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Earlston buy induction stove series for restaurant

Earlston buy induction stove series for restaurant

Earlston buy induction stove series for restaurant

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Sensor touch control, Led display
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Company Advantages
1. Earlston electric induction cooking plate is made of quality-assured raw materials. It fits flush into existing countertop for a seamless and professional appearance
2. The installation height is perfect and can be adjusted if necessary. It really provides a perfect solution for my new bathroom. - One of the consumers says. It converts any area into a stovetop in the kitchen
3. This product has undergone a strict quality management system to ensure high quality. The product brings productivity and energy savings to any kitchen
4. The high quality of this product is guaranteed with the support of a sound quality assurance system. The process of using this product is flameless
5. The quality of this product is more assured by stressing the value of quality management. The product is energy-efficient, compared to traditional gas cooktops

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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional buy induction stove manufacture company with a leading position in the industry.
2. We are blessed with an outstanding R&D team. All of the members of this team have years of experience in product innovation and development. Their strong competence in this field enables us to offer distinguished products for clients.
3. We aim to win the markets by quality. We will always maintain quality superiority by enhancing R&D ability and adopting international cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.
Love these copper pots, easy to use, clean, nice pots.
Love the pan. works great and much better than the 10'' greenpan fry pan I ordered together.
I loved it when I first got it, but... 8 months later it starts to loose some copper coating and food starts to stick to bottom... always cleaned it with dawn soap in water (which is a very gentle soap). never used any metal utensils as there are no scratches at all. when it first arrived I was able to fry an egg with no grease,butter or any other substance.
I bought this for my mom and she uses it for everything. On the stove, in the oven and she even took it when her and my dad went camping.
Bought this set for my son in law. He's really likes it. You can fry bake and use it as a deep fryer. Really easy to clean. Great product will definitely buy other products.
Love, love, love it!
Thanks for the product
wife loves it
muy buena
So our BBQ broke down and I didn't want to buy another in the middle of Winter, so I purchased this bad boy. I have three boys that can eat and there is plenty of room for the food. The pan cooks evenly and leaves nice char marks. Obviously doesn't replace a BBQ, but for now it is perfect! So far I have cooked hot dogs and chicken on it. The food comes out evenly cooked in no time.
Love the pan and grill marks it leaves on meat! the tongs it comes with are ok.
fits flat on my glass top stove
So far so good- I like square pans
well built. Love it.
Great product. Made hamburgers the other night on this pan and they came out perfectly cooked. Very easy to clean. Worth every penny.
This pan is OK I was hoping for a pan I could use as a inside grill. and its OK but no substitute for a grill.
Love this pan
Worked well to steam lobster and shrimp. Seems to be good quality. Quite large!
We really love these induction compatible pans, they are perfect!
Overall I've been happy with this set. I won't fry an egg in it like the video I watched though. It stuck pretty good. I've also had sausage grease burn to the pan and I thought it was ruined, but a Mr Clean eraser saved the pan.
just received this today. Was very excited to wash and use right away. The pans and accessories were all perfect, except for the lid. One side of the handle was not connected, bolted in. I do not feel it is necessary to pack up the whole set and return, however I would like a new lid. I will return the damaged one in exchange. That should be cheaper than replacing the whole set.
For all the praise for this product had it turns out to be a flop. It had great start that didn't last. The top edges of the pan are all scratched down to the metal. This boasted as non stick but I have started to have to use oil to obtain a non stick surface. I would highly recommend using a teflon spatula when cooking with this product. Definitely would not buy again.
like this a lot started using it for everything i cooked only the actual pan the steamer and basket took up too much room you could not put too much in the basket or on the steamer never used it
Great cookware. I'm using this pan almost every day, sometimes twice a day. It cooks excellently, cleans up perfectly and there's nothing I've thrown at it --or in it!-- that hasn't done well. Hamburgers, pork roast, egg fritatta, stroganoff, nachos (yeppers!), soups & stews, cobblers, NY strip, chicken breasts sauteed in anything, casseroles... you name it, this pan can handle it.
Love this pot. I use this on an induction cooktop and haven't used anything since. Cooks evenly, nonstick surface, cleans easily and i love the corners for pouring. Can use it for baking as well. The handles are riveted firmly and the pot is extremely well built. Worth every penny.
I like the size and shape of this large pan. The other pieces I probably will not use (?). The handle seems poorly made (tinny). Handle gets very hot when cooking.
Does not hold up
Love my pan. It does exactly what was shown on TV, no stick with bacon, gooey, etc. I bought a second size after seeing how great this pan is. Works in oven or on my glass cooktop very well.
Eggs stuck horribly after the 3rd or so use. Even after soaking and a trip in the dishwasher I had to hand scrub them off.
I bought it a few months ago. Its ok. It didn't stick at first. Now it does. Fried well and backs ok. The handle gets hot sometimes. The price isnt worth it.
