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industrial drop-in induction cooker customized for household

industrial drop-in induction cooker customized for household

Industrial drop-in induction cooker customized for household

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Wire with press button/Knob control
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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

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    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
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    24CM Large Coil
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    3500W High Power
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    Concave Black Crystal Panel
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    4D Waterproof Design
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    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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So far so good. Works as stated. Boils very fast. Looks quite nice as well. After a dinner or two it will pay for itself versus going to a hotpot restaurant!
I bought this burner as a replacement for the crappy old propane stove in my camper. I tried it out at home first, and loved it so much that I immediately turned around and bought another for the house. I've had it for over 6 months now and it's replaced my traditional stove for everyday cooking. It heats up fast, provides even heat across the burner area, and cools down fast. It wipes clean easily. It does have a fan that kicks on and runs until the burner cools down, but it's not obnoxiously loud. Likewise, the beep when you remove the pan from the burner is polite and not overly-loud. My one complaint is that the burner area is so small, just 8 inches or so across. I would ADORE a version of this cooktop that would evenly heat a full 12" skillet. I do cook with a big skillet on this burner, but it is somewhat hotter in the center than the edges due to the overhang, and you have to work around the oil's tendency to migrate to the outside edge of the pan. Overall, this is an excellent cooktop, just not quite big enough for the way I cook. I use it anyway, because it's still a good step up from the burners on my stove.
So far I am pleased with my purchase. I live in a small apartment with an old electric stove top with coil burners. It's been a nightmare to cook on but I don't have much of a choice. I recently decided to buy another cooktop for versatility during holidays when I need extra space. I never considered induction cooktop options until I started browsing Amazon. I have never used induction heat before and quite honestly had to do a bit of research before deciding upon my purchase. After the cooktop arrived I wanted to try it out so I immediately unpacked the appliance and tried it out. I have used it many times over the last couple of weeks, and in fact have actually been using it as my main burner in the house. I removed one of the coil burners from my stove and placed the unit directly on the stove top. I originally wanted to become comfortable with the settings before planning a big holiday meal . But I like it so much I continue to use it everyday. The cord is plenty long enough for true portability and convenience. This is far superior to the coil burner and it heats up quickly and more efficiently. It is surprisingly easy to control the temperature with a press of a button. If my food is burning or cooking too slowly I bump up the temperature and within seconds I can tell the difference. This is the first time since I've lived in this apartment I have had a truly level, evenly heated, efficient cooktop. It is surprisingly easy to clean and doesn't take up much space. At 1800 watts it has plenty of power. In fact I've never had the power level above a 4. I will say that although I read induction cooktops stay fairly cool after turning off the power, the top of this unit stays hot for a while. There is even a warning label on the top of the unit stating this fact so be careful when trying to clean or reposition the unit after cutting off the power.
Works well, holds temperature within reason. Only complaint is that it has a high pitch squeel sort of like a dog collar when it's used at power levels higher than 6 or temperatures over 320. It's tolerable for short periods of time, but makes my ears hurt if I stay in the room with it for more than 10 minutes without earplugs.
product was received well packed, new item and in good conditions. works great with the correct pan so it can stick well for safety to avoid sliding when cooking. When shopping for pan I used a magnet to test the correct pot or pan. if magnet sticks to back of the pot or pan that's the correct one for this burner.
My main gripe with this Duxtop is the uneven heating of my pans. The front gets warm faster and is hotter than the back of the unit's surface using high-end All-Clad pans. I suspected this after a month's use so I used a laser surface thermometer. The thermometer showed appx 20f difference from front to back on the different pans.
