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Earlston best induction cooktop from China for home

Earlston best induction cooktop from China for home

Earlston best induction cooktop from China for home

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Sensor touch control, Led display
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Company Advantages
1. Earlston best electric induction cooktop has to go through several production stages. It needs to experience lamination staking, slot insulating, winding, wire-leads termination, and electrical testing. Its top plate is made of high quality ceramic glass
2. Thanks to its remarkable characteristics, the product is now widely used in the market. It can be quickly turned off and has safety advantages
3. The product feels comfortable. The heel collar can effectively help cushion the ankle and ensure proper fit to feet. It has the ability to withstand high temperatures
4. This product has the advantage of strong corrosion resistance. The surface of it has been treated with special oxidization and polishing.The product heats food more quickly and efficiently

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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has been a renowned manufacturer in China by providing premium best electric induction cooktop . We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. We have a production assembly line including material selection, machining, and inspection of finished products. The line operates 24 hours a day to guarantee the output.
2. Many of our products are widely exported to different countries, and we have won trust from many customers around the world.
3. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd adopts the most advanced technology in producing best induction cooktop . Earlston Catering Equipment combines our deep industry knowledge, expertise and innovative thinking to fuel your business growth. Ask online!
We tried other brands that claimed to be compatible with induction cooktops and this set worked well and far better that others. We are using it in the RV and it keeps the kitchen cooler and that is a good thing in a small area.
My older stainless steel pan set decided that it was time for the trip to Godwill. 15 years of use and abuse and dishwasher cleaning took it's toll. When I opened the box on these pans, my initial reaction was that they were very nicely made. Excellent out-of-the-box impression. I hand washed them and took them on a tour of my stove. Following the instructional brochure included, I did not use high flame and my eggs, with just a bit of butter, did not stick and were evenly cooked. Later, the larger pan produced similar results with burgers and then fish. Love these pans so get off your butt and buy a set and you will be happy. As good or better than the All-Clad my sister uses and loves and at well less than half the price. So, in my opinion, don't waste your money.
This is an excellent set. I would not recommend the pans in this set for an induction cooktop, which is what I have. The boiler and the steamer on the other hand are the best we've had. Excellent build and finish. They look nice too! These pans are not non-stick so be aware. They look nice, are good for cooking soups and other water filled meals. They're not the best for frying food.
Really enjoying these pots and pans so far after a couple months use. First time using stainless steel which was a bit intimidating but after a quick bit of research on how to properly cook and clean them, all has been great! Don't assume they work like your old cheap nonstick and you won't burn and overcook food, and make sure to use barkeepers friend to clean to avoid discoloration.
I'm over 50 and i don't know WHY i haven't purchased SS cookware before now! I love these pans, i clean up inside with a abrasive cleanser for stainless on the "inside" and wash clean with Dawn on the outside and they look brand new every time! I still need to use a non-stick for my eggs but that is okay.
My husband and I purchased this set instead of a more expensive set to try out stainless steel. I have to say we love them. The quality is wonderful. Not to heavy for a smaller hand. Very nice looking set. I would recommend them.
I love our new pans! I read a customer review that suggested seasoning the frying pans with coconut oil. This essentially makes them non-stick. I found the video on YouTube under "seasoning stainless steel pans". It worked great. Even eggs did not stick. I still use a bit of butter, but that is for flavor. I love the steamer, although we have used it as a strainer for boiling potatoes as well. Great pan set!
I bought this cookware when I got a new convection cooktop. I've only been using two weeks or so, but they appear to cook evenly and quickly. I hand wash them, they clean up nicely with very little hard scrubbing. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because the 1.6 quart sauce pan has become a bit mottled on the bottom. In truth, I don't know if this is expected or whether perhaps I should apply a bit more elbow grease when I scrub them. Has no effect whatsoever on the quality of the result, just an observation. Love them so far.
