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quality commercial induction cooktop series for household

quality commercial induction cooktop series for household

Quality commercial induction cooktop series for household

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Plastic housing, ceramic glass top plate Over heat/Voltage/Current Protection 1-10 Power levels
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Company Advantages
1. The raw materials of Earlston cheap and best induction cooktop are superior and environmentally-friendly. It can be quickly turned off and has safety advantages
2. Users can achieve significant energy savings and reductions on the electricity bills by replacing inefficient traditional lights with this efficient one. It has the advantages of affordability and environmental protection
3. The strict internal quality control system guarantees the product to reach the international standards. It fits flush into existing countertop for a seamless and professional appearance
4. Its quality is guaranteed by a team of people following the relative certificates. This product offers control over cooking temperatures
5. Our professional team implements quality control system to meet the most strict quality standards. It converts any area into a stovetop in the kitchen

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Commercial induction cooker

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EARLSTON offers wide range of high quality commercial kitchen catering equipment especially for the hotel and restaurant kitchen.

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Commercial Restaurant/Hotel wok induction cooker.

Professional kitchen cooking equpment!  3500W

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High quality ceramic glass top plate

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Copper coil double layer heater

quality commercial induction cooktop series for household-5                

Not easy be scratched

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Good heat conduction

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Easy clean


Cooking equipment is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen.

  • 01

    Five-Stage Cooking Regulation
  • 02

    24CM Large Coil
  • 03

    3500W High Power
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  • 04

    Concave Black Crystal Panel
  • 05

    4D Waterproof Design
  • 06

    Double Heat Dissipation System


Our company has its own invention patent and won the title of famous Chinese brand and famous Chinese products.

