodge is fantastic stuff! Well worth the extra money. Oh, and since this wok weighs around 11lbs, you get a free weights-workout every time you use it! ;-) Oh, and the 13.75" Winco stainless cover fits this wok perfectly! And when hung from one of the same hooks as the wok, "cups" it, thus saving space. :-)
It never comes off the stove. It has a small flat base that works on the small spiral electric burner on the stove. It also works well on my induction burner too. Good for stir frying, it uses less oil and cooks rapidly. I don't wash it, I wipe it out and reseason it. If there's stuff stuck, I heat It and scrape it out, then oil it, wipe it, done. It had a rusty spot on it when received, I rubbed it off with oil, easy fix. It's a bit heavy but it's indestructible. It replaced a very expensive enameled cast iron wok and works better, sticks less and I don't have to worry about it getting mistreated!
If you cook a lot of stir-frys, this is an essential piece of kitchen equipment you shouldn't be without. It's heavy and holds head better than any steel wok I've ever owned. I do recommend getting a chain-mail cast iron cleaning "cloth" for cleaning and maintenance. Those work great without removing the "seasoning". This also comes in handy for deep-frying. My only regret is not buying this sooner.
This wok is by far the most beautiful wok being sold on the planet right now. But that's just about it. Beautiful. It is heavy, it requires sanding to remove preseason, lest you'll end up with an upset stomach, and it requires seasoning after every use. I can only use induction cooker in my apartment because gas cookers are prohibited so I looked for woks that could work with induction cooker and I found it. Heat distribution is poor. The heat has to travel about 1 inch from the bottom of the foot to reach the surface of the wok. From there, the heat dissipation is glacial. The heat at the bottom of the pan can exceed 300°C (572°F) but the sides are still cold, which causes the induction cooker to shut off. It takes a good 30 minutes and multiple turning on of cooker before the sides get warm. Not hot, but warm. However, if there is something cooking in it, the heat is transferred to the food, which prevents the cooker from shutting off. The quality is undisputedly top notch. Although Amazon basics also sells a similar wok of this size, the design of the handle on this one is better. Did I mention it's heavy? Yes. Very. I even hurt my wrist while trying to move it to the sink for cleaning. Traditional woks are not supposed to be heavy because it should allow you to toss the food, pour out oil, remove from flame, etc etc. If you are an expert in cooking using woks, this is not for you. Cleaning is also something to be considered when purchasing this wok because it's cast iron and cast iron cookware requires additional taxing care. It would be more advisable to get one of those cast iron mesh cleaners like the fixer. You can definitely use detergent to wash the wok. Forget about what other people are saying about not using detergent. The stuff that remains on the wok, called patina, are just baked-on hardened oils from previous cooking, which, let's be honest here, is disgusting. You can season the wok after washing it but as it is iron, you need to rub some oil on the surfaces that might be susceptible to rusting, which is all of it. Overall, I am happy with this wok because it is the most beautiful and the most solid wok out there. But as a cookware, not so much. It's just mostly for bragging rights like "Yeah, I have the lodge 14 inch cast iron wok". But has very little versatility when it comes to cooking. And of course, the required extra care needed to prevent it from rusting.
On the one hand, I could give this product 5 stars, because it's exactly what it's advertised as: a cast iron wok. The quality and construction are excellent, as with any other Lodge pan. On the other hand, however, it deserves 1 star, because Lodge really should not have created this pan. Cast iron is really not the right material for a wok. For one thing, it's too heavy to be able to pick up and toss a stir fry with one hand, which is what you want to be able to do. And for another, cast iron retains heat very well -- which is great if you're cooking a steak. But woks are supposed to heat and cool very rapidly when you put them on and off the heat, so you actually want a material that does not retain heat as well. Carbon steel is a much more ideal material for this. With cast iron, you can't control the temperature of your stir fry at the blink of an eye, which you need to be able to do.
This is a GREAT Wok. I gave up on wok's as I now have an electric stove. This wok work, and retains enough heat for proper cooking. It great for electrical, gas, wood fires or your bbq. Love it.
I received this wok yesterday from Amazon. The first thing that struck me was the soft glimmering highlights from the pre-seasoned cast iron. It really is very strikingly pretty to look at. The nicely finished edges, the softly rounded and blending contours of the sturdy handles. . . it really is simply beautiful beautiful in both its design and execution. The casting looked flawless. In addition I bought the book, "The Breath of a Wok", one of the first things, just flipping through the pages, is that cast iron woks are traditional in certain parts of China, so this wok offers several advantages over the hammered steel woks (the natural non-stick property of seasoned cast iron, cast iron retains heat and thereby allows proper cooking on a smaller home burner, flat bottom and rounded inside allows it to set on a burner without a stand unlike a hammered steel wok), , and tradition at the same time. I cooked my first batch of fried rice tonight, and after years of trying and really despairing of success in making fried rice. . . My first attempt was some of the best fried rice I've ever eaten. . . I am very critical of my own cooking, and I am happy with this fried rice on my first attempt. . . something I don't know that has happened for me before in a new cooking venture. I just love this addition to my kitchen. It is absolutely worth every penny I spent on it.
Very nice design, great quality & true to the description it came nicely seasoned - the one minus for me is the size of this 14" wok is actually a bit bigger than listed (see photos) - and for my standard stove cooktop this wok was more substantial than expected as it overlaps the adjacent burner so I can't use it -- for the back burners it's a definite no go as it doesn't fit at all.(see photos) . That aside it's incredibly stable, definitely very solid and heavy and conducts & holds heat really well once heated. If you are not cooking for a large family a smaller version of this wok might be way more than adequate.
best 'deep fryer'...little or no splatter...stuff in oil floats to the side can be removed with a paper towel...use it on an induction burner...its cast iron construction great heat holding...interior rounded bottom...the ring construction on the outside is perfect for the induction burner as well...can't beat the vernacular designs that have been in use for eons in various cultures...i do use it with the stainless steel dome lid...easy cleanup too...just drain and wipe out most of the oil...leaving a residue for seasoning purposes...
