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Earlston practical electric induction cooker from China for household

Earlston practical electric induction cooker from China for household

Earlston practical electric induction cooker from China for household

Model No.
Heat type
Countertop; Flat+concave type
Control type
Press button or Knob control
Rated Voltage&frequency
Rated Power
Product brand
Stainless steel housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Enterprise Strength
  • always insists on the idea that service comes first. We are committed to fulfilling customers' needs by providing cost-effective services.
Company Advantages
1. There are five basic design principles of furniture applied to Earlston electric induction heater . They are Balance, Rhythm, Harmony, Emphasis, and Proportion and Scale.
2. The product undergoes in-house quality assurance procedures.
3. The quality of the product has been greatly assured by out stringent process quality control system.
4. Proper weight, breathable and soft to the touch, this product will create a serene sleeping experience, leaving users feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Model No.


Rated Votage&frequency


Product name

Commercial induction cooker

Heat type


Rated Power


Control type

Press button

Product size



EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

Earlston practical electric induction cooker from China for household-4

Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has its own advantage to produce electric induction cooker with high quality.
2. We have a professional sales team. Combining their years of experience, they are able to communicate with our customers and distributors to ensure that our products, services, and solutions are targeted to their needs and exceed their expectations.
3. We are firmly committed to improving the quality of our products and processes on an ongoing basis, and we will unceasingly strive for targeted innovation in this field. Integrity and openness are our core values that direct our business behavior. We have a firm stance: zero tolerance to cheat or fraud on clients and partners. Our company bears social responsibilities. We continue to improve our performance through energy-saving initiatives such as measuring and controlling our CO2 output.
It def was not durable. But im not sure it was my fault or not hahah
Ive had these for a month with no problems, bought 2 and was worried that they would randomly turn on but that has not happened.
High quality and looks even better than the picture.
Spoons are everything my wife expected!
Works very well. I thank many of the people complaining have the device wired incorrectly.
Works great. Stays on during movement then off after approximately 8 seconds. Never missed a beat, trigers within 15 ft.
1 year and still goin
Beautiful kettle , I love the look of the kettle and loud whistle. I am pleased with this kettle.
This is our first teapot boiler. Surprised how great looking it is. Very smooth on the surface, easy handle design to open and close the cap. Very enjoy to use this boiler.
The whistle is very loud, so I try to keep the heat nearer medium. It is a bit heavy when too full, but good-looking and sturdy.
Love the color
The product works very well I also got a cast iron one from same brand cause I'm cautious on the aluminum in the base leaching through the steel into the water
heavy duty and useful. Measurements are engraved and so wont wash off = big plus. Only wish the key ring was stonger/bigger
I really like the weight of the spoons. These were a treat for myself. During holiday baking I had to use them for a lot of spice jars. It was nice to be able to insert the spoon right into the jar rather than have to pour the contents out. The only downside is that the ring they are on is a little flimsy. It always opens and the rest of the spoons fall off. Due to the weight of all of the spoons it is almost impossible to keep the spoons on the ring as you use them. Needs a stronger ring.
Nice, very attractive and powders do not stick in bowl like they do in previous sets
I bought these as a gift for my sister. She says they are heavy duty, and really good quality. I would absolutely buy from this company in the future.
Heavy and very well made. Great product!
Exactly what I need for spice jars! Very 'heavy' in a good way. Feel like great quality.
We love these and use them nearly every day!
Nice heavy steel
Finally, measuring spoons that fit into spice jars...genius! These spoons are really nice quality.
Great set of measuring spoons
I love the look of it. Modern with a traditional twist. Easy to clean. I retired my 50 year-old Revere Copper teakettle after so much devoted service. Hope this new one lasts as long! I was happy to find their cleaning and care instructions and the video on line. Such a practical idea. Cool weather is coming, so I expect to be using it more often to make that afternoon cup of tea. Thank you for a great product!
Works very good. Wiring couldn’t be easier. Worth the money. Thanks
Works great as it should.
Unit has been in service for 2 months and works every time. Piece of cake to install.
? Excellent!!!
I like the color, Rose gold color, the same color as my iPhone. Easy to use!
Very good kettle,sliver so pretty.use on my kitchen,I will enjoy cooking.i like on the morning drink warm water,it’s good for me
Works great.
I love it! It’s looks just like the picture!
First of all I wanted to say that even though this specifies 12 volt minimum I ran it on 9 volts. The relay turns on when you first apply power. The relay is activated on first power even if there is no motion so if you're having problems it could be your power source. It senses humans at about 3-5 meters.
Added this sensor to the 12v circuit pantry light in my RV. It worked out great. Mounted it to the ceiling with double sided tape next to the existing light fixture.
Great meter
A quality cooker works as expected.
