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Earlston induction cooking plate directly sale for restaurant

Earlston induction cooking plate directly sale for restaurant

Earlston induction cooking plate directly sale for restaurant

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Commercial induction cooker
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220V-240V/50HZ-60HZ, 100V-120V, 50HZ
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's has better quality than other products in the industry, which is specifically shown in the following aspects.
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Company Advantages
1. By virtue of its electric induction burner , induction cooking plate is often sold out in many areas.
2. The product structure is stable. Its mechanical components are designed to be rigid and sturdy to support moving parts.
3. With incredible softness and smoothness, it is suitable for those who are skin sensitive. Its softness is not irritating the skin.
4. This product makes wearers more attractive and stand out from the crowd no matter where they go. It has always been a symbol of positive elegancy.

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Model No.


Rated Votage&frequency


Product name

Commercial induction cooker

Heat type


Rated Power


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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater

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Not easy be scratched

Earlston induction cooking plate directly sale for restaurant-6                

Good heat conduction

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Easy clean


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd is professional as a induction cooking plate manufacturer.
2. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has a set of product layout elites with abundant market experience.
3. For what customers need on small induction cooker , we will do our best to meet these requirements. Please contact. Continuous improvement of service quality has always been the main focus of Earlston. Please contact. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd is committed to improving the positioning and fairness of Earlston. Please contact.
First off it is lovely and deep. You can fry a chicken in it easily. I bought it to make spaghetti carbonara and my recipes uses a lb of spaghetti and it easily fits. It is heavy duty, doesn’t scratch and goes into the dishwasher, which makes easy cleanup. Great all around pan and worth every cent.
I like it - it's big, it's heavy, the hole in the handle is large enough to hang on my pot rack. Haven't needed to put it in the dishwasher, but it cleans easily. I only gave it 4 stars because it hasn't weathered my abuse long enough for me to know if it'll last.
This item looks great. I didn't realize that the cooking size was smaller than what I needed, so I returned it.
I purchased on clearance at a local store. Otherwise I probably would not have ever purchased this item. Induction sounded like something fun and new to try. The pans have a non stick finish. I generally avoid non stick, but like I mentioned, it was a clearance item. Cheap. Pans came with the cook top. I use them exclusively with this induction cooktop. Out of the box, it is not intuitive how to turn this on. You will need to read the instructions. If you remove the pan from the cooktop the cooktop will beep at you and turn itself off. I love that it turns itself off when you remove the pan! Mine is on the counter beside my gas range. I find myself using this induction burner instead of my gas range most of the time. It cooks quickly and clean up is a breeze. It is not microwave fast. Cooking time may even be a little slower than my gas range. If I need to cook a big pot of soup or chili, of course I use my gas range. For cooking veggies, frying an egg, making an omelet or heating up a slice of pizza, toasting a sandwich or browning a pound of ground beef, I use my induction burner. I use kitchenaid silicone coated utensils while cooking and a Viancin silicone lid to cover the skillet. So far the pans have not scratched. Clean up is easy. Just a quick rinse of the pans with a drop of dish soap and a quick wipe off of the cooktop. The only area that takes a little more attention are the two aluminum bolts holding the handle on. The inside of the pan is non stick, but the bolts are plain metal. I will probably buy another set for our RV. I may also gift some sets.
Absolutely classy, beautiful, well built, and extremely great customer service! I ordered the 34" Tempered Glass Built-in cooktop and I am thrilled that I received in in one day. Johnson, was quick, efficient and extremely professional and was so helpful with instructions on what I needed to buy. Just buy a 1/2" Female Gas Fitting $3.74 at Home Depot and the installation was so quick and easy. I highly recommend Empava appliances!
Very good looking unit. We had it adjusted for propane with no issues. The only problem we encountered is adjusting the flame. We can boil the hell out of everything but if you try to simmer anything it is difficult at best. We have tried to call customer service (phone number goes to California) but it's not in business anymore, and Italy ... well they're in a much different time schedule than us. If we could figure out how to adjust the flange this would be a 5 star rating
