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renewable energy applications: solar light, solar cooker and solar air conditioning

by:Earlston     2019-11-27
Everyone is talking about clean energy.
The idea is to replace, at least in part, society\'s dependence on oil and carbon as energy.
This is being achieved by using different renewable sources of energy, such as sunlight, waves, energy and the production of biofuels.
But we can contribute to the clean energy use campaign.
Maybe we can start using different devices and combine the idea of using alternative renewable energy.
Here are some of the gadgets you can start using. Hands-
Free Solar lights on the market
Free solar lights with and 8
Hours of autonomy, which is good considering that some nights may be shorter than summer.
The solar lighting boat, which costs about $20, is ideal for outdoor activities such as boating, camping and emergency use. Sun-
If you like cooking and want to incorporate your principles of renewable and alternative energy use
Electric cooking can help.
You can eat solar cookers in your place.
Solar cooking is a viable alternative to natural gas and electricity that can be as powerful as a barbecue in the garden.
Sun Ovens International, Inc. has many models for different uses
When the sun shines and the temperature outside rises, the solar air conditioner will make your home very cool.
A company called Coolerado claims to have developed an air conditioner that uses solar energy.
There is a video on YouTube about this (
Think there are more gadgets driven by unconventional energy.
The idea behind them is to use non-
Pollution and renewable energy.
In this way, we can not only get the benefits of running gadgets, but also use clean energy resources to help the environment.
For now, just look at the gadgets described in this article and cooking, cooling and lighting can easily fit into our lives.
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