I liked the price. It was half the price of the last induction cooktop--which lasted four years. It is very easy to clean. It heats up quickly, and cools rapidly too. You can adjust the heat and set a timer fairly easily. I don't like it that for low temperatures there are few options. You have to set it on One for a simmer. Level Two is a pretty brisk boil. Nothing between or below. I also don't like it that my teapot "skates". It has to be placed close to the dials to keep it from skating off the back of the unit. On the whole, so far, it does the job and works with only minor annoyances.
ok, now that I am approaching the one year mark with this cooktop, I figured it was time to voice my opinion. The cooktop is used in an office environment, mainly for breakfast and lunch, but sometimes to cook dinner to take home (get a jumpstart on the evening meal). The cooktop has three controls: - temperature via wattage - temperature via degrees - timer Temperatire via wattage: Unless you're an electrical engineer, I don't understand why you would care about this setting. The wattage isn't even displayed, it's based on numbers 1 through 10. It defaults to 5 when it's turned on. Temperature via degrees: This is the function I use most of the time. I understand how degrees relates to cooking speed and type (fast, simmer, boil, etc). However, what they provide just puzzles me. The presets, 10 of them, range from 140, 180, 210, 250, 280, 320, 360, 390, 430 and 460. Once something is boiling, 180 keeps it simmering at a low boil pretty well. 140 doesn't seem to do anything other than keep things warm with a slow cook. I rarely go above 360, which boils things pretty quickly. Timer: the timer ranges from 1 minute to 170 minutes (2 hours, 50 minutes). After the timer counts down to zero, it shuts itself off. Overall, I am generally happy with the product for what I use it for. I wouldn't purchase one for, say, apartment living where I depend on it for all my daily meals. Why? Because of the following, which I am offering to the company via enhancement suggestions: Would I purchase it again? See below... 1) drop the wattage option. Does anyone ever use this? 2) enhance the temperature option to have a better range. For example, change the increase or decrease option to increments of 10 degrees. There is too large of a variance between the preprogramed ranges. 3) when the timer is active, don't deactivate it when the temperature is changed. For example, if it's at 180 and I want it to finish on 140, switching to 140 deactivates the timer. Unless you're aware of this, you may not realize the unit didn't turn off when you wanted it to. 4) decrease the lowest temperature setting to 100. 100 is more than warm enough to keep things warm in a party setting. 140 is too warm for this. 5) do something, I have no idea what, to keep pots and pans from "walking" on the unit. The pots/pans vibrate at times and unless the unit is watched, you may end up having something vibrate right off the unit and spill (and yes, my stovetop is level when this happens). The cooktop is easy to clean and heavy enough so the unit itself doesn't move around the countertop. Would I buy this stovetop again? Probably not, not without a lot more research into other options that provide a wider range of temperature settings and this was the lesser of all the evils.
Solid induction cooktop stove replacement. No issues at all. Only reason why I cannot give it 5 stars is that it is extremely noisy. Like noisy to the point where I cannot talk to other folks or listen to music while trying to use it. Heats food quickly though!
Four years ago I bought a house and promptly gutted the kitchen- which still incomplete . At that time I purchased this induction plate mainly because I was considering getting induction cooktop and wanted to see how I like using it rather than gas. Well after 4 years of everyday use it broke ( plug it in, turn it on lights up for a second and goes off) Well guess what, I'm buying another one until I put in a gas stove where i'll have better temp control and an oven. Cons: 140 was not really 140 degrees. It would go to boiling, then stop boiling, then go back to boiling One day I forgot about water boiling after it boiled away the hot pot melted part of the top I couldn't fry an egg in it to save my life- the lowest temp didn't work was too hot.
I bought this in January 2013 I do not have a stove so I use this all the time and mostly on high. I have not had a minutes trouble for 5 1/2 years. I just cooked sausage and eggs on it 20 minutes ago and it works like it did when it was new. I wish every product I bought worked like this one...
