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Earlston commercial single induction cooktop manufacturer for restaurant

Earlston commercial single induction cooktop manufacturer for restaurant

Earlston commercial single induction cooktop manufacturer for restaurant

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Sensor touch control, Led display
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Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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bought this for my mom and she loves it. gets a lot of use in the camper and at the cabin she also uses it at home when preparing large dinners when she needs an extra burner.
been using it for awhile now, works fine , no complaints, heats fast, cooks fast, eactly what I wanted and needed
I loved this burner but then after using it constantly for 10 months, it broke. Just wouldn't heat nor stay on. So after some research I found their tech support online. I called, gave all my info & they promised to send a replacement in about a month. I got the replacement within the time period stated. One problem, I don't like this one. Pots slide around the top so u need to stay near the burner & it is likely to turn off even when on the timer. Bummed. So a+ for honoring warranties, b- for finding technical support & d for the replacement product.
Still getting used to it. I use it with my cast iron. Heats it up the iron in no time. Makes my mexican taste "better than the restaurant's" according to my husband. Heats the center of the pan well, the the rim moderately. Takes some getting used to when you're accustomed to gas.
Works like a champ. Better than waiting for the electric stove to heat up. Will go on the road with us in the RV this summer (2013).
This saves a lot of time and heat in the kitchen. But it does really need the right cookware. It is worth it though.
Product arrived in short order and was exactly what it was advertized. Big addition to the kitchen, helps with organizing meals.
bought it for my new apartment. It really saves space in my small kitchen. Also, in good quality!
For induction use, Size and angle of handle are very good. Item discolors quickly.
If you have a gas stove, there really is no “low” setting. This device helps to disipate the heat on low to greatly reduce scorching. Once cooked I put the burner on low and put the plate under the pan to keep the food warm. You still have to watch it but at least the gas stove now has a low similar to low on a electric stove
Perfect for my kettle and specialty coffee makers. I’ve also used this rather than dragging out my double boiler. Leave it on your stove it looks nice with the kettle on it. One thing you don’t have to store!
We use it on a gas burner to prevent scratching our glass tea pot. One thing to note is that it take longer for the pot to boil.
will not allow pot to bring liquid to a boil. that said, it DOES allow me to use my corningware or whatever other non magnetic cookware . Also was glad it did not leave a heat mark on my induction cooktop.
it works good; I don’t use on induction cooker at top heat, I use at 2 settings lower since I’ve seen reviews of different ones that get damaged at very high heat. It doesn’t heat pot as hot as an induction cookware does on its own. Ok for slow cooking and warming. Too slow for boiling
Works great and if it gets dirty, I use a mild spray on oven cleaner on it.
Works great for distributing heat underneath a tajine on the stove top.
Good product, better than what I bought before. Base cost + shipping isn't cheap.
Well made, sturdy. Thick enough to actually dissipate heat. Works as advertised
Besides good looks, there isn't much more to like. I'm particularly disappointed with the lack of true temperature control. the displayed temperatures reflect only the power used, so the actual temperature varies with the size of the pan and time. At this price, I expected a sensor. It took me a while to figure out the actual temperatures, just like on any cheap electric cooktop. The looks are misleading.
Great product
This works perfectly out of the box. Plug it in and it's ready to go. Unlike alot of other induction cooktops, the fan is not terribly noisy, the controls are easy to use and simple to figure out. MUCH better then more expensive models and it simple to keep clean
This is the first electric induction cooktop I bought. So far so good. The default power level is P6, which was too high for me to boil my coffee at my first try. The P4 level is very good for boiling coffee (not spoiling out). BTW, I haven't tried to cook anything else but my coffee. I think the cooktop is very good.
Hard to clean
This is perfect for shielding my pot of sauce! Great product, highly recommended.
We bought this cooker for the hotpot in winter. It seems that the cooker in the restaurant may be more powerful so heated faster, this one is a bit slower but feel safer. The surface of the induction cooker is very easy to clean.