I wanted to give these pans a try out before giving a review. The pots and pans are high shine and beautiful to look at. The handles are designed for easy grip, and there is some heft to the pan and the handle, the handle is very balanced for the pan. The lids are thinner but still have some heft to them, they also fit snugly on the pan, I like them much better than the heavy glass lids, and they are easier to store. I have used Revere Ware stainless copper bottom pans for years, but found that on my new glass top electric range they popped and wobbled and left marks on my stove burners that I had to scrub off, so I purchased a new set of pots and pan and chose Duxtop Whole Clad. They sit firmly on the glass top stove, no popping or wobbling, they heat uniformly. When I received them I put them all in the dish washer as they appeared to have some sort of slight oil residue. The first trial was boiling an egg. There is one review that has pictures of white spots on the bottom of the pan after boiling water. I had the same problem after boiling the egg. Several small white spots on the bottom of the pan. I never experienced this problem with my Revere Stainless Steel pans. I used some bar keepers cleanser and a Brillo pad to get the spots off, it took a few times to remove the spots and some elbow power, they all came off except one.The Brillo pad left some minor swirled scratches in the pan. The next pan I used was the large frying pan to cook sausage. The sausage stuck slightly to the pan, but that was my fault because I had the heat on high. With these pans you do not have to cook on high heat. I soaked the pan in some hot water and dish soap anything stuck removed very easily, but I noticed a rainbow mottling all over the bottom of the pan and some on the side. Again I had to take a Brillo pad and Bar Keepers cleanser to remove the mottling. I used the 8 quart pot, it is not included in the set, I purchased it separately. After removing the contents of the pan I noticed every where the soup touched the pan, it had discolored the pan. Again I had to use a Brillo pad and Barkeepers to remove the discoloration. I had used a stainless steel slotted spoon to stir the soup and I was horrified to see the scratches it created on the bottom of the pan. Again, I have used Stainless steel pans for years and have never encountered these problems. In all they are nice pots and pans cook evenly, and are not flimsy or light weight. The only draw back with these pans is that you will always have to scour out the inside of the pans even after taking them out of the dish washer if you want the interior of the pans to look clean and shiny. The second draw back is that they scratch super easy, I am not a fan of plastic but to prevent any scratches you will have to use wooden or plastic when cooking. In time and continued use they will NOT stay new looking but for the price of whole clad they serve their purpose. I am not certain if the more expensive whole clad will do the same thing. If you do not have a problem with scratches and having to use Bar Keeper to clean them after each use, then they are a excellent whole clad starter set for the price. Do use caution when removing the lid as the handle does get hot, the pan handles get warm but can be handled with a bare hand. If you have never used stainless steel before then you will have a learning curve, just remember to use a little oil or butter to coat the pan and cook on a lower heat setting. If you should get anything stuck on, put some hot water and dish soap in the pan and let sit for a few hours and it will come right off. I gave it three stars because unlike my other stainless pans in which did not scratch these do, and in time the interior of the pans will looked well used from the daily scouring. In all they are nice medium weight All Clad pans for the price. I purchased them to use not look at, just wish I did not have to always scour them due to discoloration and spotting. I have seen aluminum pans spot and discolor but never stainless, perhaps it is the gauge or quality of stainless that is causing the problem. I will keep them and add to my review in 6 months as to how well they hold up with daily use. Update: July 7 2016 I have used these pans daily for the past 5 months, they are HIGH MAINTENANCE pans you can not put them in the dishwasher and expect a sparkling clean pan you must scour them...after a while the bar keepers did not work on the spots and stains. After repeated use I noticed a yellowish discoloration on the bottoms of the pans that bar keepers would not take off, so I upped the cleanser to Zudd to get the yellow off, in the first review I said I had to wash them because they had some sort of oil residue on them. This oil residue does not come off with washing and with continued cooking the oil residue obviously began to bake on...so I used the zudd that took the residue off the bottom but I noticed that where the cleanser touched the other parts of the pan it took it off there also and left a smeary mess on the pan both inside and out. The zudd did not scratch the pan it cut through the layer or coating that is sprayed on these pans. I scrubbed the whole pan then had to buff it to get the rest of the smeary residue off. I am a life time user of stainless steel pans, these are probably the worst pans I have ever owned, three stars have been reduced to one star. In time these pans will be so spotted and discolored that nothing will remove them except a trip to the dumpster. The more you cook with them the more the food sticks, no matter how low the heat. I believe what ever has been sprayed on these pans are a direct link to the spotting, discoloration and sticking of food. Certain foods are reacting to the coating and causing a discoloration, it may be leaching out of the pan and causing the food to stick, and the permanent spots and marks that can not be removed are areas where the coating was worn off. What concerns me at this point is the spray coating on these pans leaching into my food. I steamed cauliflower in the steamer and that too stuck to the steamer, that in itself is bizarre. They are beautiful pans coming out of the box, there after it was all downhill. Had I not used a different cleanser I would have never noticed the oily residue all over the pan both inside and out and they have been washed in the dishwasher and scrubbed by hand several times with Bar Keeper. I regret purchasing these pans.