I received a free sample of this product for test and review purposes. For health reasons, I have been experimenting with cooking without using much, if any, fats. I had seen sous vide machines at some of the name brand kitchen stores and, while they were interesting, the price (well over double that of this unit) made it impossible for me to consider. I was very happy to be asked to test this product for Oliso. This is a company I have known and trusted for years with a high quality quilting/craft iron. Putting the machine together is simple. It is just a matter of sitting taking it out of the box and setting the tub on top of the heating unit. I decided to make boneless, skinless chicken breasts and asparagus for our dinner. I did not include any oil or butter with either of the two (though I did add a little oil to the pan when I seared the chicken breast at the end.) I sealed two pieces of chicken in one pouch and two servings of asparagus in another. I added various herbs and spices to each pouch and set the temperature for the machine to 165, which is the recommended temp for chicken. Asparagus usually takes a higher temp, but I figured (rightly) that it would work out well if I simply cooked it longer at a lower temp. This isn't a quick process but it isn't slow cooker slow either. It takes a bit more time but you have to watch it less. It is another set it and forget it type of appliance. It cooks while you are taking care of business (like checking homework) somewhere else. Along the way, I checked the temperature several times against the read-out on the front of the unit versus my trusted Thermapen instant read thermometer. In all cases, the temperatures matched exactly. In the end, it took 1.5 hours for both to cook to the temperature (chicken) and texture (asparagus) that we prefer. It worked perfectly and I have cooked this meal several times now with the same results. One of the best and unexpected things I like about the meats I have cooked this way is that I don't have to worry about resting time. The meat is the same temperature inside and out so you don't have to let the meat rest to keep the juices from running out with your first cut. I also love to use this to make my tarragon chicken salad. I have either bought (expensive) prepared chicken or have poached my own. In both cases, the flavor of the chicken was not nearly as good or as pronounced as when I cooked my chicken in the sous vide, cooled it and then used it the second day to make my salad. My family are great fans of my salad but they all agreed that the chicken salad made with the sous vide chicken was the best I have ever made. The sous vide part of this unit is new and exciting for me to use but I also put the induction cooktop unit into full use over the holiday season. I have a commercial rated four burner gas stove by Kitchenaid and I love it but sometimes I need an extra burner, especially for parties and the holidays. I was able to use the induction burner on this unit for every holiday meal that I prepared this season. I had to be sure to use an induction ready pan/pot (no problem was my All-Clad worked great) and I was in business - to check see if a magnet can stick to the bottom of the pan - if so, it can work with induction. My daughter has an induction cooktop, so I have used the process before. It heats up quickly and is perfect for both searing and for cooking. It was perfect for making gravy which is a long process for me as I like to cook my flour at low temp and then simmer the gravy slowly to the right consistency. I was able to sit the induction burner on my kitchen island, out of the way of the rest of the cooking and let it do its thing while I checked and stirred from time to time. All in all, this has been a great addition to my kitchen. Word of warning, it does take up a lot of room and you need a vacuum sealer to use it effectively and safely. If that works for you, as it did for me, I highly recommend the Oliso Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Sous Vide.
Lightweight and nice to look at.
I currently use the Fluke 83-3, these are the 5th gen. I would highly recommend for a few dollars more..........upgrade to these.
Good price. Prompt delivery. Excellent quality. Description matches product.
I am shocked at how heavy and sturdy this kettle it. Its AMAZING quality. This is the best kettle i own so far. Heavy stainless steel. It whistles so i know when my tea is ready before it starts spilling out like all of my other tea kettles. Not too loud though, but loud enough to hear it. The handles dont get hot, so you dont have to use a oven mitt or rag when carrying/pouring. Obsessed with making tea in this kettle. Feels like i should have paid a lot more for it than i did.
This is an awesome teacher kettle. It is well made and works like it should.
It's a nice teapot but I find the lid is hard to get off.
Color and handles very satisfied!
Nice product, it is easy to clean and use. Definitely recommend it
Working magnificiently. It appears the shut off toming of these are somewhat affected buy current load try b4 install.
what a good looking kettle,,easy to use,and keep clean,the insulated handle helps to hold the kettle after boiling without getting burned,absolutely recommend.
Color not accurate. It looks light tan/gold on Amazon but is actually more light pink. I bought this for a gift for my son-in-law and was very disappointed when he told me about the color. Other than that he is really happy with the product and functionality.
I have bought three of these to use in closets/pantry in our RV. I followed the instructions that came with them and they work flawlessly. I've only had them up for about 3 months now, but everything seems to be working well. I am buying more for our closets at home.
This can hold a lot of water, enough for my mother to drink a day, the handle design is very intimate, with heat-resistant gloves on the handle, stainless steel is easier to clean, when the water is boiled, there will be a sound to remind you, this is very good This can be a good reminder to turn off the fire and avoid drying the water. Mom likes it very much.
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