I liked how easy it is to use and skim it is. My husband is a truck driver so I purchased this item to use when we are on the road but it's too to use in the truck. Tried it at home before we left and I liked it.
Not only good product but also a great customer service. My saucepan non stick got damaged after few times of using and they replaced it for free through lifetime warranty. So happy
Bought new smooth cooktop stove so needed new pots and pans. These met all my requirements. They work on the cooktop, they are nonstick and dishwasher safe. I've had them for about two weeks and am very satisfied. Actually logging in now to buy a couple more of them if I can find them as singles. These were a smart buy so far.
This induction cooktop is the easiest ever to use! The order came in less than 3 days, and when I contacted C/S about the extended warranty, they kindly pointed out I needed the Amazon order number that was longer than the original one I emailed! (my error) TO date they have set up my extended warranty! I have used another brand induction cooktop for years and love it, so when I saw the price on this one, I decided to put it in my vacation home! I tested it out, and love the convenience and ease in its' use! I would recommend this to my friends (as I have already done!)
Using this like every other week for our hotpot! Good buy. It’s easy to clean and use. Wish the cord can be a little longer
Great piece and works great. It was very nicely made and looks to be a quality piece.
Product as stated. Shipping time reasonable.
It works. I used it on top of my copper chef induction stove and it worked with all the pots and pans that weren’t meant for induction cooking.
Didn't work as good as I expected
This is amazing. We have an electric cooktop which isn’t so great, this magical plate makes it easier to make sauce and makes our breaded chicken cook evenly.
Waiting to use it for the first time. Fits on my induction cooktop.
These pans are amazing. I originally bought for my son but ended up getting myself a set. They clean up easy is a sturdy cookware set.
The wife and I wish we did not wait so long to order this set. They are of good quality, have a balanced feel in our hands, cook our food perfectly, and hold up well with use.
When my husband told me that I wasn't allowed to use cooking spray on this pan (as per the instructions) I was very skeptical. I just fried an egg with no spray and no butter. Just the egg in the pan. It flipped without a problem. I'm amazed. I'll go throw the box out now because I'm sure we're keeping these pans.
We purchased this set to replace all the battered old pots and pans we've had since moving into our first apartments. We've been extremely happy with this set. The skillets are great for pan-searing (salmon, for example) and give a nice crust. Cleanup is easy. The only this this set is missing is a larger saucepan, say a 3-4qt.
I replaced a set of Cuisinart cook wear that was at a similar price point. The Circulon is much heavier and substantial. The pans have very heavy-duty bottoms, and I like particularly like the built-on rubber handles. It is a big set for the money, well-made, and very complete.
Have had this for 4 months. It's great--I usually do not take the time to write reviews but more reviews for this would have sped up my own purchase so here you go. Dependable, just plugged it in and it worked. Am happy I paid a little more and got a better product bc looked at the entry range of single pot portable induction cooktops and this one has less of the problems that people complained about for cheaper ones--yes, there is a bit of a high pitched noise in the beginning when you turn it on--it's worse for small pots and if there's less in the pot, but the sound fades in a few seconds and is well within the range of normal cooking noise and is a known characteristic of portable induction cooktops. It's less for this model--part of what I paid for. I can't keep it as black and spotless as the day I bought it (a faint ring is visible) but doesn't detract from function and is to be expected. Can modify temp by levels (+/-) or temperature numbers, has the same advantages & disadvantages of induction over gas (extremely fast to boil, fantastic; cannot offer as finetuned a temperature modulation as gas--only noticeable when I'm melting sugar or some uncommon cooking). Timer is great, wish we had that on gas cooktops too. Bought it to tide us over while gas cooktop is getting replaced, and ended up keeping it. Definitely like it more and more over time. More energy efficient than I expected, as it is used for hours every day and there's been negligible increase in utility cost.
I purchased a new induction cook stove top and have a lot of copper bottom pans which the stove manual says that the copper bottom pans can leave a residue on the glass top. So I am trying to protect this new stove as much as possible.
