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Earlston durable stoves induction cooker customized for home

Earlston durable stoves induction cooker customized for home

Earlston durable stoves induction cooker customized for home

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Wire with press button/Knob control
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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Company Advantages
1. The material selection of stoves induction cooker always take cheap and best induction cooktop into account. The product is energy-efficient, compared to traditional gas cooktops
2. Its high-quality illumination effect and its high color rendering make the product widely recognized by users. For example, thanks to its high CRI, the product is free of any light spots which cause vision uncomfortableness. Made of durable materials, it is strong in construction
3. The adoption of cheap and best induction cooktop structure for stoves induction cooker ensures the popular induction cooker . The process of using this product is flameless
4. stoves induction cooker is suitable for cheap and best induction cooktop , with the advantages of popular induction cooker and so on. Its heat is distributed evenly, allowing full use of the cooking surface
5. stoves induction cooker 's popularity has close relation with the its features such as cheap and best induction cooktop . The coating treatment of its surface makes it easier to clean

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Model No.


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Commercial induction cooker

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Press button

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. The company has a QC team who are in charge of product quality throughout the production processes. They are experienced and have abundant knowledge about the products, which ensures them to be qualified in quality control.
2. Since establishment, we have been strictly complying with market operating standards, and adhere to a social value system that features harmonious relationships between business and society.
This unit is a little more user friendly, I bought this unit based on the temp. readout on the display, Water boils at a setting of 180 f. ,testing at different temp. settings revealed this temp. setting feature is not of any use, we have a unit from Aldi grocery store, $35. same as this, you have to work with the cooking process, cant rely on power and temp.settings. . If you pay for the temp. setting feature it should be of use and it is not. I wanted to be able to set the temp. setting for deep frying , stir frying etc. this will not work on this cook top. have to use a temp.probe to set temp. This unit appears to be made well, the dial and default power level and small footprint are tho only good i can find about unit. In fairness if you read the reviews on all brands of this type of burner you will see when owners tested them they all had temp issues. We will be using this burner for now, I would not buy again. If you could dial in accurate temp. settings this unit would be a winner, the jump in power and temp. settings are to far apart to maintain a control of cooking in some cases. I have to keep adjusting temp. up and down when using, temp is always to high or to low, for boiling water, cooking a egg, on problem, fast and easy, if you want control don't walk away.
This is the first time I bought an induction cooker. My friend told me that I would try it very well. When I received the product, I was really happy because the quality of the workmanship was really very good. I received it. It starts to work, cooking food is really fast, and it is easy to clean. There is also one of my favorite uses is that you can get a place with a plug and it is convenient to use it in the kitchen. The product is really good, I like it very much.
I have already received the induction cooker, the size is right, and it is very good to put it in my small kitchen. It has been used and used, and the 1800W cooks quickly. Fried steak is also very good. And there is timing, it's really convenient.
A good induction for me in the winter. He can choose temperature and time, keep warm.put a soup on it, it’s heated very fast and then you can enjoy delicious soup. We like to eat hot pot in winter which is just right. After boiling, brush mutton slices and beef slices with low temperature and heat preservation, and put in your favorite vegetable. It can also be ushe to roast meat indoors while eating.
My family is very hard on things, and thus I must say giving foundation to form my view to share my experience with this product is indeed based upon sound reasoning. This so far has withstood the harsh we, and so I say to any reader of this review, that it is in my opinion, this is a quality product. This device performed every function it has claimed and was manufactured to perform, and with ease and safety. For the sum of my purchase amount, I am well pleased.
