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how to : refuel a gas grill

by:Earlston     2020-03-10
Even if you are the owner of the grill, handling tanks can be a bit scary if you have never done it before.
But there\'s really nothing to worry about.
It is easy to replace or refill the gas grill tank.
Warning: propane is flammable and dangerous.
Do not use or store cylinders in a garage or other enclosed area.
You need * a gas grill * a propane tank * a propane dealer. Step 1: turn off the gas on the grill and any external burner.
Step 2: close the cylinder value turn the steering wheel of the cylinder tank valve to the right until it is completely closed.
Step 3: unscrew the hose or knot, unscrew the hose or knob connecting the grill and the tank, and remove the tank from the grill.
Tip: rap on the side of the tank.
Empty cans have echo.
Step 4: transport tanks in safe, upright and vertical positions for refilling or replacement.
Tip: never let the tank bounce back, no more than four tanks in one transport.
Step 6: reconnect take your oil tank home, reconnect and start the barbecue.
Fact: more than two
Three of all the grills are made of propane fuel.
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