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elephant in the room, edison becomes one of ohio\'s statues on capitol hill

by:Earlston     2020-01-21
In this case, the elephant in the room is the elephant in the room.
This room is the national statue Hall. it is an old house in the United States. S. Capitol.
The elephant is a dead circus animal called Topsy.
The questions focus on the loose connection between Topsy and Thomas Alva Edison, the newest member of the Capitol statue collection.
Historians known as The Wizard of Menlo Parker believe Edison has developed light bulbs, phonograph, stock market machines and a camera to film.
His prolific invention earned Edison nearly $1,100 in revenue. S. patents.
At a ceremony this week, congressional leaders presented a gift to the new Edison statue representing Ohio.
\"When I heard that we were going to unveil the statue of Thomas Edison, my first thought was, \'We don\'t have a statue yet?
House Speaker Paul RyanWis.
Said at the statue conference.
Despite his close relationship with New Jersey, Edison is from Milan, Ohio.
Congress allows each state to send two statues to Capitol Hill.
After years of debate, Ohio chose to abolish the Ohio government\'s regulations. William Allen (
Vocal critic of Abraham Lincoln)
Good for others.
Compared to other famous Ohio people, history just bypassed Allen.
Ohio is considered a strong list of celebrities represented by Congress.
In his speech at the ceremony, Sen. Rob Portman, R-
\"Neil Armstrong and 23 other astronauts.
He discussed eight presidents in Ohio. -
Although the statue of President James Garfield has added a lot to the circular hall of the Capitol.
\"We also have a couple of people named Orville and Wilber running,\" Portman said . \".
\"So it\'s not easy.
Ohio also considered Harriet Beecher Stowe. Jesse Owens.
Even Burton, Ohio, became the legendary University of Michigan football coach. Ahem.
Does anyone really think they can get the University of Michigan football coach to represent the U. S. state of BuckeyeS.
The Capitol fighting to commemorate the time?
\"We are a proud state.
But I think we did it right, \"Portman, Ohio, told Edison.
In the statue, Edison stood tall and proudly raised his most prominent invention, incandescent lamp, to the sky with his right hand.
Before Edison, more than 20 inventors designed incandescent lamps.
But Edison perfected the bulb and combined the idea of a unique lamp with a system that lights up the whole room or street.
Of course, the matrix of the lamp requires power.
Historians believe that Edison surpassed his opponent by linking incandescent lamps with the development of large-scale power generation and distribution systems.
This brings us into what we call a water war \".
At the end of the 19 th century, a competition between Edison, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla was the world\'s electricity.
Tesla has created something called an induction motor that helps improve the use of AC current (AC. )
But Edison prefers DC current. DC. )
In 1885, Tesla came to work at Edison with the opportunity to redesign the DC generator.
Tesla said that although Edison did not have the cash, Edison gave him \"$50,000 \".
Tesla completed the mission and Edison never offered $50,000.
Edison gave Tesla a raise and told him, \"you don\'t understand the humor of our Americans.
Tesla withdrew on the spot and returned to perfecting his communication system.
Edison saw the advantages of AC power supply, but did not want to switch.
Very expensive.
Besides, Edison did not want to destroy his DC job and lost to Westinghouse and Tesla.
What would you do if you worked with Edison?
It proves that the air conditioner is not safe.
Edison\'s team tried to reveal its dangers through the development of Tesla.
Edison\'s supporters helped New York provide an electric chair system that uses air conditioning.
Edison himself opposed the death penalty.
But by making sure the device uses Westinghouse generators, Edison believes that if it is used through an electric chair when it is first executed, he may scare people from never wanting AC to enter their home or business.
News reports say the exercise is ridiculous.
The reporter described the terrible narrow, burning bones and burnt meat.
\"They will do better with an axe,\" announced Westinghouse.
In other words, Edison\'s team played against Westinghouse and Tesla.
Edison\'s assistant successfully organized a game.
The public incident tarnished the reputation of his competitors and made the public oppose the use of air conditioners.
The elephant came in from here.
Topsy performed at the Fort Flaugh circus and finished on Coney Island in New York on 1903.
There was a plan to implement Topsy in response to various incidents of violence.
Edison\'s film camera is filming the execution of Topsy in another movie.
Promote a collection of questions about communication.
Edison did not appear when Topsy executed the death penalty.
At this point, nothing can directly connect Edison with the film company or the electricity industry.
But news reports at the time said Topsy was electrocuted to death by an electrician at Edison electric power.
The film is also considered \"Thomas A\" on the screen \". Edison.
But this is not important.
AC killed Topsy.
If communication is really so powerful that people shouldn\'t think about something like DC? The 74-
The second \"electric shock to Elephants\" is one of the first films for the public to watch, a device Edison has crafted to showcase the earliest films.
Edison may have a statue in the United States. S. Capitol today.
But from the middle
1950, power companies distribute most of their electricity through communication rather than Edison\'s DC.
But when it comes to power, who do we think?
Not Tesla but Edison.
After all, power companies in the New York area are called connedison, not ConTesla.
The brand \"Westinghouse\" still exists among consumers in the United States.
But there is no statue of George Westinghouse in the United States. S. Capitol.
Of course, there is no statue of Nikola Tesla on Capitol Hill.
Edison obviously has better marketing.
Despite Edison\'s small involvement, the communication PR disaster of the electric chair and Topsy helped his power invention to take the lead at the time, leaving his competitors behind. The Sacramento-
The 1980 s-based hair band \"Tesla\" indirectly helped Nikolai Tesla re-enter public awareness as it was open to acts such as David Lee Ross and Def thanpard.
Elon Musk\'s \"Tesla car\" was also not hurt.
However, it is strange that Edison invented the first electric car battery.
Today, Tesla is almost synonymous with electric vehicles.
The focus of the Edison statue of the Capitol building is undoubtedly an incandescent lamp above his head.
The light bulb is symbolic.
It seems that Edison had another idea.
Come up with a new invention.
A new device has been developed.
The regulations of the artist Alan villerill actually declare \"let the light be!
The light of thought, invention and progress.
Of course, the lamp used for Edison\'s statue is an incandescent lamp. -
Like he perfected.
But in 2007, Congress passed a law calling for this stage.
Replace fluorescent bulbs with incandescent lamps.
Incandescent lamps have also been banned in Brazil, the European Union, Canada and many other countries.
Who developed the first practical fluorescent bulb? Nikola Tesla.
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