I bought my first one at the end of last year and then I got the Flu of Death. 18 days of it. Thank goodness these have timers on them that you can set. It allowed me while sick to make perfect chicken soup plus it is so lightweight I would move it from room to room to add humidity to the air using a kettle. And again, having the timer is great. I just bought a 2nd one so if you wonder what I think of it, I like them a lot. I live in Florida and long story but here in the woods, we had to use hotplates. They cost MORE than this product, they take a long time to heat up and a long time to cool down. All because 3 years ago I decided to stick with a set of pots and pans we never used. The instant cooldown is great. It used to cost money just to cool them after using and it took so long for them to work. They went in the garbage last week. I expect these two induction cooktops to pay for themselves within a few months (it was 86 degrees yesterday)
Love this hot plate a lot! I use it in my dyeing business along with a steamer or dyeing pan. It heats water up quickly in the steamer, I use it at the 460 degree setting to get the water boiling, then reduce it to 250 for the duration of the steaming process. The timer is perfect for me as I can set the time needed and the unit shuts itself off when time runs out so I don’t have to babysit the whole steaming process. Really, really pleased with this unit.
The power on this thing is amazing. Boils water super fast. Sear a steak on 5, fry an egg on 2. It will heat a cast iron pan to 500 degrees in under 2 minutes. The power is also the problem, however. There are only 10 heat settings. 6 will burn your steak, so basically anything above 5 is for boiling water. You're left with 1-5 for actual cooking, so if you want to get somewhere between 2 and 3, you're out of luck. It's basically impossible to achieve a low simmer with less than a half-gallon (2L) of water. The temperature settings aren't much help either, although they are reasonably accurate. They are set at 30-40F intervals. So it goes from 180F (hot but not boiling) to 210F (boiling). Again, no simmer? So if you're looking to boil water, sear meat or veggies, or need an occasional-use extra burner, this might work out for you. If you plan to use it daily, I would look for something with finer controls.
Ok, there are two noises with an induction cooktop: the cooling fan and a possible sound from the heated pot. On this unit the cooling fan is the loud one: it spins up to full speed right away and stays there, objectionably loud. It's not possible to have a conversation during cooking with such a loud fan.
I'll never buy anything other that an induction cook top. This thing is uber-fast. Two things I don't like about it: 1. It doesn't remember the last power setting. It always goes to 5/10 when you turn it on. 2. It pretty much has to be on a dedicated circuit or it will pop a breaker. It pulls 15 amps from the wall on max power, so it's borderline overload on most household circuits. I still give it 5 stars, because it's badass.
I’ve been using Nuwave for about three years and they both have decreased in heat output. Can’t live without induction so I read reviews on this unit and gave it a go. Super, easy to use, will purchase again depending of course on how long this one lasts! Great price point, BTW! PS. I rarely use my gas cook top
I'd say for the money ...it's great! If you want to buy a more expensive one with more temp settings, the options are out there. But if you are like most people, not a classically trained chef, this will work fine. Though we've only had it a month, it's been used at least 30 times as it gets at least one use a day by at least one family member, it always works as expected. We use cast iron, and it's great how quickly it heats up those big iron skillets.
This hot plate was a real saver when I was getting my kitchen done. Cooked everything on this when I didn't have a stove, and now I use it for hotpot dinners and as an extra burner when needed or when I don't want the house to get too warm over the summers. Heats up quickly, too. The only down side is that when in the high setting it makes a really high pitched sound that can be painful to the ears.
Purchased this induction cooktop because our old NuWave broke. Although I love induction cooktops, I'm not super happy because there is no way (that I have figured yet) to truly customize your temperature for cooking. This results in VERY brown pancakes/grilled cheeses at 250 degrees (or not quite browned/toasted enough at 210 degrees). I think the NuWave spoiled me since its temperature goes up by 5 degrees; this one goes up or down by 40. We did just get it last week so my experience may improve with practice and if it does I'll update here. However, the price is amazing and even without the temp flexibility of the NuWave, I really like the precision of the temperature controls. Next time we need another cooktop I think I will just spring for the NuWave even though they ding you shipping/handling for each piece they send you. But I do miss their cooktop.