Bought Wolf Gang Pucks stainless steel set about 4 months ago and now I put it on the shelf. EXCELLENT SET
I bought these skillets based on the reviews on the web. As you can all see, the reviews are very positive. So, I purchased these with VERY high expectations. I was reluctant based on how expensive these cast iron skillets. are. After using them now for several weeks everyday I am blow away by the quality . It has changed my whole view of how important great finex cast iron skillets make to my meal preparation. I can say without reservation that these are a bargain. They are a great investment in yourself and your family. Man, there EXCELLENT Recommend these without reservation.
Only skillet I'll need, and it will outlive me. Saving money in the long run.
My second Finex purchase and I am as pleased with this one as the 12" Finex skillet I've owned for years.
Definitely worth it.
This pan is absolutely flat, with a machined cooking surface. Not a rough bumpy crappy texture. This pan has absolutely even heating on an electric burner. I've used the cheap cast iron pans from the local chain stores, and they literally are trash, they aren't even useful for any type of cooking due to their very poor heat transfer. I suspect that the new cheap pans don't use enough (or any) nickel in the cast iron. It is known that the best old cast iron engine blocks in the old muscles cars, had special "high nickel" cast iron. Nickel is a malleable metal that makes cast iron stronger and less prone to cracking, and I think the old cast iron pans work good because they used high nickel cast iron. This pan obviously has some type of really high quality cast iron because it transfers heat properly. I was nervous when I first used this Finex pan, because I've had such bad experiences with several new cast iron pans I've tried from the cheaper brands. Well this Finex 12" skillet has absolutely stellar, perfect heat transfer. I was shocked. The oil doesn't build up randomly in the shape of the heating element on your stove, like it does in the cheap pans. The Finex pan heats totally even, and the hot oil spreads around evenly in the bottom of the pan. The sides of the pan get extremely hot as it's heating up on the stove, it seems to be a very conductive alloy that they used, and I am very impressed with the heat transfer, since that's what makes the old antique cast iron pans so good (they had expensive alloy). The handle is amazing, it doesn't get hot, you can pick it up with your bare hand when the pan is hot and it isn't hot to the touch (I couldn't do this with any of my old pans). And this Finex 12" skillet has two handles, so you can pick it up with both hands. One of the handles is a small "lip" that actually provides really easy support with your left hand as you are picking up the pan off the stove. Weight wise, this Finex is the heaviest cast iron skillet I have, but it's not too heavy. I've inspected the metal and the design and there is no "fat" on this Finex skillet. It is made out of heavy iron, but it's not unnecessarily thick. The thickness is very even throughout. It is heavy enough that it doesn't slide around when you are cooking, it stays planted on the burner, so you can scrape the food without it flying off the stove. The handle is so solid and provides such a good grip, that it makes the weight of the pan a non-issue. I was initially concerned with having such a large skillet, because this is the largest cast iron skillet I own. But the weight is a non-issue due to the excellent ergonomic design of the handle, and the fact that there are 2 handles, one on each side of the pan, so you can use 2 hands very easily, when moving the pan around. Having that extra little handle on the left side makes this pan worth the money, just for that feature alone. Overall this pan is constructed very well. You can actually rotate the lid, then put the lid back on, and it allows venting of steam from the food, without removing the lid completely. This would be an excellent feature for cooking steaks, you an use the lid to prevent grease from splashing out of the pan, but you can vent the hot steam out at the same time, around the edges of the lid, without having the lid tilted on a weird angle like regular lids. Pros: Excellent metallurgy. The best cast iron alloy with the best heat transfer I've ever seen in any modern cast iron pan. It's equal to my 4 antique cast iron pans, in terms of heat transfer and not having hot spots. Excellent lid that can be used to vent steam by rotating it 1/8th of a turn and placing it back on, to allow steam to escape, while acting as a splash guard for grease. The way the lid is shaped, it will keep grease and water inside the pan, because it has a nice lip all the way around the inside of the lid, to keep liquids running down inside the pan. Heavy duty handle, and has a 2nd handle on the left side. Can be picked up when the pan is hot without burning your hand, due to the really nice chromoly steel spring handle. The brass parts are actually real solid brass, not cheap aluminum. This pan really looks well made. I was shocked to see such heavy duty solid metals used on anything in 2018, since most stuff today is usually not made out of solid brass. Cons: The seasoning on this pan is good enough to prevent rust. But you need to season this pan before you try to cook eggs in it. Finex says to use Flaxseed oil. I've done some reading and pure Flax oil with no Vitamin E or additives should be used to season your pan. Ideally a properly seasoned cast iron pan is supposed to be black. This pan arrived with a brownish grey color, not really seasoned. Seasoning involves burning oil until it carbonizes into the metal surface and turns black, providing a baked finish that doesn't come off easily. I'd recommend heat treating this pan with pure flax oil at 450F degrees for 1 hour, before you cook anything in it. The factory coating is just enough to prevent rust, but it's not burned into the metal, and will come off if you cook eggs or watery food. It's better to finish seasoning this pan before you use it, just to make things easier. Although seasoning is an art form, and the different methods are up for debate. 