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Earlston commercial induction cooktop manufacturer for home

Earlston commercial induction cooktop manufacturer for home

Earlston commercial induction cooktop manufacturer for home

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Commercial induction cooker
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  • is committed to providing quality and efficient pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services for customers.
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After being improved greatly, 's is more advantageous in the following aspects.
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1. Earlston highest rated induction cooktop will be tested for a wide range of aspects. It has passed testings in durability, structural strength, impact resistance, anti-wear performance, and stain resistance.
2. commercial induction cooktop is located in the high-end market.
3. One of its advantages is the complete functionality.
4. This product offers the extra “insurance” of high tear strength for any activity, which is even more so if the activity is arranged in inclement places.

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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater

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Easy clean

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Not easy be scratched

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Good heat conduction


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. The unique advantage for Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd to dominate most part of market lies in its advanced technology and strict QC system.
2. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has international advanced production equipment line.
3. We not only take part in the charitable giving but also we devote ourselves to volunteering in the communities, so as to make our society better. Call! We always insist on the operation concept of credit supreme. Under this concept, we swear not to carry out business activities that harm clients' and consumers' interests and rights.
The bottom started to lose finish the 1st week. I like these pans because you can visually see when the pan is hot and ready to cook, and they are very light weight. Due to tendinitis carpal tunnel and a broken clavicle, these pans are lightweight enough that I can still cook.
I'm sooooo happy with these pots and pans. Easy to clean and use. There isn't a single improvement to make, imo. Edit**** After having and using these for almost a year, I have a couple of complaints. They have become discolored and no longer look nice (they've never once been put in the dishwasher- I always hand wash like recommended). Things tend to stick to the pans and burn easily, even with preheating and proper use of cooking oil. I still like this set but I dropped the rating from five to four stars.
Bought these for my other half for Christmas since some of her pots and pans were pretty worn out from years of use. She loves them. We have both used these and are happy with the results. Whether making alfredo, cheese sauce, grilled cheese sandwiches or anything else so far there hasnt been one thing that has stuck to these. Easy to clean and have a good sturdy feel to them. Would definately buy this brand again!!
I really loved this set but it is EXTREMELY temperamental with heat. I read the instructions that stated in extreme heat it may cause discoloration but . even when I used low heat it caused discoloration. I was able to return with ease but it was not the set for me
This cookware is AWESOME!! Provides nice even heat when cooking, and the pots and pans clean up like a charm! The T-fal seal in the middle of the fry pans make it easy to know when they are heated to right temperature. Would HIGHLY recommend this set!
Really nonstick! My only gripe is that these seem to heat up slowly for me, but I'm also used to my (very much not non-stick) pans with copper filled bases. Still give a nice sear on everything, and makes cleaning up much easier. I haven't had any issues with scraping, so I wonder if the people who are having that issue are using incorrect spatulas/etc with these pans.
They work great. They were smaller than I expected so I had to go buy some larger ones. The bottom of this pan scratched my new glass stove top without me doing much. I was just stirring my food which caused the pot to swivel a little and it left a giant permanent scratch so be careful.
I bought these about 6 months before writing the review to be sure I used it as said to write and honest review. The pots are as said “ non stick”. They clean very easy and the rubber handles are awesome. They are almost prefect. After washing. They get a white residue on the bottoms. I’ve changed soaps and done cold instead of hot. Even tired washing with non soap “cleanser”. Besides that, the pots are great.
Set arrived and looked great on first glance. I tried to use the pans to make caramelized onions and it worked and cleaned up well. Then I used it to make grilled cheese and it became discolored immediately. I had only grilled the bread for about 30 seconds on each side. The same thing happened to my second, larger pan when I was making pasta and cooking the aromatics. Both dishes were cooking on low heat, so there was no real reason to for the sudden change. That said, seems like a pretty solid set and I probably won't return them. It was pretty easy to clean (discoloration aside) and the dishes cooked well. It wasn't too slow but didn't overheat.
