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how to use a pressure cooker (and choose which one to buy)

by:Earlston     2019-12-01
Pressure cooker is one of my favorite kitchen tools!
They\'re kitchen and dinner vandals with a bad reputation-
But like other tools, they are completely safe as long as you use them correctly.
Nowadays, the pressure cooker is safer and more reliable --
As long as you follow some basic rules, there is little chance that food will explode on walls and ceilings. ; )
In this Instructure, I will explain how to choose the pressure cooker to buy and introduce you to the basics of how to use the pressure cooker. P. S.
Keep in mind that the pressure cooker and the pressure tank are two completely different tools.
I won\'t report the pressure tank here.
Pressure cooker only!
Here is a list of pressure cooker recipes I have compiled-more to come!
Above: The pressure cooker pulls the porkA pressure cooker with amazing functions, which is 70% faster than the traditional method of cooking food!
Many people turn to slow cook or freeze food for convenience, but as far as I\'m concerned, you really can\'t beat the pressure cooker to get quick and delicious homemade food. :D (
To be honest, I don\'t think I ever had a great meal in a slow cooker.
My seat was mostly abandoned after eating a lot of bland and watery meals. )
The pressure cooker also has the added convenience of cooking brown meat and fried vegetables in the pan, which means you can accumulate a lot of flavor.
If you don\'t lock the lid, you basically have another great pot to cook if you need it!
I have been cooking pasta in a pressure cooker with my stove.
Also, the pressure cooker is very helpful if you live in high altitude areas.
Because the boiling point is low, it may take longer to cook the food.
But even at 8,000 feet, I can still cook things in 1/3 of the time with a pressure cooker. :)
There are many things to consider when choosing a pressure cooker to buy.
These standards apply to all pressure cookers-
But in the next two steps, I \'ve broken down the pros and cons of electric and stove pressure cookers.
What to consider when choosing a pressure cooker: There are two things I can\'t recommend you to do, but: Advantages of an electric pressure cooker: disadvantages of an electric pressure cooker: Advantages of a stove pressure cooker: disadvantages of a stove pressure cooker: it is worth mentioning that I suggest you buy a stove top stainless steel pressure cooker with aluminum core or copper core on the bottom.
The pressure cooker like this will last for years and you just need to replace the gasket and maybe some other small parts.
They are more reliable and cheaper in the long run.
I\'m using the Fagor Splendid 6 quart pressure cooker right now and I love it.
It is heated evenly and it is very good to keep the pressure, I like that the handle can easily get into the sink if I need to release the pressure very quickly!
It also has very cheap replacement parts.
The main brands of stainless steel stove pressure cooker include: Before you start cooking, be sure to look at the Manual of the pressure cooker so that you are familiar with all the important components.
Here is a basic overview of what to look.
Lid lock/lid lock indicator: some pressure cookers (like mine! )
There is a locking mechanism that you have to use to pressurize the cooker.
Others just let you know when the pressure cooker starts and locks automatically-
A lot of electric pressure cookers do this!
Pressure indicator: every pressure cooker will let you know when the pressure is reached.
On my current stove pressure cooker, the pressure indicator is a small yellow button that pops up.
On my electric pressure cooker, the red middle of the steam release valve pops up.
Steam or pressure release valve: The steam release valve is one of the most important components of the pressure cooker.
This is the way you tell the pressure cooker to make pressure, and the way you release it.
Most models allow you to turn the valve to build or release the pressure.
The steam release valve is how you can release the pressure quickly if the formula requires it.
Steam release point: you will see a steam leak when your pressure cooker enters and keeps the pressure.
The main steam at the outlet of the pressure cooker is called the steam release valve, and sometimes the steam release valve is twice the pressure indicator.
It is very important to keep this clean.
I always wash this part of the lid first!
The lid edge of most stove cookers also has areas where steam can escape, while the back of the electric pressure cooker often has a large area.
Sometimes you will also see some condensate around these areas.
Gasket: the gasket is a rubber/silicone/plastic ring that enters the edge of the cover.
The gasket should be treated with extreme care-
Without this thing you won\'t be able to cook under pressure!
Please check the manual for details of care.
Fill in the line: check the inside of the pot.
Every modern pressure cooker I \'ve used has filling lines inside
Maximum and minimum values.
These will tell you at a glance how you filled them out. wise.
As I said before, the pressure cooker is very safe now.
But when user error is the most common cause of the pressure cooker problem, you need to take some steps to make sure you are safe!
Here are some basic guidelines for using, storing and cleaning the pressure cooker: the electric pressure cooker is very easy to use, so I will give a brief introduction to this.
The stove pressure cooker does need to take more time to check them, but after you use your pressure cooker for the first time, it\'s like a second nature. :)
The last important note here is that if you do not see the steam coming out of the vent/valve and after trying to push the pressure cooker to pressure for about five minutes, the pressure indicator is not moving, you\'re probably a little wrong.
In this case, I always remove the pot from the fire and carefully open the top (
A little farther away from you! )
Then lock it on the jar.
Sometimes washers don\'t like to sit right for the first time. :)
Wash the pressure cooker as soon as possible after cooking to avoid food drying and clogging parts.
It is particularly important to clean the pressure indicator/valve and steam vent (s)
Make sure everything goes well next time.
Since all the important parts live there, I always try to flush the underside of the lid right away.
If you are the kind of person who will let something \"soak\" in the sink forever, try not to do this with a pressure cooker.
Yes, that\'s who I am.
: Please check the pressure cooker manual for details, but you can usually clean the pan in the dishwasher, while the lid and gasket should be cleaned by hand.
Do not clean the washer in the dishwasher or extremely hot water-
This can deform the gasket!
Be gentle when cleaning-
Be careful not to pull it or tear it in any way.
If your washer has small cracks and feels harder than normal, or is very sticky to touch, you should replace it with a new washer.
These are signs of defects in the gasket.
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