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report from imts 96.

by:Earlston     2020-02-09
Even Carl Sandburg\'s famous \"City of Big Shoulders\" had to transfer the weight to accommodate IMTS 96.
The two-year manufacturing technology exhibition took place in Chicago\'s McCormick square for an entire eight days in the 1 million-plus square-foot range.
During that time, it kept the almost constant attention recorded --
Broken 120,000
There are also a number of people, including metal processing manufacturers and workers from all over the world.
They walked through three buildings in the convention center and saw and bought the latest manufacturing technology ---
From machines to tools, from software and control to automation devices and interiors
After process measurement
Cleaning Equipment for process parts.
Even before the door was opened, the sponsor and main player of the play, AMT--
McLean, the American Manufacturing Technology Association, called IMTS \"the factory of the future \".
\"About one-
The third one in the advertising factory is six products.
A focus area for specific pavilions and tools, workshops and tool systems.
Overall, the goal of IMTS is to bring the average level to 2. 5-
Day visits by attendees as efficiently as possible.
There is no doubt that IMTS 96 proves that even after several years of vigorous development, the prospects of the metal processing manufacturing industry are still positive.
Many exhibitors told T & P that their expectations were exceeded.
Some of them revealed that they had more of what they called solid, and the quality of the first four days of the show in September was ahead of the entire 1994 show, when IMTS\'s mechanical sales were $0. 649 billion.
This number will definitely be higher after IMTS 96.
Optimism spreads among a range of exhibitors targeting small businessesand medium-
Large stores and large production enterprises.
For example, Cincinnati milarron has an ambitious target of 1000 leads per day and is confident it will exceed that number.
Charlie Harter, President and CEO of Landis grinder, PA Waynesboro, reported that at least one machine designated for display had never reached the Windy City, because the company has sold and shipped the latest products to customers even before the opening of the exhibition.
At the same time, under the sponsorship of West Sussex Earth Measurement technology International Co. , Ltd. , hexapod technology attracted the audience in the IMTS 94 premiere and returned to McCormick square.
The company reports that it has sold several non-exclusive licenses around the world.
A large machine tool manufacturer in Japan will launch
In November, six-foot technology was sold at the Japanese machine tool exhibition.
The land survey company claimed that it did not issue a technical license in the United States.
A number of business mergers and planned alliances have been announced.
Gleason, Rochester, New York, announced plans to acquire German Herman Pfauter Co. , Ltd. , a leading producer of umbrella gear production machines. Consolidate its foothold in the market of cylindrical gear production equipment and gain interest in Pfauter 76%
Maag cutting tools, USA
Manufacturer of cylindrical gear cutters. (A close-
Gleason appeared in the manufacturing update of pg 23. )
Mitsubishi EDM, Wood Dale, IL, announced that it will become the exclusive distributor of the Ingersoll Rand gantry
Sinker EDM machine in North America and South America style.
Ingersoll Rand\'s large sinker EDMs offers a main course for the Mitsubishi Automotive mold manufacturing market.
The Bodine assembly and testing system of CT Bridgeport uses IMTS as its launch pad for its joint venture with MI-Holland
Based on Transmatic, it can produce accurate, deepdrawn parts.
The new company, Assemblex, will provide contract assembly services for the automotive, electrical, medical and consumer goods industries.
The big news in the EDM industry is the planned marriage between Agie and Charmilles Technologies under the ownership of Georg Fischer.
According to T & P, the US business will be led by Harry Mosier as details are screened out from Switzerland.
The trends shown here are some of the key manufacturing trends found by T & P\'s editors in IMTS 96: * Speed in spindle, tool change, fast traversal and even on-
Loading and unloading of machine robots is becoming a more and more popular way to automate the process.
The unique magnetic spindle bearing makes it possible for the high speed spindle (
IBAG spindle running on senjing machine VMC)
It can run effortlessly at 36,000 rpm and at a higher speed.
The linear motor drives the rapids of more than 1000 ipm through maintenance, reaching a range of 2000free operation. Even gantry-
The robot in style moves 1400 ipm--
TF 20 turn Center Hitachi precision machine.
