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Earlston commercial induction cooktop manufacturer for kitchen

Earlston commercial induction cooktop manufacturer for kitchen

Earlston commercial induction cooktop manufacturer for kitchen

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Countertop; Flat+concave type.
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Press button or Knob control
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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Press button

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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My Chinese students love this wok and so do I -- so lovely to cook with, and big enough to cook a lot
My wife loves it. Should last forever! Very heavy and takes up lots of space but retains heat and great for cooking and frying. Will replace several peeling Teflon pans.
I like it and it cooks real nice
Purchased this product and it arrived in great time. The product performs as stated and looks just like the picture on Amazon.
Restaurant Quality and Power- can use with a 120 W outlet or with adapter for 110 I have used stand-alone induction units for several years now, off and on. You need cookware that a magnet will stick to for it to work' Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Enamelware, NOT Aluminum or Ceramic. Le Creuset is a marriage made in heaven for induction cooking. Induction burners give you portability for doing cooking demos, catering, and so forth, and also give you an extra burner in your kitchen for large holiday meals where you might need one. They are very fast to heat your food, and are nothing short of amazing, being so much faster than electrical burners to heat up. In fact, the surface only gets hot because of the heat of your pan, by itself it does not get hot like a gas or electric burner does. This model has a plug on it designed for 120 watts, which most homes do NOT have. It is supposed to come with an adapter to let it work on 110 volt USA electrical, mine did not. Many restaurants have outlets with the higher voltage outlets. I had to call the company for the adapter, and they were very nice about sending an adapter out to me right away, so I could use it in my home kitchen. But I do not think this would be very good to use in a RV due to the power it uses, and how big it is. With the adapter, the already long plug is about 4 inches long, 3-1/2 inches plugged in, so you need to make sure you have adequate space where you are plugging it in. This induction unit is very attractive, larger than my old one, and it has 8 power and temperature settings. It is easy to increase or decrease both, using a + or - which is quite intuitive. The temperature ranges from 176 deg F to a whopping 464 deg F. You can set a timer, for example, if you want something to cook for 63 minutes exactly, it will turn off after that time has been reached. There are also several automatic shut-offs such as having the unit run over 2 hours without the timer or over 4 hours with the timer. If you have the incorrect pan (very small or way too large) it will shut off, and also if the temperature gets higher than 464 degrees. Other safety things are pretty common sense, like not blocking the air vents so the unit can cool properly, and not putting it in water. This product is very easy to clean. So much easier than trying to clean an electric or gas burner, it just wipes clean with a clean cloth or paper towel. How does this perform? This is the 3rd induction stand alone burner I have used, and it is by far the best. It is bigger, sturdier, and heavier than the others, able to withstand large heavy pots without worrying about them tipping over. I filled a 5 qt Le Creuset pot with tap water, and in a very few minutes it was boiling, at the highest temperature setting. My microwave cannot boil 3 cups of water that fast! And the temperature of course is very even throughout what you are cooking, unlike the hot and cold spots in a microwave. It is very attractive, and a real powerhouse in the kitchen. You can quickly sauté, or do any burner type cooking easily. The controls are very intuitive, you can specify watts or more commonly the temperature you want. This is where it is superior to ALL other burners, electric or gas. Because if you are cooking a delicate sauce for example, and want to use low heat or hold it at a certain temperature, you really don't need to worry about it, you set the temperature. When you go through the temperatures, the boiling point of water, 212 deg F, is a preset number, and this came in handy when I wanted to make some French Green Lentils. I just set it to boil and walked away. I have a gas stove, but if I had an electric one I don't think I would use it again, I would just use this! And despite my gas stove, I will probably use this anyway for everyday cooking, because it does not heat the kitchen up like gas flames do in the summer. It is great for holiday dinners, an extra burner or even keeping food hot on a buffet line. I am not sure how restaurants will be able to live without at least a couple of these. They should be used for ALL cooking demos at cooking schools, everyone can see easily what is going on more easily than with a stove facing a wall. There is one thing that could be improved. Once you stop cooking, several lights blink red, until the unit is unplugged. Or at least the lights bother me about consuming electricity when it is off enough that I unplug it. They might go off on their own after some time period.