I laughed so hard when I took this pan from the box. I've never seen such a large skillet!!! It's great to be able to cut up a whole chicken, and roast it quickly, and evenly. Every piece crispy!!! This is a very practical thing to have in your kitchen. * I wanted to update, to say I purchased Cuisinart 12.25" Melting Dome, as a cover, and it fits very nicely, within the pan.
It works
For the money, it's hard to find another induction cooker that will get the job done. Surface doesn't scratch easy, has a great number of settings, feels and looks well built—overall a great product. I actually bought three as gifts last Christmas, and I hear great things from the recipients. It can get very hot very quickly, so do be careful if you're making a roux or cooking down something thick. It does, however, offer great control and safety. Only some pots will work (typically those that a magnet will stick to). When we had issues with our gas lines, we used this to boil water quickly for hot baths. Recommended!
Great product! I am disabled & unable to stand at the stove to cook. This is a great alternative for me. It is easy to control the temperature. Cools fast & stores easily.
Great we use this instead of our glass top range because it boils water and cooks faster.
Works beautifully and the price is right. Excellent.
So it's been 2-1/2 years since getting the BG61B. It's never failed, use use it daily - I would estimate 2500 times (about 3X per day). It's never fialed to impress in the kitchen, out camping, in the back yard or garage - we absolutely love this unit. You can make pancakes in the morning, pasta sauce in the afternoon, carry it outdoors to sear roasts prior to slow cooking - it's lightweight, mighty and dependable. I'm only curious as to why the double version has a price tag so much higher.
Any recommendations on the type or brand of skillet to use? It only works with stainless steel. No other skillet will work. It gives me an E1 code.
After receiving the new cook top, I had to get pots that stick to a magnet. These pots are easy to obtain, and usually inexpensive. The cook top is in my sailboat and works great, especially since it doesn't heat up the cabin in the summer like the previous cook top. It heats up the pot very quickly and doesn't burn food. I've had the cook top for three months and I'd definitely purchase another.
As described. Excellent for small omelets. Delivery was fast.
Very nice and durable
Cooks everything
Great quality, heats evenly, clean up is a breeze if hand washed, pretty decent price. Husband, the major chef in our family, really enjoys cooking on it and uses it often.
Very nice product! Exceeds expectations
Love the size, just right for two people!
Great little wok. Nice for a single meal. Clean up is a breeze.
I purchased this to replace my 20yr old wok that no longer had its' non stick surface. This is a great product for the price. I have used it man times and the non stick is still as good as new.
This wok is a nice size but the coating didn't last very long even with hand washing and using rubber spatula. I
Not sure about it, it sticks quite a lot on the bottom of it...
As empty nesters we found our regular wok too large for the two of us. We are so pleased to have purchased the Ecolution House Wok. It is deep and well coated with a good non-stick surface. It has enough mass to spread the heat without being clumsy. The handle is insulated and doesn't burn your hand during use. Cant imagine a better design!
Been enjoying veggie/pasta stir fry in my mini wok. Perfect size for a single person.
Large. Wow. I like
great product, exactly what I need ! not too big !
Excellent purchase. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to wok cook at home.
Heats quickly and evenly, easy clean-up.
FINALLY I can make Asian food that tastes good. Easy to clean and makes a mean dish!!
This is great! Had been looking at induction cooktops but wasn't familiar with them and $$$$. This was a great alternative and extended our cook space. It is sleek and has a nice high tech feel to it. Cleans with a wipe. I couldn't believe how quick it heats the cookware! Fastest thing I have ever cooked with (including gas) and very safe with all the features that keep me from screwing it up. I'm going to be getting these for Christmas gifts this year! Easy to take along for all the potlucks we do too.
Had stovetop for almost a year before my husband finally installed it. Takes a while to get used to after cooking on gas for most of my life. Love the look of it but it does seem to scratch fairly easy. Need to take extra care not to move pans around too much. Also the sooner you clean up messes the better as you don't want them to stain cooktop. Finding the right cleaner is important. Training husband to be extra gentle takes extra patience, but getting better.
Very happy with the choice. Works perfectly. Great delivery time and GREAT value.
This pan definitely lives up to its claims of being non-stick. I have browned some chicken, made some eggs, threw in some bacon--everything wipes right off with a simple sponge. It cooks evenly and is nicely balanced as compared to some pans that tend to fall over on my weird raised grates on my gas stove. However, I cannot give it five stars for a simple reason: The handle gets hot--very hot--even when used on the stove. Sure, it is metal, what do I expect? Well, the product's marketing brags about the handle not getting hot, so since it does, I feel compelled to draw attention to the incorrect claim.
Perform better than I thought, my creamy mushroom meatloaf was delicious and the top conversation during my dinner party. Clean-up was quick and easy.