This cookware is wonderful. Even goes in dishwasher. Can't recommend it enough.
Very nice and sturdy! It is a wonderful starter pack for a new kitchen.
I've had them a few weeks now and they are wonderful so far. Says they can go in the dishwasher but so far I haven't because they clean up easily with just soap, water and a paper towel. They still look brand new and cook everything evenly and without sticking.
love it
This Circulon 78003 11 Piece Momentum Nonstick Cookware Set is a great starter set! We have used Circulon for many years and have owned at least three sets, as well as given them as gifts. My wife spends a lot of time the kitchen and has commented quite often that she thinks these are one of the best values for everyday cookware. This is a large set that has all of the expected frying pans and a solid selection of pots. The bottoms are fairly thick and do a great job heating evenly. The glass lids are sturdy and let the cook see whats happening while the food is cooking. The handles are nicely insulated, which is a big plus when needing to get food off the stove quickly. Highly Recommended! CFH
Excellent for stir frying but wok difficult to clean.
For the price I was worried it would be junk, but I was wrong! It works well for induction cooking, but is an awesome diffuser on my gas stove. I do a lot of canning and needed a way to distribute heat more evenly with my huge pressure cooker, this was the perfect solution!
Nice pan. Cooked a turkey breast. Worked fine.
I hadn't heard of an induction stove top until we purchased our new home. To my horror I discovered that my stovetop espresso maker sat idle on the unit [aluminum does not have the qualities required to create the oscillating magnetic field]. In other words, my morning coffee routine came to a screeching halt and this was unacceptable! A friend heard my cries and suggested I purchase a heat diffuser. So off to Amazon and after reading quite frankly the mixed reviews I was hesitant if this purchase would be a waste of money. It did not fail I am so grateful to report. The morning coffee routine is back on track and that qualifies this product for 5 stars!
It's convenient
Moved into a house with an induction cooktop and sadly had to stop using most of my pans. This is a great product. I can cook with anything now and gets heated very fast.
This induction cooktop has been very reliable to me over the past few months. I use it to deep-fry homemade steak fries and sometimes fried chicken, and it works perfectly for this. I found that the auto-temperature feature lets temp drift up and down a bit, so I use a long-stem oven thermometer to inspect and adjust the oil temperature very precisely for more predictable cooking results. You should always monitor frying oil temperature with a good long-stem oven thermometer anyway, because even the "precision temperature" units do not have the accuracy suggested by the manufacturer in most cases, so having one lets you make adjustments to the power level on the fly to kick on high after dropping in food, to backing off towards the end of the cycle. Having no open flame significantly reduces the fire hazard of heating oil for deep-frying and a relatively cool, flat top makes cleanup much easier. I would highly recommend this unit for being of solid American design and maximizing the potential heating power from a 110 volt outlet. Also, this unit is one of the least expensive ones available. I purchased this model because I had a hunch that it had the most heating power and overall value for the money, without expensive frills, and I was not disappointed. Excellent all digital basic unit with a lot of power and 10 distinct power settings. I even read the blog of a hacker who analyzed the inside electronics said the circuitry was a very sound, clever, and efficient design so far as these things go.
This thing is extremely useful. It's bulky, so you'll need counter space. This and a good cast iron skillet is all you'll ever need. Update: Almost two years and this thing is still kicking. No issues. My primary stove is gas, but I use this any time I need to boil something. This thing is as useful as a food processor or blender and is needed for every kitchen that doesn't have one. Update: Well, it doesn't work anymore. Was boiling water and it started squealing and popped. -1 Star for lack of stamina.
I love this cooktop! When I need to cook something fast - it's great! I love the ability to change the cooking temp too..not just Hi, low & medium. I take it with me in the RV too.. sooo much faster than using the propane stove, and portable if I want to cook outside. The only bad thing was that I had to buy a cookware set that was magnetic conductable.(If a magnet will stick to the bottom of the pans) Using the included adapter was useless, the water never would have boiled. With the right cookware,(we actually tested this) it does only take a pan of water 90 seconds to be at a full boil. That's faster than a microwave!