I will always use this product
works great
It was a replacement from one that died
Works great with my Swiss Hufeisen 16 Pc Stainless Steel Cookware!
Love this product, it boils water fast and cuts down on the heat in the kitchen. We use it for most of our cooking.
Heats immediately and convenient! Love it!
I really like this appliance.
Love Love it!! So easy to use and so easy to clean up! Great Recipes included!
We love it
Buy 2
Works well, easy to clean, fits my large pan well. I got into these after an induction hotplate was the provided appliance in my last apartment. I like how efficient they are on space and power. Only complaint is this one doesn't cook rice as well as the other one. I've tried a lot of settings and havent found the right temp that cooks the rice evenly before all the water evaporates, so I have to add a lot of extra water and babysit it, which is kind of annoying.
So far so good I have it at work and it works great, just make sure you have induction cookwear, The magnet test doesn't always work I picked up a pan at a thrift shop that passed the magnet test but failed.
This thing is just plain awesome. Great for cooking when you don't want to heat up the kitchen! Great temp control. Nothing bad to say about it at all!
Bought this item several years ago to use while re-plumbing our propane Viking stove. It has been so reliable, easy to use and does such a good job, that my wife prefers it now over using the Viking when doing single pot (or pan) dishes! That speaks volumes...
I really messed up by not buying the combo kit. An extra 10 bucks for a pan is well worth it. Other than my dumb mistake, this cooktop is awesome
Nice unit Worth the money. Infinate possibility for heat options. Spend the money on good clad cookware. Disk bottoms are a waste of money.
This works great! I have tried others and they do not heat evenly. This one heats evenly.
Very satisfies, as usual, with the product, thanks.
Not enough temature control
Make a 6-cup Bialetti moka in 70 seconds! Very impressive! Amazing to slow cook or do yogurt overnight. The cooling fan is a bit loud, but nothing that bothers!
Love it and use it for our second home
Without this I could not get the temperature low enough for my cast iron Dutch oven. I use it frequently.
Bought these to replace similar bulbs in the kitchen in my RV. What a difference !! It like day and night. I can actually see what I am doing. I just ordered more. I hope they last. I love them.
Looking forward to using this when I make my winter chili
I drilled a small hole and threaded a string in it to wear as a necklace. Everyone always asks me about it - great conversation starter
Just what 8 was looking for.
Perfect for cooking. Does not allow anything to burn
Thus is my second mat! I love love it. Its great for soups, stews, anything ling term on stove top. I have a glass top and this is perfect for controlling heat!
My first cast iron pan was the standard Lodge 10.25", which quickly became my go to pan for most things. However, for many meals, it is just too small. I wasn't thrilled about buying, maintaining, and storing multiple cast iron pans (12", 14", 16" skillets and/or various Dutch pots), so this wok is the catch all for anything that doesn't fit in the 10.25" skillet, and it works as awesome as the lodge cast iron skillet. I paid for this product and wasn't compensated in any way. If you found this review helpful, please click on the Helpful button below.
All the reviews said this was heavy and huge. I didn't find any nice cast iron woks in a smaller size, so I went with this one, anticipating a monster wok! It's not a terrible size. I kinda like it. I love that this is an American made product. Lodge has a great reputation. I have a electric flat top stove and purchased this because it says it can be used on electric. It takes a bit to heat up and I put it on a bigger burner to help keep the sides hot. It worked pretty well, although may have gone a little better if my kids hadn't chosen dinner time to distract me on my first attempt at cooking with a wok. I'm a novice at stir fry, but have been using cast iron daily for years. It's been a while since I've purchased a new cast iron pan (because they never need replacing. One of my pans is actually my MIL old fry pan.) So the preseasoning is new for me. It seemed to flake off in my scrambled eggs this morning. It still was as nonstick as my other pans on the second batch of scrambled eggs though. Seems like a solid quality piece by Lodge. I really feel this wok would be a rockstar on a gas stove, but worked fairly well on my electric. To clean it, I just poured in a bit of water, used a nylon scraper, dumped out the water, and wiped dry with a wash cloth. Put on the burner to finish drying and wipe with a bit of oil. I don't feel like this pan is too much heavier than my other cast iron pans and if heated properly befor cooking (I wait 6 min) it is fairly nonstick without using teflon and will never need replacing. For those of you with a rust issue, scrub your pan well, dry thoroughly (use heat), and wipe with oil. Your pan will be good as new! Picture is my attempt at stir fry. Turned out amazing!