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Company Features
1. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has achieved great success with its high quality commercial induction cooktop . Our production capacity occupies steadily in the forefront of the small induction cooker industry.
2. Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has successfully got several patents for technology.
3. Strict tests have been conducted for induction cooking plate . Guangdong Shunde Yipai Catering Equipment Co., Ltd has built a complete after-sale service system to serve our customer better. Contact us!
I'm more than impressed with the Momentum cookeare set. I've never had brand new pots and pans before but I wanted stainless steel with clear lids and coated non-stick interiors so this was the perfect set for me. They are each a bit heavy which I like and the handles are rubber coated and don't get too hot. Easy to clean and so far zero stains on the stainless steel, though I cook on a ceramic top stove and not open flame. Great omelet type pans. Well worth the price. Amazing quality product!
Beautiful set! Well balanced weight, & handles are easy to grip. Glass covers allow one to check cooking without having to uncover/loose heat. Cleans ever so easily & are dishwasher safe--so far, so good!
I gave these to my son and his wife and they have called me several times letting me know how much they love them! They heat faster and more evenly than their previous pans. They are so happy with them!
So far so good. We have been using our set for about a month now and we are very happy to have such durable cookware. It is easy to clean. We have a gas stove and the heat gets distributed evenly making cooking quick and easy. I have weak hands so they can get heavy at times, but we have had heavier pots and pans. All in all, we are very happy with this purchase.
Amazing quality, we really like them
outstanding set of cookware
Elegant looking, functional and the handle stays cool.
After researching induction cooking I chose to try a burner since the cooktops are so pricey. I decided on the Max Burton and was able to find a good deal on Amazon. Not so impressed with the disk but can't really complain. Everything else is a plus.
Does the job and affordable!
Used it for soup and risotto
Absolutely loving the cooker. We mainly use it for hot pots and it heats up/boil the soup base very efficiently. Due to the fact that the glass cooktop surface is simple and smooth, it is very easy to clean up even if you spill oil on it. The fan was a bit loud but it wasn't much of an issue.
I bought this induction cooktop to prepare for cold, winter nights in a NYC apartment. Hot pot is an integral part of Asian culture and I wanted to recreate this experience without purchasing a butane-powered portable stovetop for safety reasons. The induction cooktop is light and easy to set up. All you need is an electric outlet, which means no need to purchase butane refills. The added child lock makes it worry-free. Overall, the best feature is the specific temperature setting, which you do not get with a butane stovetop. The precision in temperature makes cooking really efficient!
I ordered this burner after reading about 300 reviews for several different brands. I wanted it for use during cheese-making demonstrations, and also for use in my RV. It has surpassed my expectations for both uses. Sleek design, excellent functionality, easier to use than I thought it would be. The most popular brand is much more expensive. This one seems to do the trick at less than half the price.
Love them!
I love them so far but for me a little heavy. Previously I had Paula Deen and the pots would actually tip over on the stove because the handle was so much heavier than the pot itself so forget something like melting butter. However, these Circulon pots and pans seem so much better made but maybe a little too heavy. Maybe I'm just never satisfied. All in all they are beautiful and come out of the dishwasher sparkling and shiny. The food does get cooked on to the screws on the interior of the pot or pan but otherwise they are perfectly non stick. I wish the set included a 3 qt because it seems I need that size a lot for things like steaming broccoli or cauliflower, or even boiling noodles, where the 2qt is too small and the 4qt seems so large. So I bought a stainless 3qt that has a steamer basket from Bed Bath and Beyond but it is non-stick and doesn't have protective handles but it's good for things like I mentioned that wouldn't have food sticking anyway. Nothing's perfect but these are close so 4+ stars.
clean,simple and great
Beautiful cookware. Only just arrived, but they look very good. Heavy enough for me. The 3 qt saute with lid is heavy. No too much so but definitely not a light weight. Looking forward to many years of use.
I am in LOVE with this stuff. First of all, it's gorgeous. Second, it's lightweight, but not so lightweight that it feels cheap. There's nothing "cheap" about this set. Reasonably priced? Yes. Cheap? No. Nothing sticks to it. I made eggs this morning and I could've cleaned the pan with just a paper towel. I'm super impressed. I definitely recommend this set!
I love this set!! I've been using the Paula Deen Cookware for the last 8 years, and was needing to replace it as it was getting pretty worn. I've never heard of Circulon Cookware before, but I figured I'd give it a try. This stuff is HEAVY! I love it. I'm not a cookware connoisseur, but in my opinion this is some very high quality stuff. Certainly the best quality I've ever owned. You receive four pans, three pots and four lids. I think I'll purchase another small pan on it's own since we use that size so often for eggs in the mornings. This cookware says it's dishwasher safe, but I just hand wash it. The Paula Deen stuff was NOT dishwasher safe, so I got used to having to wash pots and pans. Besides, they take up too much room in the dishwasher...takes 3 minutes to wash them. Overall, I absolutely recommend this cookware. It's heavy, it's attractive and it's non-stick, so it cleans very easily. So glad I was able to try this. Thanks Amazon!
Great quality and sturdy for constant cooking
works great, easy to clean
This is just an OK pan. Do not user on high heat ever. I would not buy another.