Absolutely one of the most solid pieces of cookware I have ever purchased! The pre-seasoning that comes with it is spot on and as long as you ae good about cleaning it after you cook right away it really should never be an issue. I have had mine a few months now and I use it probably about once a week or so and it has held up fantastically well and already I am starting to taste the flavor it adds to my dishes!
I'm tired of replacing yet another non-stick pan every few months. I also have concerns regarding the non-stick material itself. I have tried a few steel pans and woks (some are claimed "cast iron" but really not) that are available on the local market, but they perform really badly: uneven heat distribution, poor heat retention, sticky surface, uneven bottom for flat-top cook tops. I was happily surprised to learn that Lodge had a cast iron wok like this. What a difference! Good heat retention, even heat retention, well pre-seasoned (and easy to maintain that way), fits the standard flat cook tops. Exactly what I'm looking for. Ideal for stir-fries (actually the only one that can really do this). I also use it for deep frying, which not only is easy, but also serve the purpose of further seasoning it. Oh, almost forget - the price is right too. The only problems is the weight - it has to be stationary during cooking, and it takes some effort to lift and move it to the sink for washing. But these are expected for any thick cast iron utensils, and I happily accept these for the benefits the weight brings.
A good cast iron wok except that the interior is rough and pitted - Lodge doesn't polish the interior of their cast iron cookware, which is disappointing. I have old skillets from the mid twentieth century with smooth bottoms that really provide non-stick cooking and clean easily - no pits that trap food and debris, the pores in the metal that retain the oils from seasoning are microscopic, not little craters. Beyond that, this cast iron wok heats up slow but evenly and the bottom is spherical like a wok should be, and sells for a reasonable price
I have just purchased the Lodge Pro Logic 14" Cast Iron Wok in Black....what else can I say about this perfect cooking item. This thing is built like a tank! It is heavy, solid and fairly large. Do not let that fool you though because it is a delicate cooking instrument capable of making stir fry in minutes, popcorn (yes YouTube it), and anything else in the kitchen. The solid flat base sits very nicely on the ceramic/glass top stove- does not scratch, the sides heat up super quickly, and the handles are solid. This thing can go in the oven to heat even quicker if needed, or on an outdoor grill. Listen- I have wanted this for a long time. Someone told me I could not have it. I "obeyed" because I thought of it as a non-essential kitchen item. Not only was I wrong about this person being useless, but I was wrong about the place this holds in the kitchen. If you were to get one set of pans- make them Lodge, if you were to only have one Lodge pan- make it the Pro Logic 14" Wok. This is the wok that will go to your grave with you- or put your ashes in. It certainly will outlive that useless certain somebody...eh?...eh? The price on Amazon was the best around, and it arrived a day earlier. So if you are on the fence-just order this superior piece of cookware and you will be serving fantastic meals quicker than you can say "Asian Beef with Snow Peas!!". It rocks-done.
I have used this several times now. I love it! Gone are the days when I am trying to cook and the food falls out of the pan as I am stirring it. This is Cast Iron and big, so it is HEAVY! It would have been nice if it came with a lid, but I will look around and see what I can find.
As I already own other Lodge cast iron pans this wok was an easy purchase for me, but even so I was pleasantly surprised but the quality. It came pre-seasoned, so just a quick wash in the sink and time to give is a try. It has a very even heat distribution and cooks wonderfully. The one thing that did surprise me is although I knew this was a flat bottomed wok, it was only when I received it that I found it has a very thick base that is about 6 inches across, which made it very stable. I have uploaded a couple of photos to show this feature. Add to this it's made right here in the USA!
Bought this for my college-aged daughter because her house has an electric stove top (not gas like mine) so I couldn't purchase a traditional steel wok like use. It works perfectly! In fact, I made a mistake of having the burner on "high" which was too much - would have burned the veggies. It's definitely heavy when you are washing it - even more than my cast iron pans but less than my cast iron dutch oven. For a gas stove, I'd probably stick with a traditional wok, but for an electric stove, this is the perfect choice!
Non stick surface with plenty of room to hold lots of food. Cooks evenly and quickly. The base is small enough to fit on the small burners so you can save the large burner for other pans. You must take care of this pan or it will lose its non stick surface and eventually rust. Cast iron is very easy to clean and turns out incredible results for cooking but the trade off is that it requires complete care after you use it - wash without soap, scrub with non scratching cloth/scrubber, dry completely, oil the surface, and heat to dry. The process takes about 25 mins but 20 of those mins are spent with the pan in the oven and you are simply waiting to turn the oven off when the timer is up. I definitely recommend this to anyone to enjoys the art of cooking and durable, unmatched kitchen tools.
Love, love, love the pans... work great on my new cook top, clean up well, have great handles...quality product!
Love it. Researched for a very long time. Best cookware ever. Definitely top quality.
Great product, I've been using for months and they work good, they are sturdy and clean up well. They cook very evenly and heat up quick with my induction stove
We recently bought a range with induction burners. I had to buy new pots and pans as most of my old ones wouldn't work on the new cooktop. The Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply set were reasonably priced, worked great and I love the various sizes. Thanks.
I am delighted with the set.
The wife loves this set. Have used most of the pieces by now and they work great and clean up great. Have needed to use a bit of bartender's friend on the skillets, but that is expected.
only had them for a month or two but so far they are very nice,serious quality. Will update again later
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