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Electric Induction cooker

The induction cooker, also known as the induction hob, is the product of the modern kitchen revolution. It does not require the flame or conductive heating to allow heat to be generated directly at the bottom of the pot, so the thermal efficiency has been greatly improved. It is an energy-efficient kitchen equipment that is completely different from all traditional fire- or fire-free conductive kitchen cooking equipment. The induction cooker is an electric cooking appliance made by the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It consists of a high-frequency induction heating coil, a high-frequency power conversion device, a controller, and a ferromagnetic material pot bottom cooker. Secondly.
The induction cooker mainly consists of two major components: one is the high-frequency alternating magnetic field electronic circuit system (including the induction cooker coil disk); the other is used to fix the electronic circuit system, and carries the structural shell of the cookware (including the ability to withstand high temperatures and Hot and cold furnace panel).