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five of the best small gas grills under $350

by:Earlston     2020-03-26
With a choice, everyone I know only wants a building.
There is a cooking island in the backyard.
However, not all of us can afford such luxury goods.
Sometimes you may not have a budget for a big grill, sometimes space can be a limit, and sometimes you may just want something small enough to be put on a RV or ship.
But being small does not necessarily mean being inferior;
Instead, as evidenced by the small gas grill on this list, the small gas grill is still very powerful.
Best small gas grill under $3501.
The Weber Q300 has a unique pedigree for any Weber BBQ, and the Q300 absolutely lives up to the manufacturer\'s reputation.
The Weber Q300 is a compact, multi-functional gas grill that does not affect the power supply, providing a total of 21,700 BTUs heat per hour through its 2 stainless steel burners, 393 square inches of cooking space is provided. Fine-
It is very easy to adjust the temperature, and it is as beautiful as the built-in function
In the lid thermometer, this is one of the best small gas grills you can buy.
Only 54 lbs.
6 lbs further increased its appeal.
The perfect grill for indoor space offers all the features and features of a $1000 large grill. Price: $3292.
This Coke baking model combines flavor-
Use a gas grill to enhance the design of a charcoal grill.
Although it has only one burner, it can provide 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour.
Although it looks small, it still offers over 320 square feet.
Grill area inches.
It\'s easy to light the grill with a built-in grill
In the electronic ignition system, if you have such a tendency, you can even drop on some wood --
Add instant smoked flavor to the fries on the cooking grate.
It\'s only 48 lbs, and it\'s easy to take it with you during a picnic.
However, hardcore BBQers may be a little disappointed with its power output. Price: $1793.
The \"city\" gas grill series of Char Broil Quantum Infrared city Char Broil targets BBQer without a large backyard and blocks all the power of the big grill into a neat and small package.
This grill is small but powerful and ideal for compact space.
Enjoy a barbecue right on your patio and balcony, this small gas grill features 320 square feet.
A few inches of cooking space and an easy-to-use electronic ignition device.
For the \"city\" grill, you really can\'t be better than this Char Broil model. Price: $2994.
The LXE lacks motivation and it makes up for the lack of portability.
Due to its low weight and 60 lbs weight, the design is compact and foldable, it is very easy to fix this small gas grill around.
With 2 burners each providing 10,000 BTUs power, you will not miss the power either.
If you want a gas grill that can be dragged or stored on board during a camping trip, then you should look at this Coleman. Price: 159. 995.
The Weber Q100 is about as small and portable as they come.
The weight is less than 30 pounds and only 16x27x23. 5 inches (with lid open)
This is \"a small grill that can be used \".
With a separate 8,500 BTU steel burner, it may not be strong enough to meet the needs of hardcore griller, but it is good enough for regular users.
If you value portability and ease of use then this is your grill.
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