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Earlston commercial cheap induction cooker series for restaurant

Earlston commercial cheap induction cooker series for restaurant

Earlston commercial cheap induction cooker series for restaurant

Model No.
Heat type
Countertop; Flat+concave type.
Control type
Press button or Knob control
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Company Advantages
1. With our strong strength both in production technique, the standardization production of Earlston cheap induction cooker is possible. The coating treatment of its surface makes it easier to clean
2. This product can be a major design element. Designers can use it to establish a pleasing sense of order in every space. The product is widely used in hotel and restaurant kitchen
3. This product is ensured by a relatively complete quality guarantee system. The product brings productivity and energy savings to any kitchen
4. In order to achieve high performance, the product is formulated the strict quality control system and the operation flow. The product is energy-efficient, compared to traditional gas cooktops

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Model No.


Rated Votage&frequency


Product name

Commercial induction cooker

Heat type


Rated Power


Control type

Press button

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

Earlston commercial cheap induction cooker series for restaurant-4

Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has become a major cheap induction cooker manufacturing base in China , supplying a majority of countertop induction cooktop items to the world market. We expect no complaints of stoves induction cooker from our customers.
2. With the unique technology and stable quality, our single induction cooktop win a wider and wider market gradually.
3. At present, most of the best induction cooktop series produced by us are original products in China. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd will be fully prepared for the company's industrial layout and strategic development. Get info!
I really like these pans, let's start there because otherwise this could come off pretty critical. I want to hit the biggest complaint points I read about before buying: Noisy pans: The pans do sing *a little,* but this does not bother me because it is already so loud where I am that I didn't notice it until one day I cooked when no one was around. It is a little high pitched buzz and I can see how it would be irksome to some people but honestly, it is *very* minimal even when it is really quiet. I think my dog can hear it but I see this as a bonus perk because now she is not underfoot while I am cooking which is MUCH safer for her, and me. The second point I want to bring up is a love/hate thing. The pans do not really get hot up the side walls on induction. I have not tried on a gas stove yet. Which means cool handles always-a bonus! It also means that while I am teaching the little ones I work with to cook, their safety is slightly more guaranteed because the pan itself is not as hot. The bad: meats are not cooking as evenly as I am used to from getting the side heat. Had I bought the fullclad, this would be avoided but the glass lids were much more important to me. I will get used to it and adjust my cooking style and it will be ok. I am not getting burning or raw spots, it's more of a learning thing than a problem. The glass lids: I *love* them, but...I really wish there was a lid that fit the fry pans-at least the larger one. I am using one of the bigger lids and it makes a mess from the condensation. In most other sets I've used, the stock pot lid also fit the fry pan so I was a little disappointed. These lids were what drove me to this set over the fullclad so I am a little disappointed that I'm not totally satisfied with it and this is why it is a 4, not 5, star review. Nonstick: So far, I am cooking with less oil and have not had anything stick. I haven't made eggs yet-the true test of pans but I suspect that they will work out well. Learn how to cook in stainless steel-it is very different than cooking in non-stick. Follow the directions for seasoning the pans, let you pans fully cool before cleaning them so that the cold water does not warp the metal, and don't expect the same exact results as nonstick and you will be fine. Again, season the pan well, you can get directions from Google, and you won't have a problem. Learning to just wipe out the pan and not use soap or very very light soap was so strange! Bottom/discoloration: Yes, I did get a little bit of rainbowing on one pan (the casserole) but I know it will clean off. I do not use metal utensils in my pans and don't use a scrubber at all so I don't have any scratches and the pans sill have a mirror finish after cooking twice daily for over a month now. I got inexpensive silicone and high temp plastic utensils and they are working great. Even heating: to go along with the sides not getting super hot I have to say that the bottom is completely evenly heated when on induction. The thick heavy bottoms on the pans are heating far more evenly than the cast iron I also use. This is a huge bonus! Space: The pans don't stack super well so they take up quite a bit of space in my storage cabinet. The lids don't stack at all. Again, something I will get used to but if space is an issue for you, keep your box and keep less often used pans in a closet somewhere to maximize your kitchen space. Overall, these are very good pots and pans for the price point. I am happy with them and only could be happier if I had gone fullclad and had a lid perfectly fit for my large frypan.
These are the best pans we have ever purchased. We have been using these daily and frequently for over 8 months. These pans are well made, properly weighted. The handles are sturdy and cool to touch even on high heat. The glass lids are well made but none of the lids fit the small skillet. We have a Bosch induction range and these are every bit as good at heating as our cast iron skillets. We put paper towels under the pans to minimize scratching the cooktop surface, especially when stirring pots - even on speed boost (highest setting), the paper browns but does not burn. The pans do make some whistling sound on high settings but no more or less than any other pans we have tried - just inherent with induction cooktops. We are utilitarian with our cookware but these pans look very nice. One of them suffered some stains and food that just wouldn't come off easily. I used cream of tartar and a little vinegar and scrubbed the stains away. If you are looking for induction compatible pans, you can't go wrong with this set.