I love these pans. Preheat on med to med high. Turn down to med low to low to cook. Everything cooks great. Easy to clean. Just don't overheat the pan. Barkeepersfriend works great...I love how solid feeling this set is. Also, they cook really even. I recommend to watch youtube videos on how to Preheat, season, clean, and cook. Once you get the knack of it. Kiss goodbye nonstick coated pans that wear out...
I read a lot of bad reviews about people having the red sticker peel off after one use, and other warping issues. I almost passed on this set. I'm glad i did not because this has been the best set of pans i've purchased. Previously we just bought whatever they had at Walmart. We missed out honestly. I've had these for awhile now and they show no signs of use yet. we dont put them in the dishwasher, and let them cool before we do wash them.
I've had this non-stick set for 2 years now and have been using it almost daily. It's well made, the non-stick surface still works fine, although I've recently noticed I've managed to scratch the surface of the mid-size pan in one spot. Probably when using a knife to cut a steak in the pan, which I know you should never do. One thing I especially like is the handles on the lids. Have you ever put a hot lid upside down on the counter only to have it roll off and land on the floor? Well, the square handles on the lids in this set prevent that. No rolling whatsoever. The sizes of the various pots and pans turns out to be useful. The only piece I don't use much at all is that square flat one meant for things like making grilled cheese sandwiches I suppose but I prefer the mid-size pan for that. The fry pans have developed a very slight yellowish tinge, mostly I think from those times I had them on the stove and forgot about them (DUH!). It's not very noticable. All in all these have worked out to be one of my best purchases for the kitchen. When they wear out in another 3-4 years I'll probably replace them with the same thing.
Bought this set 3 months ago to replace my odds & ends mismatched set & was ready have matching cookware. I love the idea of the safe non-stick cooking surface & CANNOT otherwise find a magnetically-permeable non-stick sauce pan. I love the thick, soft, grippable, cleanable handles & overall feel of this set. If I hadn't been using cheaper, heavier, full-stick pots & pans on a not-so-expensive GE induction cooktop these 10 years, I might have been satisfied with this set. Once one is used to bringing 2 qts of water to a rolling boil in 2 minutes, having to wait 5 minutes for the same result is a lot to ask. I have to increase the power level setting on any induction burner by 20% to get the same heat but even that is slower to reach that temperature, so I'd basically have to re-learn how to cook everything. I'll miss the super-easy cleanup & having everything match but T-Fal just didn't put enough steel on these to gather the energy that's reaching them.
While these are a very nice set of pots and lids, keep in mind that they are VERY small in size. The smallest fry pan is intended to make 1 fried egg. The large fry pan will make one large 8-10" pancake nicely. This set is great for a single person or a young couple who only occasionally cooks for 2 or less. The non-stick surface is excellent.
Having owned a restaurant for nine years, I know cookware. While this set is not intended for commercial use it will hold up under heavy home use. The number one thing to remember when cooking with aluminum pans is cook at medium heat. These pans transfer heat very well. High heat is not needed and will shorten the life of your pan. Second thing to remember is to never use metal utensils of any kind on these pans . T-fal says you can with limitations. I say don't do it! These are great pans. The thermo spot on the fry pans takes the guess work out of knowing when the pan is at cooking temperature. The handles on these pans are comfortable and are a non slip rubber material. The handles can withstand 350 degree oven temps. While I would not recommend baking in these, you can slide them into the oven and keep food warm. Clean up is very easy. I have used the various types of non stick and for the money these are hard to beat!
This set was perfect. I just moved out into my new apartment and it had all the essentials for a starter-kit cooking wear. I love to make home cook meals and these were perfect. I have been using them everyday for 30 days and they are still in NEW shape! They were very sturdy, non-stick will NOT scratch if you use wooden or the tools in the set. I cook for only myself and have been cooking for 4 others since my mom is in town. Size is great!
havent used much, but i cooked an egg with 0 sticking. that should be enough evidence for you its great at non stick. the skillets are small. i cant cook 1.5lbs of hamburger meat in the biggest skillet without flipping a small piece out of it no matter how hard i tried the skillets are small, and i havent used the griddle, but heating is even throughout i like the thermo spot, but havent got to test just how accurate it is. im guessing its good because it takes longer than ive waited before with other pans that could put a nice crust on ill update if any needs added