Love them!
After hunting all over, I final found something that works!Yeah!
Great buy.
Quality product. Quality company.
This cookware is thick material and works great with my induction cooktop. The only problem I have is the price. I paid $179.00 for mine and it is now selling for $169.00. Guess I should have waited longer to order.
I got a new induction cooktop and needed a whole new set of pans. The item arrived quickly and was well packed. So far the pans have been great.
BEST WOK ever!!!!!!!! Excellent on electric glass top stove.
This cookware is top notch and safe to cook with. You probably want to get away from nonstick coatings if you are buying this cookware. I cook with lower temperatures and therefore when I forget or don't hear the timer the food doesn't stick as you might think. The whole-clad tri-ply construction means that I can cook with lower temperatures and still heat evenly.
I bought these to use with Nu Wave Induction hotplate. My intention was to buy a product I could use on my electric range with anticipation of switching to a full induction range. I have an expensive anodized cookware set so my anxiety was high concerning sticking and cleanup. I needn't worry! This cookware is wonderful. I have fried eggs, pork chops, made spaghetti sauce, to pot pie filling with absolutely no problems. The cleanup is no different than the hard anodized cookware; ie easy! For such moderately priced cookware, I don't think you could find a better buy!
I have had many sets of pots and pans however I was primarily using the non-stick setup. I decided that I didn't want to take the chance of myself or my children ingesting chemicals that I could easily avoid. I researched all different types of pans, ceramic, cast iron, anodized Aluminum etc... Obviously I decided on Stainless steel and the search began to find a reasonable set that will evenly cook and last a long time. There were only 5 reviews at the time of my purchase but they were all raves and now I have the first hand experience. Yes Stainless can be harder to clean but if you use low heat and bring your food close to room temp before cooking they don't stick with a little oil in the pan. Food cooks evenly, handles stay cool and food also retains more nutrients when it's cooked at a lower temp. This set conducts heat very well, so low temp cooking is easy and fast. My friend who is also a chef was quite jealous of the set and was even more surprised when I told him the price, compared to an All-Clad set at close to $800 it was a no brainer. I would recommend this set to anyone who likes to cook, wants to get away from chemical based coatings, Chefs, etc... A great cost effective alternative to All-Clad, I have found them to be of equal quality and heft.
These pans are a great product for the money- Work best when properly seasoned. Coat interior of pans with high temp oil(olive, flax seed or something similar) heat till oil smokes and let cool--Wipe out excess oil and store. Most cooking residue will wipe out with a paper towel
This is my second set. The first was mine, this is a set I gave to for Christmas early as she had a need for a replacement. Having a complete set that I use , I find them easily cleaned and they cook evenly through a miriad of conditions. Cooking is easier and more fun. Personally I love them.
I waited a while to give better perspective. No problems at all with the cookware. It is NOT non-stick, but I didn't want more Teflon flaking into my food. I wanted a set that would last. Will buy occasional Teflon for fried eggs and replace as needed.
I bought this set a couple of months ago and I really love them. They look and feel great. They're easy to clean and perform well with my new induction cook top! The price is terrific.
I needed a set to provide some smaller pans since my T-fal small pans don't work on my induction cooktop. There's nothing really wrong with them; I just settled for them as a second choice. The two smallest pans are a bit bigger than I need, but I make them work. I rarely use the other larger pans as I usually am only cooking for two.
I assume this is the Professional series set because of the type of pans offered. This is not the quality you would expect in a professional kitchen. It is much, much better! I work in a restaurant, and we use high-quality cooking tools, but they get beat up and have a relatively short life-span. If a pan lasts a year, it's impressive. Additionally, you would never see a glass lid in a professional environment, for obvious safety reasons. These pans are very well made, stand up to high heat, and the fact that they can be used for a myriad of cooking methods like induction, gas, electric, etc is a huge plus. Yes, it is stainless steel, and yes, it requires a bit more work to maintain it's shine, but they are a true joy to cook with. Barkeeper's Friend is indeed your friend to keep these pans looking new. Like most things in life, if you take good care of them, they will last a lifetime.