I use this in my Webber grill. Has the grill grate that has a 12 inch circle that lifts out of the middle and it fits perfictily. I did grind and sand the inside of the wok as it was very rough. Have used it about 6 times now with good results. The grill gets it VERY hot and no smoke in the house. The pic on the grill is the start of the reseasoning process from grinding it down smooth.
When I ordered this wok I knew it was going to be huge but my oh my! It is seriously huge. I am really excited about this new addition to my already existing Lodge cast iron products. I have not used it yet but looking forward to sautéing, frying, searing, etc in this wok. Lodge has never failed before. I love it for it's heat retention. And yes, it is heavy. It came well packed too.
Ohmigoodness! I have always wanted a wok, and happened across this one last week. How can I list how much I love it? 1) It's MADE IN USA! 2) It's heavy enough to not be able to knock it over when sitting on range burners! 3) It cooks so evenly! 4) The Lodge 15-inch Tempered Glass lid fits perfectly! (Sold separately, and totally worth the $30) 5) It is pre-seasoned like all good Lodge cast iron skillets 6) A small recipe book comes with it 7) Did I mention that it's MADE IN USA?!?! I love this wok! Thanks, Lodge!
Solid wok and gives you the wok hei (breath of the wok) for that flavor you get at the restaurant. I use this as well as an aluminum wok. I use this one when I want strong flavour and am only making 1 batch. I use the other one if I am making multiple batches and need to wash the wok in between. This cast iron is too heavy to handle with one hand while super hot.
I love this wok! But it is still over 11 pounds. The trick is to heat it up with no oil, then when you see a puff of smoke, you can add the oil and then the garlic. It stays hot and sears meat the vegetables with no problem. Unlike lighter woks which cool down too fast as soon as you toss the food in. After you cook your food, do not attempt to lift this wok into the stove, let it cool down and it is still hot to touch after 15 minutes. Have gloves and be prepared to take the food out with tongs or another utensil. You can't really lift 11 pounds comfortably, plus who wants to drop a hot heavy wok. Wish Lodge made this sooner!!
Yes!! so far so good. I love my new Lodge Wok and I'm glad that I invested in this one. I'm not a pro but I love to cook and I'm interested in learning how to make more Chinese and stir fry dishes. When I use my Wok I feel like a real chef because of the sizzles I hear throughout the pan as I'm cooking. This sound assures me that the pot is staying heated throughout the cooking process. Although the Wok is a little heavy it's not as bad as I imagine based on reviews I read.
I didn't want to worry about stripping those less expensive woks. This wok worked great out of the box. Cleans easily with a wet cloth. I found when I heat it up well, the meat cooked through, and I was able to keep the veggies crisp by cooking them on the sides of the wok. Highly recommend, especially for those trying to lose weight. I cook meat and veggies very quickly for lunch and dinner, and eat without any starches. I credit this wok with the 10 pounds I've lost!
Iron has its own gravity, carries its own justification. We opened it and beheld it in all its other-wordly simplicity and it was as though our lives reorganized around a mysterious object from a foreign world--as though the obelisk from 2001 A Space Odyssey had suddenly appeared in our kitchenette: the seed crystal to a more profound existence. You hold it by the handles and history runs through you: vast hordes of humanity rumbling across the steppes of Eurasia in an ancient world, a newer world, when the magic of the earth was being channeled for the first time by the first seekers, pushing back against the darkness from their rude huts, animals restless and growling outside. An iron void, deep and dark, mutely asserting its weight and heft, blackly bright and shimmering with unspoken power-Feminine? Masculine? Both? But an expressive and absolute assertion of human capacity; an early and mysterious child of our creative energy, we the children of Cain. Anyway, it makes great popcorn.
