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how to cook eggs in a stainless steel pan

by:Earlston     2020-03-12
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There seems to be a common misconception that it is not possible to cook eggs in stainless steel without dealing with serious egg sticking problems. The truth is. . . it is possible. Non-
There is no need to use a sticky pot to achieve non-stick results.
Stainless steel can be used to cook eggs that slide out of the pan.
If you know the right way to use stainless steel, then you can cook eggs that don\'t stick every time!
Professional chefs appreciate and know how to make use of stainless steel cookware.
It is very durable and can Degas outstanding sauces and gravy without affecting the taste of the food.
It\'s also easy to cook other basic dishes at home.
Follow these steps to prevent \"sticking problems\" the next time you cook eggs in a stainless steel pan \".
Fortunately, if you succeed, there won\'t be any intense scrubbing during cleaning.
Note: Chemical total fluorine acid (PFOA)
, Exists in non-coating
In 2005, the Environmental Protection Agency found that the sticking pot may be a carcinogenic substance.
For this reason, replace your non
Stick the pan with healthier alternatives like stainless steel.
Material Stainless steel frying pan or stainless steel French frying pan egg spoon or spatula oil step 1 Place the stainless steel pan on the burner and open the stove from low to medium.
Heat the smaller pan to a medium sized one.
Make sure the pan is completely dry.
Step 2 Preheat pot 3-
4 minutes on the gas stove, 4-
5 minutes on the electric stove.
5-warm up the pot6 minutes.
Preheating of the pot is very important.
Step 3: refuel in the pan.
Use as much or as little oil as possible.
Make sure it covers the bottom of the pot completely.
Step 4: Pour the scrambled eggs into the pan or break each egg directly.
When they hit the pot, they should hissing.
Step 5 of scrambled eggs, wait 1-
2 minutes, stir gently.
Wait a minute and stir again.
Repeat processing until cooked.
For Sunny eggs, Cook 1-
2 minutes or until you like it.
Step 6 remove scrambled eggs with wooden spoon from a stainless steel pan or place the eggs on a sunny side with a spatula, or remove the pan from the burner to prevent the eggs from burning. Enjoy!
Conclusion it may be tricky to master the process of cooking eggs in stainless steel.
You may have to change the time and temperature of the preheated pan a little, as not all furnaces and stainless steel pans are exactly the same.
You will find out what is best for you.
Remember, the most important step is to warm the pan to the correct temperature (
The eggs should hiss when they hit the pot)
Before adding oil or food.
Scrambled eggs, add salt, pepper, or other seasonings to the eggs, and stir them to add to the taste.
The basic instructions above apply to cooking eggs in other ways, such as eggs, which are easy to cook.
The effect is better with good quality stainless steel frying pan.
If you don\'t want to use a lot of oil, put a few drops into a stainless steel pan and apply it around with a rubber spatula, completely covering the bottom of the pan.
If you use butter then use the lower heating setting to warm up your pan as the butter burns easily.
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