I've very enjoyed using these cookware for more than 2.5 yrs and this set is a good start when you want to cook with stainless steel cookware. The price is very reasonable and it is worth the price as well. If you don't know what brand you should buy or want to try cheaper one before you buy high end pricey one, try these. Otherwise buy each item one by one when you can get a good deal at Marshalls, TJ maxx or online etc. I am such a huge kitchen gadget nut and have bought so many kitchen tools. I think this brand is higher than average. There are two downsides about these cookware and one is the hot handles issue. They were okay until last year but all of a sudden the handles are getting so hot when you finish cooking and try to lift fry pans. It can burn your hand without oven mitten. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!! The other is rivets inside. You have to add a small brush to clean around rivets whenever you wash the pans. I will definitely buy pans with no rivets in the future.
Based on the ratings I see so far most people either love it or hate it. I've owned 3 of these induction cookers so far and this is one of the best. It has solid construction and a glass top with touch controls. One of the features I like and have complained about in the past was the boil setting. Many of these you have temps too far under and then too far over the boil to be useful. Yet one of the most popular used of these is for oriental style hot pot. For that you fill a steel pop with a seasoned broth, and add veggies and thin slices of beef, seafood, or maybe tofu. If it's over boiling you have to turn the temp up and down all the time. With this you have boil setting for perfect 212 F. It goes up to 464 degrees F so watch out for burns, while the cooktop is cool the pot is not so take care, If you are making fries or fried chicken, make sure the oil will stand the heat, some have a low smoke point. The unit is compact and very light compared to my others but it uses copper windings for the induction field and that tends to hold up better than most conductors, so this unit should last. I didn't like the absence of the plug adapter needed for most peoples homes especially in the US. I found one at a hardware store, and used it before I tried it out. I would prefer to have many more settings than the 8 they provide, but I suppose they cover most uses. Another caution is the pot or pan you use since it's not likely to be non-stick. The heat happens fast and direct on the surface and if you dry up all the liquid food will stick really nasty to steel pans or non-seasoned iron skillets. Recommended, a bit pricey, but worth the money.
I use a series of portable induction cooktops instead of a traditional cooktop. It works better in my kitchen. I have the Duxtop induction cooktop, and the biggest problem for me with that is that it gives me errors when I try to use it with very small pans. For example, I have an All Clad butter warmer, and the Duxtop won't work with it. I think the Duxtop is calibrated to require a larger pot radius before it accepts that there's a pot on it. But this Home Pro shines on my small cookware. It works really well - and it is my favorite cooktop now largely because it works with all my pans, whereas my duxtop complains and won't work if I try to use a pan with a radius smaller than ~8" on it.
So far my guests that use this love it. You can Control the temperature and it doesn’t stay on. Two great features.
I have owned Nu Wave vooktops for 4 years. Bought 3 for my kids. Wouldn't cook without them. Precise temp and fast heating,will by more when needed
Awesome cooktop!
I had just moved, my stove had broken and I was expecting family members to arrived from 2 states. The PIC seemed like the cheaper solution. The PIC never arrived. the tracking program kept saying it way on its way for 7 days. Amazon was great about refunding my money so I could reorder. This time it did arrive in 2 days, but not in time for the family visit. The PIC works very well. Very easy to use. Heats food quickly. I'm thinking of ordering another one. Most of my pans are induction ready
Love it, love it, love it! This is my second NuWave so I have no need for my turtle slow cook-top. A lot of people talk about these cook-tops making a high pitched noise while in use, but I have not experienced that at all. IMHO, I am thinking the noise may be from whatever cookware they are using. Maybe the magnetism is not strong enough? I love having meals ready to eat in a jiffy. No more back aches standing on that hard kitchen floor for such a long time just waiting for the burners on the range to heat up.
I use this almost every day. This is an amazing kitchen tool. I have a gas range and needed something which heated hotter for frying. This works well for much more than frying. I love it for simmering. I can set it to 200 degrees and forget it.
Awesome! Holds temperature perfectly!
I love it. The only think I wish it would do is completely turn off (no display) when I am not using it.
It didn't meet my expectations. I keep getting an error #7 after changing the heat settings. I have to turn off & restart.