Burner is clearly fast- induction gets my pots & pans up to temperature in a snap. However, the adjustability just isn't there. I find everything from 6-10 are only useful for a rolling boil- they burn anything else very quickly. 1 is too low for most things, 5 tends to smoke too much when searing. I wind up simmering & running my pressure cooker on 2- but it's just a little too hot. 3 is just a little too much for grilling onions- they start burning too quickly. 4 is OK for pressurizing the pressure cooker. So, if you are the sort of person who uses only "LO" and "HI" on your stove, you'll probably love this burner. But I regularly use most of the whole range of the dial on my stove (and rarely use "HI") so this burner has almost no adjustability in the meat of my cooking range. Maybe that's my own fault for getting an inexpensive burner with only 10 settings, but even ten might be enough if they mapped them better, had more low power settings. The fan is rather loud, which wouldn't bother me, except when I'm already not thrilled it adds insult to injury.
You'll need a pan with some magnetic quality for this to work but if you want to cook fast and not heat up the kitchen this induction cooker is an inexpensive solution. My only complaint with it is that the temperature cannot be controlled finely enough. That, I suppose is a function of price but for fried eggs, omelets, bacon and such it's great. I'm sure it saves on energy as well but that's something I have not measured. I've been using it for a few months and it seems to be holding up well.
Best Amazon purchase EVER! This is my Favorite kitchen appliance of all time! It works wonderfully & clean up is a breeze. Had to buy a new set of pans but it was totally worth it. I would definitely buy again & highly recommend to anyone looking to try an induction cook top. I have been using this daily for months & have never once regretted buying it. In fact I wished I'd gotten it sooner. Excellent price for the value. Very very happy?
Functional wise this induction stove does exactly what I wanted it for. My issue is with its design. The control panel is the exact same height as the burner. The first time I used it to saute onions. I melted several parts of the control panel. If they had only designed the panel to either sit lower or at an angle to the burner surface it would have never marred the surface.
Great pan. Mic drop.
I purchased 3 of these for my children for Christmas. I have a much more expensive model of my own. I did cook on this model Christmas Day. Although I don’t like it quite as well as my unit, it was half the price of the one I bought. It worked great! If you haven’t cooked on induction, you must use cookware that has a bottom that a magnet will stick to. I also bought my children a set of high end kitchen craft cookware. I made my mother’s recipe for homemade chocolate pudding which requires continuous stirring. It cooked much faster with much more control than a regular gas or electric burner. I also sautéed onions, celery, etc for dressing which was a piece of cake. I set the temperature and let it cook away while I was busy making the rest of the meal. I also made fresh green beans with very little water the same way. Set the temperature and cover. Induction cook tops are fabulous. For the price, this is the one to get. If you want to spend twice as much, you can get one which will go as low as 100 degrees. But it isn’t really necessary. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of five is the lack of a few features. But you don’t need those features for 95% of your cooking. I seldom use my stove and now do all my stovetop cooking on my induction burner. You will love this!
Totally loved it!!! Got this cook top to use while we renovate our kitchen. We don't like eating out all the time. I've cooked several meals and totally recommend it. I placed it in my patio table and as a bonus get to enjoy the outdoors. I'm including a photo of banana pancakes I made for breakfast. Yummmm! :)
Absolutely fantastic induction cooktop! I’ve owned other more expensive cooktops and this one takes the cake. Nothing but great things to say about this unit. Boil a pot of water in under 5 minutes, slow cook meats easily, auto timed shutoff.. this unit is very durable and super easy to clean. Five stars all around
This is my first purchase and use of an induction burner, and I wasn't quite ready for how fast and efficiently this burner heats up. I had to make sure that I could use my pans on it (by applying a magnet to the pan, which if it sticks solidly, means your pan is good to go). Love it. In use, and a beginner, I find myself using the Temperature control a bit more than the Heat Levels controls, but this may change as I get used to it. Also, love the portability and the ability to have that extra burner when entertaining, and one that can be moved anywhere. Perfect for some fondue.