This plate works well but you will need to adjust your temp. to make sure you have it right, it cuts down the temp just a bit.
I am so far very happy with this cooktop. It is made very well, comes with the induction disk so you can cook on it without having to purchase magnetic cookware. It heats up quickly and I have made a couple of dinners on it so far and I love it! I highly recommend this cooktop. I just recently purchased a magnetic pot with lid and I am anxious to try it out and see how much faster it boils water without the induction disk. I'm sure I will update my review once I receive the pot and try it out!
works really well....I do think maybe it is a bit over priced to what is available elsewhere,,
Well, the almost 9" is 'ok' for some pots, but not fry pans. It does work. Remember the heat on these things are intense so hands off. Wife currently using one to make toast [toaster broke couple days ago] but she got it so hot the lacquer on it turned it brown. tried scrubbing it but that stuff is tough. might try steel wool later. quality product, well done. Not flimsy and made in Italy.
I had been considering this purchase for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger as a supplemental appliance to compliment my grill side burner (Gas without as much turndown as I'd like, plus sometimes you want 2....), use on our kitchen island, travel with on holidays, RV 'Camping' or tailgating, and as a server to warm items on the table. It arrived and it was a bit bigger than expected, 12.5 x 13 x 3” h. Finish is good, reasonable for the price. I plugged it in and its louder than expected. Constant fan noise comparable to a typical over the range microwave vent van on low. There are also some other electro-mechanical noises, it is not a de-laminated pan rattle, nor do I think its excessive enough that mine is an outlier. Won't be using on the table at all, would rather pick up an electric resistance hot plate for that. Will probably be relegated to outdoor use or a holiday pinch. Boils water reasonably fast as expected for a 1800W induction hob. 1 is a nice low. Simmer is between 2 and 3, depends on pot or pan. Settings 9 and 10 emit a pitch that not everyone can detect. 8 it dies down, but I have effectively limited my use to 7 as its still adequate heat unless you’re in a race to boil water with some desirable prize. There is a bit of a hot spot, not terrible but water consistently boils there first, rotate the pan and it’s the same spot. The Hob itself is only about 5" internally, and that’s where bubbles form in a larger pan, so larger pot/pans are cool around edges. Not sure yet if the disk helps at all there, maybe an Al pan on the disk would actually perform better. So far I’ve just used a smaller/taller pot for pilaf and started the more crowded vegetables to be saute’d a bit sooner. I haven't played with this feature yet, but another user claimed that flat bottom pans without a center recess greatly improve the temperature function since the RTD is located in the middle of the element just below the surface. My misc cookware includes pieces from Thomas and Update International pots have that. I have a smaller asparagus steamer branded as Wegmans with similar construction techniques if not from the same factory which does not have that recess, but larger sizes of Wegmans cookware may as well. I digress. I can confirm that there is an RTD with a heat transfer paste gouped on in the center location because after a few uses I noticed a rattle in my unit and I took it apart already.... loose screw which had been over torqued and stripped came loose. The circuit board was still plenty secure without it so i just reassembled. The sticker on the back lied, there was a user serviceable part inside. Overall I don't regret purchasing, but probably won't be using quite as much as I anticipated because of the noise. I'm satisfied because it wasn't that expensive, my motivation to share this review was to provide some quantitative feedback to other buyers so they'd know what to expect, I’m a bit surprised how many 5’s and universally positive reviews I see.
I have used this from some time. I am still a bit leery of using the 'adapter' thing to allow any pot to be used. I still have a gas stove so no need. However, it does boil water quickly and is easy to clean up. Wish it didn't cycle on and off to achieve lower temps, but to get feature you have to pay BIG BIG bucks!!
I love my Max Burton 6200 (6050 includes a disk for use with non-induction pans) and use it daily. It boils a kettle of water (about 2 liters) in 6 minutes on 1/2 power 450 degrees. The glass top is a cinch to keep clean. We used a Nuwave for a year which works okay, but the Max Burton 6200 has superior indesign, power and response. We love it so much we bought 2 Max Burton 6200.
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