Very nice! But after 2 uses there was a dramatic color change......
Opening the box my Duxtop whole-clad tri-ply stainless steel cookware came in was like Christmas. The set is so beautiful I hated to put it away in cupboards. They cook amazingly even and seem to require a lower heat setting than my old teflon pans. (I wish I could tell everyone to be rid of Teflon and the dangers therein) I was worried about clean up, but absolutely not a problem. If I cook something that sticks I simply add some water to the pan and heat up to just before boiling and the food just slides off with minimal washing. The cookware is made so well and sturdy and the handles stay cool enough to use my hands. Thank you Secura!
I had previously bought a set of this cookware for my 2nd home after installing an induction cooktop and absolutely loved it. Due to a recent flooding event, I lost all of my cookware. I stopped at a local store to pick up a set of cookware for our temporary home, but after getting the cookware home, I realized it was probably more money than the Duxtop, fewer pieces and certainly nowwhere near the quality of the Duxtop. I promptly went back to Amazon and re-ordered this set and returned the one I had purchased locally. We might have eaten out for a couple of more days, but definitely worth the wait. This is a quality set of stainless steel cookware and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.
Awesome and heavy duty pans!!!! I got them for my husband to use with his Nuwave cook surface. HE LOVES THEM!!!!! We had the calphalon pans prior to these. The new pans heat up MUCH quicker than the calphalon!!! I recommend purchasing the Scrub Buddies to clean them with. They make cleaning them a breeze!!!! Here is the link for those: http://smile.amazon.com/Legacy-of-Clean-Scrub-Buds/dp/B004UA8EX6/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1452351424&sr=8-10&keywords=scrub+buddies
Lodge... excellent quality, great heat distribution
I ordered this product quite some time ago and I find myself using it daily. You must take care of it and season it well, otherwise it will rust but this is basic care for any cast-iron product. Make sure you have a gas stove. It takes a long time to heat on an electric range but I've found that heating it in the oven for 10-15 minutes does the trick.
This wok is 200% better than any thinner, lighter wok. It seasoned well, and the only thing that's ever stuck in it was the first scrambled eggs. I use the wok more often than I use a skillet, even for frying eggs.
A cast iron wok and by Lodge; what more do you need to say. Nice that it gets and stays so hot. Now I just need to use it more often.
I have been wanting a wok for some time... and I also wanted a cast iron skillet. This is the best of both ideas! It's easy to use; it heats up quickly and cleans up quickly! I used to think it would take a long time to clean, but no, it is easy to clean! Such a great item!
In my opinion much easier to use than the thin steel woks. This one stays put and doesn't move around the stove. I use it on a flat top cooktop and it is wonderful. Even do popcorn in it because it's so nice to use.
Beautifully made and in America no less but sadly too heavy for a guy with only one arm to handle. Still, I was so happy with it's looks that it now hangs on my kitchen wall.
Very nice ! Exactly what I wanted .
Excellent quality. Great sizes. Best price of any set I researched. And made in USA
They have been wonderful, so far! It is a new way of cooking for me, having cooked on cheap teflon for so many years, but I'm getting the hang of it. I love the feel and weight of them and almost hate to use them because they are so pretty! Strongly recommend buying Barkeeper's Friend for easier and more thorough cleaning
Good weight, work very well with my new induction stove, excellent quality
I am thrilled with my Duxtop pans. I did research other brands, however, I read many positive reviews and decided these were for me. We recently purchased an induction stove top and had to replace all our pans, so happy I made the right decision.
Outstanding product! We cook with an induction cooktop and the new cookware works very well. The set is well balanced, easy to handle, easy to wash and very attractive to boot. You will be delighted if you purchase the same.
I revised my kitchen appliances in April 2015 including a GE induction cook-top. Of course none of my pile of pots and pans was magnetic so I researched. This set is really well made and very heavy. I have no idea how you could get better quality even if you spend double the price. Very nice stuff.
The thicker wall helps distribute heat evenly. However, this is not a crude overly heavy wok. Its highly polished and works perfectly once it is seasoned. My thinner high carbon steel woks also cook well, however, you notice that the thinner the steel the more heat will fluctuate along the sidewall of the wok. To me this is the Lexus of all woks. It is no cheap imitation or trumped up with teflon or other crap to sell to a Western audience. It is the real deal for authentic cooking.
xa0Pros: 1. made from wrought iron (not cast iron) 2. the handle can be disassembled, so I can easily season the wok using the oven. which made the seasoning process so much easier. 3. this is the only product on the market that designed for electric stove, especially this 7 inch one I bought. Cons: 1. a little heavy 2. need to take care it the same way you take care your cast iron cookware. seasoning, oil the surface after wash etc.
I took the plunge and finally bought a wok. My review is for the flat bottom wok, not the extra wide bottom for electric and induction stove tops. (Which is, by the way, a nice option). It would have been easy to buy your basic traditional carbon steel wok but when I found out what it took to properly season one I decided to look elsewhere. This wok does require some more basic seasoning though. Once I got this one well seasoned, it has worked like a charm. After some use I noticed it gets even better. Nothing sticks and it's so easy to clean. After cleaning with warm water, just dry it thoroughly, put it on a burner to warm it up, then rub it down with a few drops of peanut oil. Or you can use whatever oil you like. It's an excellent wok and I recommend it highly. Go to Asian Garden 2 Table for a couple of videos on this wok for more information.