I cooked many meals exclusively on a gas range. We moved recently and the unit has an electric cooktop. After burning several meals my husband suggested we get a small induction cooktop. I am a fan! This cooktop has temperature controls and a timer. I once again feel more in control and have been cooking up a storm. I highly recommend this cooktop - could not be happier with my purchase.
We are remodeling our kitchen. So this, a microwave and a toaster oven are now our means of cooking. Since we have always used gas, this required a learning curve, of course, but has been pretty darned good.
Well...I've been a gas cooking snob for a while. I thought it was the best. We moved to a new apartment and everything is electric. BIG :-( to that! We decided to try induction and all I can say is that it's the best. Electric coils = nope Gas = Analog Induction = Digital
We use it for hot pots so far, and love it. Temperature settings are in big steps, but it doesn't matter, since its heat output changes so fast when you change a setting. Or you can do it by power in 9 or 10 steps. Low and wide so its stable with any reasonable sized pot.
I bought this to test how I would like cooking on an induction cooktop. A new stove needed to be purchased and we were considering induction. Because of this portable cooktop I did decide to go induction over a gas stove. I really like being able to adjust the heating temp. This is also great to have when doing a lot of cooking and just not enough burners.
I purchased this in Dec of 2016. It worked really well for the first 3 months. It boiled water in about a min and a half when it was brand new. It's holding up pretty well compared to my other induction top. It takes about 3 min to boil water now. My previous induction top burned out after 3 months so the fact that it's lasted 6 months makes me happy, however seeing the decline is making me worry that it may not last for more than a year or more.
I received this 12" fry pan for Christmas this year, and I know it's not the most glamorous gift, but I still love it. I've already used it several times now, to cook various things. I do wish it came with a lid though. I am attempting to find out from the maker if a lid from one of their other pots would fit. Have plenty of lids for other pots, and one of them is a half way good fit. I find the deepness of this pan is great and it will hold quite a bit of food. It is able to sear meat easily and cleans up nicely too.
This is my first time owning an induction burner. And I was so impressed the first time I used it. It quickly warms up saving you money in your electric bills. My electric is actually lower because of this device. The only thing though is that you have to buy induction compatible cookware which initially may add to your expense but will save you money in the long run.
I really was excited to receive this product but on arrival it was defective. The packaging was subpar to say the least and may have led to the damage. The cooling fan vibrated badly and was VERY loud. It vibrated so badly that a pan would rattle off the cook top. I've started a return on this item but I very much want a working one. Edit: after the return I re-ordered and received a new unit. The new unit works awesome!
Pros:Nice compact design. Boils water fast. ( Save half of our precious time.) Cons:Outdated technology. ( No programming panel.) For magnetic-based cookware only.( Cast Iron cookware is ok. ) Avoid overheating and malfunctioning. ( Please use only with adequate ventilation .) Caution: High EMF radiation exposure to human. ( Tip: It is very safe when we are standing 2 ' away from the burner .) Not very accurate temperature control . ( Not enough heat .) Sorry, it is not a perfect product . Hopefully, a better model will be made in the future. Thanks again.
Lightweight, easy to operate, boils water super quick (about 20% of the time required by my gas cook-top. Perfect temperature control. Wipe it clean and put it away. Cools quickly. I take it out to the deck to cook onions (don't want to stink out the house). Much faster than my propane stove and I can take it back inside right away. I did a lot of research and am very pleased with the device.
We have Miele induction cooktop and a Burton 1800w portable so we are very familiar with and really enjoy the benefits of induction cooking. We took the Buton unit to our boat and decided it was convenient to have a portable at home. I spent an inordinate amount of time reading reviews on Amazon and in moment of cheapness decided to save $30 and get this unit instead of another Burton. I only just turned it on to test it but what was immediately obvious and clearly skimmed over in all the reviews was noise level of the cooling fan. After a 15 minute test run everything else seems to be okay so rather than return it and gamble that another brand will be more quiet we’ll swap units and bring the Burton home. If only this unit wasn’t so darn noisy!