Good ..
I've had my Frabosk heat diffuser over three years. I bought it because even at the lowest setting my induction cooktop was too hot for many things like cooking rice and simmering anything. I needed to reduce the heat! This product does the trick. The "handle" is not really a handle. It can be used to remove the hot diffuser from your stove, but I just leave it there and let it cool down on its own. The surface has discolored so it's not as attractive as it was new, but it works well for my purpose. (I never used it with non-induction-compatible cookware.)
We bought this to use in our Motor Home instead of using up our propane. Well we just Love it. We love the different heating options, either by a set number from 1 to 10 or buy an option to heat by a specific temperasture. Although it does need the magentic pots and pans, you do have the option of using the adapter supplied with the unit, it does take longer to heat up but then you can then use any type pot or pan. Very easy clean up as the unit itself doesn't actually heat up...only residual heat from what ever pan you were using. Very fast and efficient. I have actually purchased another one for our house ....I place it on top of old newspaper on our granit counter top and cook...the paper catches all the splatter and I'm not spending alot of time polishing the counter tops. Rich in Austin, Tx
We remodeled our house and put a beautiful high dollar glass stove top in the kitchen. It was very difficult to keep clean - a pain in the A. I heard about induction cooking and read about it. I ordered this item about 3 years ago. I also ordered a set of induction compatable cookware at a reasonable price to go with it. I already had several cast iron pieces of cookware. We have a total electric house, so I cannot have a gas stove. I have had a gas stove in the past. This is like cooking with the control of gas without the mess. I wipe it off, use some glass cleaner, and it looks just like the day I got it. I have NEVER had to use any special products or scrub it. My husband loves it, because he can take it to our bar and cook on it while we are visiting with friends. I also researched different induction products. This one will simmer things like soups. Some of them do not do well on low temperatures. As far as buying the one with the attachment to use with pans that are not compatable with induction cooking, I would not pay extra to get it. We used it once. After getting used to cooking with the induction compatable pans, it is just not the same. I use it nearly everyday. If anything happens to it, I will reorder it immediately with express shipping.
I wrote that when I first purchased the cooktop and had used it once to my satisfaction. The second time that I have tried to use it, I am disappointed. When I tried to set it for a temperature to slow cook, which is the main reason I wanted it, at 180 degrees setting and power level one, the pot continued to boil at a brisk rate. The control flickers between power level and time, not letting me set a time, and at some point, the unit just turned itself off. I am not happy with this for what I bought it for. I do think it boils water fast and it worked pretty well with a pressure cooker, but was hard to calibrate. I want to change my rating to 3 stars. I have used this a total of three times now.
We have a 40 year old counter top range that only the two small burners work. We were looking for a cooktop we could use when we lost power. We decided to try induction before we replaced the counter top range. The reviews of others did not make for a clear choice. We decided to give it a try. I love it. Fast controlled cooking. Save you money and do not buy the piece that allows you to use any cookware. It really slows up the cook time. Use your money to buy the right cookware, it is worth it.
I bought this four years ago and it has been lightly used during that time. About six months ago the "down" button failed and now the "up" button is also failing. The unit works well and seems solid, but it's just the buttons that don't last.
The induction cooktop is wonderful if using induction cookware. The disc to allow the use of non-induction pans rather than being 90% efficient, reduces efficiency by more than 50%. it is faster to use my electric stove than the disc. Do buy the Max Burton Induction Cooktop for clean, rapid cooking.
This is my second heat diffuser. This brand is much more durable and hasn't fallen apart like the first one I had purchased. It is worth the price. No more burned tomato sauce in my 12 quart pot
Disperses the heat perfectly even on a perfectly flat platform! And it doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful design!
Well made. Should last a lifetime.
Ayuda a usar ollas que uno pierde al cambiar la cocina a induccion
It causes my induction cook top to overheat.
Just what I needed to use all my pans
Well made, works really well in spreading heat to allow you to use thinner pans on high output gas ranges. You need the big one for larger frying/saute pans and the smaller one for smaller pans. No longer are you forced to buy expensive thick and heavy pans. The handle doesn't get hot.
So good that I blackened (burned) a grill cheese sandwich in 3 minutes. Both sides! Boils water quickly. Not as noisy as others say, just a little fan sound. I'll get another one soon so I can ignore the gas range when trying to cook two stovetop thingies.
This "burner" still just baffles me as to how it even works. But it's incredible! I've never had so much control over my cooking before. Better than an electric any range any day!
It is nice looking, has good temp control, has a timer, very easy to clean AND uses lots less electricity. It never gets even warm, just the pot.
Using it on my boat. Really nice to make coffee or a hot meal and not heat up an already hot boat.
missing part, but will order again
I was sceptical. After using it, ended up recommending it to friends and family. If you have the right cookware, it is 100% better.
I love it a lot.
The results were excellent. Better than could have expected. Boils water easily. I made a sautéed fish dinner for four people. The only suggestion would be to lower the preset heat. I love the cook top.
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