Lodge is our go-to choice for cast iron ware and this wok did not disappoint. It is quite large and bulky but it clearly states circumference in description and if course, it's cast iron. This did not put me off on purchasing this one bit. We have a gas stove and I love the versatility of this product. I would recommend cooking with it several times to get used to the heat dispersment and what flame height is needed for different dishes. I use it to warm corn tortillas around the inside perimeter. We make stir fry, deep fry, steamed rice, fried potato and eggs, the possibilities are endless. Cleans up very easily if seasoned properly. I would reccomend to any cast iron fan to purchase this heavy duty and handsome piece.
Can do a real, high temp stir fry on an electric stove. I always heat mine on low until the handles are too hot to touch, then crank the heat up for use. Avoid sudden changes in temp to reduce thermal shock. Never, never, ever use soap in it and season with lard or bacon grease periodically. Do yourself a favor and buy an authentic Chinese metal spatula, wooden implements char from the high heat. Flat on the bottom for stove top use, yet round on the bottom inside for ease of stir fry. I use mine at least once a week, and have even cooked tomato sauces in it once it was properly seasoned. Should last several lifetimes with even moderate care. No, mine is not for sale at any price. Would not be without it.
I love this wok. I had bought a wok with a nonstick surface and after one use the coating started to bubble up. I took it back to the store and bought this wok. The preseasoning that Lodge does is really nice. It arrived all black and glossy. I have used it several times and nothing sticks. All I have to do it wipe it out and add a little oil to keep the seasoning. I wish I had bought this one in the first place. It is heavy but that is why it works so well. I would highly recommend it. One thing that should be noted is that the handles get very hot. I bought the silicon handles that are made by Lodge. They work great and should be bought with the wok.
We love cast iron cookware! We even spent about 900 bucks on All-Clad d5 cookware from William Sonoma and ended up returning the product and spending much less money for a whole Lodge Cast Iron cookware set (we didn't actually buy a set but bought individual pieces to make our own set) that we love and that will last us a lifetime. We used non-stick pots and pans prior to getting married and we even purchased a new set after we started our life together. What a waste of money! Not to mention what using these harmful things was doing to our health. When our lifestyle started to evolve and we only ate Organic food it just made zero sense to spend so much money on healthy food and then cook it in those death traps. We tossed the non-stick set (that was only about 3 years old) and couldn't be happier with our decision to use Cast Iron cookware exclusively!!! This Wok is really beautiful! We use it quite often when we make stir fry with veggies, tofu and noodles. It isn't dreadfully heavy and it makes delicious tasting food. Also, the Lodge 14 in Pizza Stone fits perfectly over this in case you needed a lid. I know you don't typically use a lid while using a Wok but hey you never know... I just thought I would throw that little tid bit out there.
This thing is awesome. Bought it to replace our aluminum non-stick wok that was scratched. Big but easy to use with multiple pots and pans on the range. The wok's inside is a continuous smooth concave surface. The flat base is not traceable by looking at the cooking surface. This sold me, BOOM! Made in USA, BONUS. This sits on top of our range (SHOW OFFS, and looks better then our dirty range top) with our 6 inch and 10 inch cast iron pans. We use it as a wok, but great for stew soup like dishes after searing. If you are a TRADITIONALIST and have to have your Wok hand pounded with a hammer on a smooth granite boulder on some ancient mountain in China, THIS WOK is a little different, still very sturdy and works very well. It is heavier than a traditional wok but the handles make it ergonomic, easier to move around then my cast iron chicken cooker. We use (my wife) a glass lid from some long gone pot or skillet. I use the universal burnt up big stainless steel lid that is always on the stove that never had a pot... I have to YouTube some Yan Kan Cook videos. To test it to its full potential.
If there were 6 stars I would give it! Love this WOK so much it is a permanent fixture on my gas stove. I have cooked stir fry, eggs, meat and my favorite of all is popcorn and it does not burn.
Love this lodge Wok!!!!! cooks well, cleans easy, no burning, heavy but that's good so that it will not tilt over while cooking. Great price, fast delivery, packaged professionally.
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