This portable cooktop will boil water faster than I've ever seen. Otherwise, I do all of my sauteeing, pan-frying, and searing on setting 2- or 3-out-of-10 and still have to be careful not to burn my food! This is in "power" mode, wherein you select an output wattage divided into 10 increments. There is also a "temp" mode, wherein you select a cooking temperature and the stove constantly modifies its output to approximate that temperature in your pan, but I haven't experimented with that way of cooking yet. Design and construction both seem flawless. Have been using for several weeks now and am a very satisfied customer. Has cut down my cooking time enormously compared to the old, dying, cheap, portable electric thermal eye I used to use. Plus the Secura induction cooker is soooo much easier to keep clean, since the surface of the cooker itself doesn't get hot. True that some heat conducts down into it from the hot pan on top, but not enough to burn food onto the surface and create a difficult mess for later scrubbing. WARNING: We all know that one must use iron-based cookware in order for the induction cooker to function at all. So far I have used some old cast iron pans and dutch ovens, a large graniteware pot, and a couple of plated steel and stainless steel skillets. No problems. But when it came to buying new stainless steel pots, I was surprised when MOST of the stainless steel pots at Walmart failed to hold a magnet! Too much nickel and not enough steel in the allow? Or perhaps a thin core of steel and too much cheaper/lighter aluminum? I don't know, and nor can I say that these pots positively would or would not work on the Secura cooktop, since obviously I did not buy them. But be warned: do not assume that every item advertised as "stainless steel" will necessarily be compatible.
This is so much better than the "hotplates". Our Electrolux induction range top quit after only 2 years and after one attempted fix, we are not going to fix it anymore until we do a remodel (6 months away). This induction, remember induction means you have to have the right cookware, plate has been super reliable and very close to our range performance. I bought two to use side by side. They clean up extremely well and are easy to use. I would say that they do may a high pitch when you turn them on, but doesn't bother me. They are not able to do a super-low setting say to make a stock overnight, I think it would get too hot.
Product works well. One cool thing is that the handles on the pots stay cool! It's surprising. The trouble is, I'm not sure this product works as it should. I don't have induction plate experience. My understanding is that induction plates can boil a liter of water in 2-3 minutes. This cooktop takes 7-9. So, is this particular cooktop not as powerful as others? Or did I get a lemon? It would help if the cooktop came with some sort of checklist to test the parameters. A performance checklist. I got the cooktop to phase out my use of gas. Also I planned to take the plate along to workshops to demonstrate the miracle of boiling water so quickly as an incentive to switch to induction. But the product does not perform said feat, so...that sets things back. I'm not promoting it or demo-ing it. And now it's too late to return and see if another one works better. Alas.
Update to review: I ended up return the two I bought. One broke after using it once and the other though it says you can use 5" or wider pans is not true. I had 7" pans and they would not work. I ended up buying the NuWave Titanium units. What a huge difference and it has better controls with temperature and a fantastic cookbook. You won't be disappointed buying these. It works as it says but I bought very expensive Wolfgang Puck cookware sauce pans do not work on them. I called DUXTOP and was given the run around. They said the bottom has to be at least 5 inches. Well the smallest one is 7 1/2". They said it has to be something with the cookware. They asked me if a magnet sticks to the bottom and it does. They said well it is the something with the cookware maybe there isn't enough of the metal in the saucepans. So I called Wolfgang Puck and explained what I was told by DUXTOP. They said there is no difference in the material in the cookware. They are all made the same. I called DUXTOP back and they said well we will contact Wolfgang Puck and get back with you. It has been a month and no one has contacted me. By the way they did not want the phone number for Wolfgang Puck. Such a disappointment.
They described using 304 stainless which is quality (and costy) materal for pans. If you look at other cheaper pans descriptions they never say specific number of stainless. You need to know this one. (430 is a little bit lower quality but it used for out side, so i think it is good)
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