I love my new pots. I recently purchased an Induction stovetop and had to buy new pots and pans. After extensive research I settled on Duxtop. I read the reviews from other customers and many had mentioned discoloration of the pots as their only complaint. I too noticed this but it's only on the inside of the pots and is no big deal to me personally. The only thing I would change is having them be non-stick but I didn't want the risk of the added coatings that are used for nonstick. These pots have a great handle and I like the way they fit in my hand. They are completey flat and don't rock from side to side the way my old T-fal pans did. They clean up well (minus the interior discoloration mentioned above) and I have thoroughly enjoyed them and would recommend them. I purchased one non-stick frying pan in another brand separately so that takes care of my need for one pan being nonstick for eggs and pancakes. Good luck on your search for new pots and pans and I hope you are as pleased with your purchase as I am.
Nice, heavy, solid cookware that works great on our new induction cooktop, but the tiny vent hole in the covers is not adequate for boiling or steaming. The cover rattles, jumps and spits drops of hot water. The only relief comes from lifting the cover every minute or so to let a little steam escape. Cooking in uncovered pots or removing the cover after the contents come to a boil is just fine. My cheap, folding vegetable steamer left marks on the bottom of the 4 qt. casserole, which never happened with my Farberware stainless steel pots, and scrambling eggs slightly discolored the frying pan, purely aesthetic issues. I found similar pots with vent in the covers and small pour spouts on both sides, allowing just enough steam to vent that the covers don't rattle and spit (and no discoloration from the steamer, either), and I bought some induction-ready non-stick frying pans, and I am replacing all the Duxtop. Too bad.
The bases are quite thick but the rest is thinner than I'd expect at this price and being the highest rated set on Amazon. But then, I've never used professional grade cookware so maybe that's how they should be. The pasta cooker lid is a different style/fit than the rest, kind of generic looking. The set is surprisingly lightweight, but heavy enough to stay level on cheap electric coil burners. None of the lids fit the frying pans, at all. Also, the pattern on the bottom as pictured is only on the sauce pans.
I bought this set for my new Bosch induction cooktop. It is wonderful and works great. I do hand wash it most of the time. The dishwasher gets it clean but I want to maintain the lovely sheen. This is heavy duty cookware and I have weak wrists but if I use both hands on the heavier pieces I am ok. If anything sticks, Barkeepers Friend takes it right off. I love the glass lids as I like to see what's going on in a pot. The skillets have no lids but lids from my previous cookware fit them. I highly recommend this cookware.
I love my new cookware. There's just not enough good I could say about them; they cook extremely evenly, clean extremely easy by usually simply wiping out with a damp rag and walla it's done!! I choose NOT to put mine in the dishwasher as recommended by the manufacturer, but I imagine that someday I'll probably get a bit lazy and they'll just get put in and run! The tools were well worth getting the 17 piece set as they're very strong & sturdy; there's NOTHING cheap about this set and you'd be very happy with this purchase. Also as stated by a review I read is this set works on ANY stove stop!!
This is a great deal for a set of stainless steel cookware. I bought these to replace some worn out cookware but this would be a great set for a wedding or housewarming gift. I cook on a gas stove and these are very receptive to changes in heat, they boil water quickly and they clean up easily. The pasta strainer and steamer basket are useful and there are pots in every size you could want. The handles stay cool so I don't worry about needing a potholder to move the pot/pan. The lids are clear so you can see inside without lifting the lid. These pieces feel sturdy and appear to be well constructed. A couple of things to take into consideration-these are not non-stick so if you're used to cooking with non-stick cookware you may need to make some adjustments. They conduct heat very well but they don't hold heat-this is a benefit to me because I can wash the pans almost immediately after removing the food and they aren't too hot. The lids all have a small vent in them but when steaming sometimes the condensation on the lid runs down to where the lid fits on the pot and after a while it bubbles around the edges. I have only noticed this when using the steamer basket in the largest pot so I don't know if it's true for the other pieces.
I bought this set for my brother as a Christmas present. After seeing the quality of them, he almost never received them, because I wanted to keep them for myself. They are not lightweight or flimsy, but very sturdy with great weight distribution. I have a few All-Clad pans myself, and think these are on par with them. I really like the rounded bottoms of the pans as well. When I need to replace, or expand my current set of cookware, this is the set for me. I am, so is my brother, very pleased with this set! Do not hesitate to purchase, because you will not be disappointed.