I waited for 6 months to review the pans to have some experience with using them. They came just as described. I was pleased that the lids fit pans and skillets. Very nice! I like the heat indicator marks in the center circle. Works great by changing color from darker dots to solid red. Very easy to clean. I use 3 or 4 daily and they are holding up like brand new. Yes I would buy again and likely will buy another set for my summer house
I have a new induction cooktop and had to replace pots and pans. These are great. Work SUPER on the cooktop and can go in the dishwasher EXCEPT FOR THE LITTLE TINY ONE for warming butter! It doesn't work ... it won't hold a magnet. What's up with that? If you DON"T have an induction cooktop, I'd recommend you save $20 and get the ones that are NOT for induction. I had those and they were great on my old cooktop.
FED-X just delivered my set of TFAL pots, pans, & nylon utensils, WOW!!! I really didn't expect the quality to be this good. For the price at $ 60.00, free two day with PRIME, & no tax, this is a steal. I have had some TFAL in the past, but none of it was the quality of this set. Pros: Riveted large stay cool handles. Riveted stay cool handles on the vented glass lids. Riveted vents in the glass lids. Copper heat diffuser on all the pots & pans. Awesome non-stick coating inside & out. Perfect weight, not too heavy, not too light. The nylon utensils are as good as any. For a single guy I don't think you could get a better buy. The packaging was unbelievably good. Took a little doing to unpack it, but all was safe & sound. Oh, forgot my favorite: the flat skillet, awesome. Grilled cheese, french toast, flapjacks, biscuits, tortillas, and on & on.... Oh, and oven safe to 350 degrees, not that I would go more than 275, not necessary. Either the Dutch oven or the 10" skillet for lasagne or casseroles like beef stroganoff, etc. I haven't used it yet, but I love it already. What is not to like? TFAL & Amazon hit a home run here. CONS: I don't see any. Also, the lids are sized to fit both the saucepans & the skillets. They fit really well. It's going to be a joy to cook with these, I just threw out my cheapo dollar store junk that burned everything.
These are awesome. First of all, they are great quality. They don't look like those cheap sets you'd find at discount store. These are nice and sturdy. The black color has a slight metallic shimmer to it which is really pretty. Second, they clean up in a snap. I just barely put it under the faucet and everything easily slides off the non-stick surface. I really appreciate the non-metal handles and the little vent holes in the glass lids. So happy with this purchase!
Haven't been able to really field test these, but I've had them for a month with pretty regular cooking and I love them so far! So nonstick and easy to clean, stable handles and not wobbly at all. The utensils are fine, haven't used them much. A really good value! Can't believe the set was so cheap.
I bought this set as a gift for my daughter. She absolutely loves it, she ad a similar set when she was living with her boyfriend. She now has her own house and uses this set all this time. She loves that it's nonstick and doesn't have to spray it at all.. Great purchase. AA++ rating
I am very happy with this set of pans. They conduct the heat evenly and are easy to clean. I cooked a batch of chili and let it simmer for hours, in fact I forgot it was still on the heat. It never scorched the chili. I was thrilled. They are heavy duty and high quality. The only draw back I have found so far is that the handle on the covers does not stay cool. The handle on the pan does, why can't the lid handle?
Calphalon, Le Creuset, and Cuisinart - all high-end cookware and I've owned and used all of them. Then I bought a T-fal fry pan. That was the best thing I ever did regarding cookware. The quality and the price are exceptional. After using them to prepare food, and clean them, I am beyond impressed. At the very least, they match any results I've experienced with the aforementioned brands.
I am very pleased with this set of pots & pans. For the price it was a step up from the cheapies I bought 4-5 years ago that had begun to stain, warp, and lose their non-stick finish. We will have to see how durable these T-fal turn out to be. Others have complained that some of the pans (1 qt, 2qt, and 8" fry) are too small, but I knew what I was getting when I ordered. The 2 qt will make a package of mac&cheese, and I use the 5qt for most everything else. The griddle is a nice addition, as I have had problems frying four burgers or grilled cheese at once, and it solved that (Nobody has to wait!) The vented glass lids are fantastic for viewing what is cooking and I haven't had a boil-over yet! The bottoms are heavy enough that heat is distributed well, and I can whisk sauces from a roux without the flour burning. I only wish there had been a bottom view photo as these do not match a t-fal frypan I already had by the same name (This set has copper colored rings on the bottoms; mine had chrome. Small matter.)
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