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how to plan - design and build your patio kitchen

by:Earlston     2020-04-03
Do you live in a family that cooks in the summer and is more of an outdoor barbecue than an indoor oven or top burner on a stove?
You are not alone because the barbecue is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the past in the United States and many other countries.
In an open cooking, dining and entertainment-
The air environment is an important part of the fun of warm weather, the hot trend of this fun is to move all the cooking outside, there is an outdoor kitchen on the terrace, or in a comfortable environment, colorful Garden.
The outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition to any house.
Not only can you cook delicious meals outside, but you don\'t have to be stuck in the main kitchen and miss all the fun out there.
Of course, there are a wide variety of grills, with side burners, heating racks and grill series that can be cooked in large quantities around the grill.
A good example is the creation of Weber.
320 gas grill with side burner.
Even so, however, a lot of food preparation, cookware, serving bowls and utensils still allow the chef to move from the sink to the cabinet, from the grill to the fridge and back to the grill. A well-
The designed outdoor kitchen allows you, family, friends and guests to interact in one place and enjoy the courtyard breeze and sunshine.
Experts point out that in 2006, Americans spent more than $50 billion on exterior renovations.
As the price of gasoline rises, families may relax at home instead of traveling.
You\'ll need at least a few thousand dollars before starting your outdoor kitchen, but consider it as an investment.
Before you rush to buy materials and appliances, here are a few things you should learn about the outdoor kitchen and its design.
There are three basic outdoor kitchen designs for terrace kitchen design
Shaped island, basic Island and U-shaped islandshaped center. An L-
The shape of the island has space for cooking and preparation.
A basic Island has a sink, a grill and a ready space.
Basic islands tend to be small, so if you\'re going to cook for more than a few people, you might consider another type. A U-
The center of the shape has a grill in the middle, with space on both sides for preparation and service.
This is a convenient design if you want to provide food directly without leaving the grill.
The base of the island can be brick, plaster, or any attractive non-
Flammable materials.
This is the point where you can decide whether you want the bar height service area or the regular height of the chair.
Outdoor kitchen cabinets keep in mind that the outdoor kitchen is exposed to sunlight, water and cold temperatures, so you need to use durable materials on the countertops and cabinets.
Marble, granite, brick and all kinds of artificial materials are very easy to use.
It is easy for Wood to rot, especially if not handled.
It is also highly flammable.
The outdoor kitchen should last for years, so you should invest in the best quality cabinets and countertops you can afford.
The core of all outdoor kitchens is the grill.
If you go all out to design, you can choose a gas grill, a charcoal grill, or even both.
A key decision is whether you want a removable or built inin grill.
In both cases, you would like a gas hook in your patio kitchen.
The removable offers maximum flexibility, and if it needs repair or warranty work, it will be much easier than taking out the super duper 10 burner built into the 400,000 BTUin.
Weber\'s century E-
The Model 320 noticed is a reliable choice for the terrace kitchen.
You need a waterproof cover if the grill is exposed to elements.
The lighting and shadows of the outdoor kitchen greatly enhance the potential of outdoor living and entertainment areas on the terrace. One thing is lighting at night and shading the sun during the day.
A super addition to your patio reserve is a patio umbrella that protects you from the sun and cool shadows.
Another enhancement is some soft lighting that makes this wonderful space a part of your home after dark.
An incredible patio umbrella can meet your needs in both areas.
The Galtech 9ft aluminum patio umbrella with light is built in-
In the LED lighting system of the umbrella ribs, soft lighting is provided for the restaurant or bar area of the dark terrace.
It is bright enough to pour drinks, manage appetizers, and see the face of your talking partner.
During the day, the automatic tilt mechanism and the 9 feet Sunbrella fabric provide excellent insulation and sun protection.
How to build an outdoor kitchen the first thing to do is to plan exactly what you want and need to see how this compares to the budget you are working on.
Consider what type of cooking you will do, how many people you will feed, whether the food is eaten outside or brought inside.
Ask yourself if you want the outdoor kitchen to be a fixture or a movable arrangement.
When you have a clear idea of what you need, you can build your own outdoor kitchen or hire a contractor to help.
The outdoor kitchen should be near the house so you can bring food in and out, but don\'t blow the smoke into the house or the area on the guest\'s face.
Other safety precautions include making the grill comfortable
6 inch high, no flammable materials are used in outdoor kitchen buildings.
Once you have a plan or blueprint and have the materials arranged, it\'s time to build your outdoor kitchen.
Upon completion, you will have the perfect place to relax with your family, entertain your friends and enjoy delicious meals for years to come.
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