Perfect just perfect for me! Would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
Really great and high quality!
Excellent wok. It holds heat better than a thin carbon steel wok and the extra wide bottom is great on western style stove (so do not need a wok ring). I like the fact that it comes with no helper handle since I can't turn out the food (the way you tilt the pan to turn out an omlet) if there were a helper handle on the other side.
Got this Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware Set for my PIC oven that we just purchased a week before, since we didn't have any induction ready cookware. They work Great! Just as described and durable for this type of cooking. Excellent choice for those who own and induction cook-top!
I love the look and feel of this cookware set. I have had this set for about a month and exclusively used it on our new Electrolux induction cooktop. Pros: 1.The thick heavy base helps in cooking food more evenly. Compared to another cheaper set I had, I find that food tends to not burn so quickly. 2. I like that all pots and pans have a lip which makes pouring liquids lot easier. No more messy sides. 3. Handles stay pretty cools even after long cooking time. 4. I do like the pasta insert and the steamer basket. Cons: 1. Compared to my cheaper set, my water-boil test took significantly longer in this set on my induction stove. Not a big deal. But the wonder if the aluminum (non-ferrous) core is wasting the induction power. 2. On high or really low power this pots make a noise on my iduction stove. 3. I do wish that it came with a 12" fry pan as well. 4. The utensils that came with the set a nice but not that useful, since I already have something similar. I haven't yet tried this set in oven or any other cooking source. Overall, I am happy with this set.
I've learned the hard way that high-quality tri-ply stainless steel is extremely sensitive to heat. So when cooking, whatever heat setting you think you need, reduce it by half.
High quality pots and pans, very well constructed and will last a lifetime. Great attention to detail when manufacturing these pots and pans was used and also with the way they are shipped.
Very nice cookware. It is very heavy duty, but not uncomfortable to cook with. It's my first time purchasing stainless steel, but no sticking problems as of yet. Like it very much.
They are nice pots but the inside gets scratched easy and are hard to get sparkly clean.
I was very impressed with this set of pans from the packaging to the quality of the pans. They are sturdy and clean in appearance. I am a newbie to the induction stove and was trying to find a affordable set of pans. This set was perfect and preformed just as I hoped.
Received very quickly, I love these pots they are excellent. If you have an induction range these are the pans and pots that you want to have
I wanted a heavy-duty wok made of cast iron for the even heat transfer and durability. I hav'nt even needed a wok ring (even though it has a small flat bottom). Only starting to get a patina and some seasoning developed after a dozen meals or so. Food is tasting better, can't wait till the 100th or so meal comes out of it. Keep up the maintainance, (its a pain but worth it) store it properly and it should last long long time.
I love this wok. It is by far my favorite piece and I have a lot of cast iron. I don’t just use it for stir fry, I use it for so many more things. Love it!
we're in love w this pan
Great wok use it serval times a week really change the way I have been cooking Asian style food. Hope you have a big shelf to keep it on it is bigger then I thought.
I absolutely love this wok, and everyone that spots it in my kitchen has to go out and buy one. Bulletproof, super easy to clean, heats up quickly, and retains heat when food is added. It'll outlast me and future generations. Can't ask for anything more!
my family loves stirfry but having a new gas stove, the old wok wasn't working as well. I love this castiron one. It fits on the ring perfectly and holds a steady temp. very nice in the new kitchen!!
I LOVE this wok! I use it nearly every day!
I could not believe I found a cast iron wok! Heavy - but that is the point and it heats even and stays hot. This is high quality - which I have come to expect from this brand. It is round like all woks on the inside, but has a flat bottom on the outside so you can set it on electric glass top or induction tops stoves (And Gas of course). I use it on my ceramic top and it is great. Let it heat up well and stir fry away. I would definitely recommend and purchase again. UPDATE: I have used this several times, NOTHING sticks, it gets very hot for a true stir fry and cleans better than any teflon wok I have ever had.
I use this at home for asian or asian-ish dishes. Always works well. I will warn you though - a certain unnamed person in my household put oil in this pan and turned the heat to high, about 5-10 minutes later we had a fire (which I quickly covered and it went out). Do be careful!
I have always wanted a cast iron wok for years and this product does not disappoint. The cook is perfect for an amateur chef like me. I use it for majority of my meals. You have to like heavy cookware to use any cast iron.
This is a serious beast. Takes a bit of time for it to heat up, but you'll be rewarded with even heat and great stir fry results. If you're used to cast iron this is a breeze to clean up.
Good price. Have been using it for about 8 months now, still working and looks great.
We were going to lose one of our best coworkers who mentioned more then once how he wanted more black iron to cook with, We chipped in and got him this wok as a bon voyage gift, We got impressive compliments from him and the wok is used often.
I am loving it!
So I cook on a glass top stove and this wok is awesome. I was initially cooking on a steel wok but the stove does not heat the wok fast enough to cook with steel. This is great because it holds heat very well
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