I ordered this as a christmas present for my mother and father. I noticed when I visited them around thanksgiving that the handles on many of their pots were wobbly, and I even had one fall off! I guess being married for 32 years warrants them a wedding present replacement! It was a fairly large and heavy package (duh) and used a whole roll of wrapping paper! I just returned home from another visit, and they seem to be very well made. They have a nice weight to them, and are perfectly balanced in my hand. I didn't have the opportunity to test the lip of the pots to see how cleanly they pour, but I'm sure they perform excellently in this area as well. While they pans are NOT non-stick, they are extremely easy to use in coordination with a little oil or cooking spray. My mom commented about how evenly they cook, and my dad was impressed by the quality of the metal as well as the rivets on the handles (he owns a fabrication business). Overall they seem to love the set and I would definitely consider purchasing this for myself or a friend in the future!
I'm enjoying this cookware very much. However, there appears to be a 'stain' in the 1 quart sauce pan from potatoes I boiled. The bottom of the interior shows the outline of each potato chuck that rested on the bottom while cooking. I've used it several times since for other foods and the stain just doesn't come out. It's really nice how easily the pans clean up. I recently fried some pork chops, made gravy in the same pan using the grease and fried bits and the pan just wiped out with very little effort. It's almost like they have a non-stick finish!
Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel pans & lids are functional, easy to use & have sturdy handles! I enjoy using these pans & wish that I would have purchased them a long time ago to replace the scratched & peeling non-stick pans that I used prior to my purchase of these pans. Because these pans are made of stainless steel, I no longer worry about chemicals leaching into the foods that I'm cooking! The lids work well & stay in place. The pans are solid, but not too heavy. These pans heat quickly & evenly even though it is only necessary to use low to medium burner heat. I like being able to put these pans directly in the oven, too. I am very happy that I purchased these pans. I will recommend these to friends/family & would definitely buy these again.
Folks, this set is my 1st SS cookware and let me tell you, I love it!!! It's heavy, appealing to the eye, and cleans so easily. I have no problem with food sticking at all and I cook at least twice every day with it. I have gas burners but these are also suitable for induction. The construction of the whole-clad tri-ply stainless steel design ensures even cooking temperatures. Stainless steel is nice to have because it looks great. It's chic and modern and can spruce up almost any kitchen. If you are entertaining and you pull out this cookware set, the looks alone will have people thinking you know exactly what you are doing. I don't cook using high heat, so I've not burned anything yet. Yaay. Again, I love it. Pan Searing = no problem but I only cook with coconut oil Scrambled eggs = no problem, turned out perfectly boiling = no problem, no stains (but have bar keeper handy just in case) My cookware still looks like that day I bought it. I have used every piece and I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price. Another Pro: My pamphlet read manufactured in Wisconsin and not China
These arrived within the 2-day free Prime shipping timeline as noted; the shipping box was undamaged - and upon opening the box, all of the pots and pans were in perfect condition - no broken glass or other issues! I washed them immediately by hand with mild dish soap and allowed to air dry in a dish rack - they dried SPOT-FREE. Just began cooking with them on my electric induction stove top and so far, so good! I will update this review if anything amazing or terrible happens! UPDATE - Well, these babies are AWESOME! Cook evenly, no issues cooking on the induction stovetop, even BAKE with these bitches and holy crap, they just keep giving me what I want! No issues getting them clean whatsoever and I use a mild dish soap and wash everything by hand! The lids are sturdy and have even taken a couple of spills on my ceramic tile floor with no breakage! Even my guy who is just not impressed by much is loving this cookware! This set is pretty doggone inclusive, so barring any super exclusive utensils or saucepans, you will be able to start your kitchen from scratch with this set here! After much research and comparison, I decided on these rather than the Sur La Table set I'd been drooling over - the handles are bolt-secured, so none of that annoying screw stripping that renders cheaper pots and pans useless - handles and lids hanging off - NOT HERE! I can see these getting years of use and should I ever decide to upgrade to some ridiculous expensive designer chef s***, I know I can easily find someone willing to take these beauts off my hands! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
As other reviewers have noted, the set can make a bit of a buzz if you start it off at a high temperature setting, but otherwise it's a really nice set. If you are noise sensitive and the noise is bothersome, start the pans at 6, wait a moment, the crank the setting the rest of the way up. After a few months of use, the set has stayed in perfect shape, no discoloration. BTW: This is a stainless steel set, not a non-stick set. You will need to use a bit of butter, olive oil, non-stick spray, etc. with most foods. (A few reviewers didn't seem to understand that the set is not non-stick / Teflon nor does it claim to be.)
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