I love this so much I am thinking of buying a bigger unit for my stick and mortar home. Purchased this for my RV so I didn't use the stove top; i put a wood cutting board on top of a metal stove top covering, and this sits on top of the cutting board. Quick, efficient. Safe to handle. I touched it while cooking, no burns. Pots haven't needed a potholder at all. I haven't had occasion yet for the disc...
Works super great. My first experience with induction cooking, love the Burton. Only a few of my many pans would work, so I was glad I had got the model with the adapter. There is a learning curve when it's a new experience. I wish the cook top had come with a recipe book.
I have owned a Eurodib and this surpasses it in quality. It can handle the smaller pot and is more responsive. This is a powerful unit and can do the types of cooking you would do on a normal stove. Great product.
Works better than originally expected. I would buy this product again. Delivery was fast and the item works well. Use it almost every day.
It takes about 20 minutes to heat 3 to 4 quarts of water as is needed for pastas. It works better for smaller amounts of liquid when the pressure cooker is used. There isn't much difference between the power levels in the middle of the scale. Unlike a conventional range, very little heat is released into the room air and it is more efficient in reducing energy consumption
I use this for searing meat instead of the grill. Also boils water in minutes - Great product great price
e started purking our own coffee, we use this burner a lot very well pleased
Was a great experience with company. Heats well, all I expected.
Beats the price of a built in cooktop works fine.
I bought this to cover the overflow cooking on the holidays after using it i was amazed at the heat control that was available . another plus is the lack of extra heat generated around the unit. I can see using this a lot during the hot summer months.
Works as well as my gas range and I can clear my space for the next cooking adventure.
Simply works as advertised. I wanted to try an induction appliance before considering purchase of a built-in. This cooktop gave me all the info I needed. Worked flawlwssly and as advertised. Thks
I bought this to use as a heat spreader on a propane stove, (they always generate more heat than I am used to on my kitchen stove). To my delight this also works as a hob on my induction burners, allowing me to use non magnetic pans as well as the usual ones. Also (as on the propane stove) it brings the lowest heat setting down to a genuine simmer rather than a low boil.
Nice, solid and just the right size for my induction unit. Works just fine, maybe a bit slower to boil but happy with my purchase.
I had a smaller one that would not heat up my 9 inch frying pan on the sides, but this one does the trick. Seems like it takes a little more time than on a gas stove, but I'm sure when I get the hang of using my induction plate, this will be even more useful.
Nice and flat, will go in dishwasher or wash up easy. smal is perfect fo my needs. looks nice even if I don’t put away! Hope to have this on for as long as the other.
If you have a large pan and a small burner these work great. They spread the heat all over the base of the pan.
Bought this (9") VonShef so i can still use ceramic cookware with an induction cooktop. product works great. Will edit review after a year of wear and tear
As described
Works as desired.
Works really. Nice.
Works great!
Product arrived in short order and was exactly what it was advertized. Big addition to the kitchen, helps with organizing meals.
bought it for my new apartment. It really saves space in my small kitchen. Also, in good quality!
For induction use, Size and angle of handle are very good. Item discolors quickly.
If you have a gas stove, there really is no “low” setting. This device helps to disipate the heat on low to greatly reduce scorching. Once cooked I put the burner on low and put the plate under the pan to keep the food warm. You still have to watch it but at least the gas stove now has a low similar to low on a electric stove
Perfect for my kettle and specialty coffee makers. I’ve also used this rather than dragging out my double boiler. Leave it on your stove it looks nice with the kettle on it. One thing you don’t have to store!
We use it on a gas burner to prevent scratching our glass tea pot. One thing to note is that it take longer for the pot to boil.
will not allow pot to bring liquid to a boil. that said, it DOES allow me to use my corningware or whatever other non magnetic cookware . Also was glad it did not leave a heat mark on my induction cooktop.
it works good; I don’t use on induction cooker at top heat, I use at 2 settings lower since I’ve seen reviews of different ones that get damaged at very high heat. It doesn’t heat pot as hot as an induction cookware does on its own. Ok for slow cooking and warming. Too slow for boiling
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