100% pure Flax seed oil seems to be create the most durable finish, if burned on, after being applied with a very thin, invisible coating over the surface of the pan, then baked at 450 F. Put the pan in upside down, over a cookie sheet, to protect any oil from dripping onto the bottom burner of the oven when seasoning. Put the pan on the top rack, above the bottom rack with the cookie sheet. The correct seasoning is a black coating. Not a sticky brown coating. You also cook bacon or other foods in this pan, and simply keep cooking until it builds up a natural seasoning. There are many different ways to season a pan. But you'll need to take your time and season this pan before cooking eggs. It will not cook fried eggs very easily out of the box. The other con is the machined surface. The machined surface is amazing. I just wish the entire interior of the pan was machined, up the sides of the pan. That's obviously too much to ask. But my really old antique cast iron pans are smooth all the up the sides of the pan, they don't have any rough cast iron exposed on any of the interior surfaces of the pan, which makes for slightly better non stick surfaces. But I don't know as if this is really necessary. And with the shape of this pan, it would be hard for them to machine the insides of the pan. Overall impression: This is the best cast iron pan I've ever seen or used. It will need some patience, as with all cast iron pans, they do need to be used in order to develop the thick black carbon cooking surface. But this pan has absolutely perfect heat transfer, and a perfect cooking surface that is absolutely flat. This pan is a lifetime investment, and is worth every penny. If you are thinking of trying cast iron, you can either find an antique pan from a junk store, or get a Finex pan. I have both, and couldn't be happier.
This fry pan is terrific and in actuality the very best as nothing sticks to it as others do not work as well.
This pan is amazing! I wanted a new way to cook meat for my family and this was the trick. So easy to use, and the food was deliciously cooked. I Will be ordering another pan from master pan!! Would also make a great gift for someone. Loved it!!
It is very easy to clean. I do it by hand, rinse, then wash with warm water and soap. It is a soft and light pan. You have to be careful not to scratch it. You have to cook on a lower temp than a cast iron griddle. But it is SO much easier to clean. Recommended.
We have used this lovely pan for every meal we'e cooked since we were smart enough to buy it. Since i'm just worthless in the kitchen with my cruddy old knees, my husband has taken over, using all of our red, gold cookware. We read early on NOt to use sprays like you use on baking pans, and we've gotten into the habit of using the dishwasher...no harm to finish. We use metal utensils...no harm as well. My sweetheart is always on the lookout for new products from these folks! You won't regret it. and it does cook evenly!
Exactly as described. I love this set. This pan is perfect from the stove to the oven. It washes off clean, with a wipe and a little soapy water, top and bottom. I have used this for making rice crispy squares, one pot meals to french fries. The heat distribution is on all sides of the pan, something I cant get with my other pans. There is a a steamer insert which takes care of water-logging my vegetables. I love it. Everything is perfect. The addition of the cook book was a nice touch.
I have the square pans and use them every day. They provide an even cooking temperature and by far the easiest pans to clean that I have ever owned. I would recommend these pans to anyone that likes to cook but hates messy clean ups. I have yet to have ANYTHING stick when using these pans. I love making scrambled eggs an cheese for breakfast... no sticking... they fall right out of the pan and with a few wipes of a paper towel, the pan is clean. Throw away your other non-stick pans and purchase these... you will never regret it.
This was purchased for a Christmas gift . The person I gave it to is real proud of it. I myself was disappointed at how small and lightweight it is for the price . I figured it would be bigger and more heavier than it is. But I'm not the one who is going to be cooking in it . So I guess as long as the chef is happy that's all that matters .
I purchased this set and have used it for my husband's favorite "oven fried chicken". I usually put chicken in the oven using a stick of butter on a baking sheet. Cooked in the Copper Chef pan and it turned out crispy just the way he likes it and used less butter. But best of all - the pan cleaned up in seconds! I used to soak the baking sheet overnight to get the baked on "crusty" residue off. LOVE THIS PAN!! Am ordering sets for Christmas gifts for my daughters!
arrive well packaged, look just as advertise , sturdy and well made, haven't use it yet , but for now I give it a 4 until I test it on the fire
I absolutely love my cooper chef. Right out of the package I put it to the test. I've done everything from curried chicken to baking a chocolate cake. Amazing! It really does well in the oven as well as the stove top. The shape takes a bit getting used to with things like scrambled eggs but I still love it!
I love this pan! We bought ours at Walmart, have been using for about a month, it's the only pan I use now.... I'm bad to burn things ?, but haven't with this one, and clean up is sooo easy. My 16 yr old (who thinks everything should be soaked before even attempting to wash) even agrees it is easy without soaking... (if you can't base a good review off of that I don't know what to tell ya.... ) I can't imagine why anyone would have trouble with this pan, unless they watched a commercial on a different product, or just look for reasons to complain (sorry, but that's the attitude of a lot of people these days...) I totally recommend this to anyone!
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