Works good
easy install, easy cleaning, looks great. love the hot burner light. Put that together with a great price, you have a great cook top
Very nice looking/functioning cooktop for a budget-minded diy-er, easy to install, measurements were accurate. Definitely reommend purchasing this cooktop if you need something to dress up the place and don't have the luxury of gas cooking!
After a year of use I'm very satisfied with this product. No complaints at all; it works as advertised and still looks sharp. I recommend to anyone.
The new 30" whirlpool black electric cooktop was easy to installed I had to cut my granite counter top a little in order for the cooktop to fit. It looks wonderful in my kitchen.
The PIC Gold Induction cook top is as advertised. It boils water so fast that I have had to change how I cook to keep up. It is very easy to clean, it does create hotspots in the center of the pan out to about 3 inches from center (6" diameter), This is mitigated by using tri ply pans with good heat dispersion. which will transfer heat clear to the top edge of the pan or skillet within about 90 seconds. The lower cost pans, including some provided by Nu Wave, have a thin magnetic plate attached to the bottom of the pan and heat dispersion is not as fast or as complete. That isn't the all fault of the PIC but is more the fault of the pans. The cast iron accessories get very hot but still hotter in the center until the heat can disperse. Cooking is so much faster and cleaner that I have not cooked on the stove since I bought the two PICS. A third one would be nice. Also note if you have typical 15 amp circuits or the better 20 amp circuits, you need to use each one on its own circuit. Two will definitely throw the breaker if both are on high power. I found that my Kitchen has 4 circuits, two in the typical locations and one for the microwave and a separate one for the disposal. I plug each unit into a separate circuit and have never thrown a breaker, even with both units on sear, According to the marks on the cook top the diameter of the coils is 8 inches, but the heating pattern when boiling water indicates 6 inches with the rest of the pan - up to 12 inches starting to boil (bubble pattern on bottom) about 1 minute after the inner circle. However a 3 qt pot about 1/2 filled with water reaches a full boil on the surface in less than 1 minute. Again the pans have a big impact on this. The temperature control allows me to make 3QTs of popcorn in less than 2 minutes from the time I put the Crisco in the pan until I empty the popped corn. I don't have to shake the pan, and it has never burned even when left on the burner for 20 seconds after the last kernel pops. I start it grease at 375 degrees and reduce the temp to 350 degrees about 30 seconds later when I put in the popcorn. 90 seconds later its done. I then set the temp to 175 and put in butter, while I wash the lid the butter melts but doesn't burn. I then put the butter on the popcorn and wash the pan. In less than 5 minutes I am back in front of my show with hot popcorn and cleanup done. I love this unit. The only question is how long it will last, but so far no issues.
I originally purchased this product for my kettle. With the intent of a single purpose product that managed to get my water up to temperature faster, with less energy and maintain it. While it excelled at quickly heating up, it did poorly in maintaining a steady temperature. The first day I set it to 175° F, which is the setting I wanted it for green tea, a few minutes later the water was at a rolling boil, 212°F. I was sympathetic I experimented with different lower temperatures; however, the results were always inconclusive, bringing my water to a rolling boil each time. This product does not do well with maintaining a temperature. Which is confusing because it has a temperature dial... I had to send mine back for it did not meet my needs.
It seems to work well. Boiled a large pot of water quickly without heating the kitchen. That was my first review. So far I have been very pleased with the control over temp and the fact that it does not heat up the kitchen as much as my gas burners and stove do. It is great when running the AC. It is also a nice supplement outdoor cooking during grilling season (why waste charcoal or propane for boiling water). it works well cooking all food (not jut water). The temp range goes from very low to very high and remains constant at what ever setting you need.. very even heating with cast iron or good stainless steel with a thick bottom.
It works and puts out a decent amount of power. But the controls are not that friendly -- e.g. the power level resets to max each time you power off/on and when you switch to temp mode and back. It is also quite noisy. In general, not even close to how nice the Vollrath Mirage Pro is -- not only in terms of fine temp control, but in terms of general use. Will probably keep it. I do love induction and will replace my cooktop with an induction unit soon. The RW will help tie me over until then. But the Vollrath is so nice, I will keep that -- if nothing else, but to melt chocolate! (It is that fine of a temp control!) Granted the Vollrath is 1.5x the price of the professional version of the RW and 3x the price of the home version.... I guess you get what you pay for -- though I cannot imagine settling for the pro version of the RW. The home version is cheap enough that it will suffice as a stand-in.
I converted it to lpg. working perfect
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