* Automation of linear guide vehicles (RGV)
The stacking system is vying to become a \"battery-
\"Capable\" manufacturing in which a machine or multiple machines are provided by a pallet-based work holding device.
The unit is easy to scale and the process is controlled by the main controller and software, while a single machine is controlled by its own CNCs.
* More real time tools are needed to turn the machine-
Plates, as well as automation, through machining processes such as milling, drilling and slotting, producing complete parts in one Chuck or passing between the spindle to the front and back of the work.
One machine maker boasted that some of the artifacts on the machine looked as much as they were turning.
* More and more machines are imported from the Pacific Rim and Eastern Europe to meet the lowend-
Major machine manufacturers enter the niche market for demand for lathe and vertical machining centers or manufacturing, especially in Eastern Europe.
* Tool suppliers looking for every competitive advantage continue to develop colors-
Select the coding system method of the insert instead of the other insert, let the user capture the customer with the vending machine device, or serve the customer with a simplified supply relationship.
* The Grinder continues to make progress through the use of conventional granite and Meehanite castings or the selection of a mechanical structure and design basis for an updated polymer
Foundation castings for improving shear damping and thermal stability.
* Machine platforms for forming and manufacturing processes are continuing to mix and match forming, hot cutting, welding and automatic loading and unloading, and exploring the possibility of water spraying, high energy welding, and continuously improve the reliability of hydraulic forming.
The supplier jumps on the E-Highway, offering everything from application services and product catalogs
Online assistance in purchasing equipment.
A new service for Techspex On
The production line is provided through alliances with tools and production as well as Metlfax magazine.
The processing center IMTS 96 verifies the industry forecast of high-speed machines to machines
The tool business recovered again in the decade.
The machine is not only fast, but also very flexible and can easily adapt to new volume requirements.
Charles Carter, technical vice president of AMT, described the development as a \"earth-shaking change \".
\"Other people through McCormick square may conclude this way:\" The speed is stimulating.
\"IL Rockford\'s Ingersoll Rand Milling Machine Company showed the public for the first time its innovative high-speed manufacturing (HVM)technology.
The HVM unit, which was developed in partnership with Ford Motor for about $1 million, has been ordered by major aerospace and automotive OEMs.
HVMs is single
Spindle module 15,000-
Rpm spindle and 3000-
The ipm shaft speed is achieved using a linear motor capable of handling high acceleration/deceleration rates.
Ford began processing cylinder heads and engine blocks at its plant in Dearborn, Michigan.
Okuma USA, Charlotte, NC, join the students in the low end of the vertical machining center marketMate.
The new machine features 8000. rpm, 14. 7/10/7.
4 horsepower spindle motor, 20-
Automatic tool change of station, CNC control of big uma ospm.
Bringing this $79,900 machine to the U. S. market is 98-year-old company.
\"This new machine is the next step in the development of our customized Charlotte production portfolio for the US market,\" John Hendrick, president of the big uma USA, told T & P.
It is reported that by the end of the year, Charlotte will produce a second processing center.
Oak Brook, IL-
The mechanical company based in North American village showed its Mycenter-
7X, from 5000-Rpm to 10,000-
Rpm spindle with 50-taper tools.
It is fast and heavy.
Weight load ATC capacity: 1. 2-see tool-to-tool and 6. 4-sec chip-to-chip. The Mycenter-
H400 HMC is Y-and X-
Shaft movement, which is a function to reduce the interference of the workpiece/spindle common in the design of the moving column.
It also features a 10,000 rpm spindle, a double
Step gear drive and index table that will move 90 degrees in 0. 5 sec.
Chatsworth, California automation continues to work with the larger vertical machining center VF-in the classroom-10.
This is a machine designed for the production of molds for workshops and small manufacturers, and even large and bulky aircraft parts, with 120 \"X travel and 40-or 50-taper spindle.
The company will move;
The new $30 million California Oxnard plant was put into operation in January.
DMG America Inc. , Schaumburg, IL, has expanded its field service team by reporting on its engineers, part support and hotline services, highlighting its commitment to the US market.
Its new machine includes a DMC63V vertical machining center with a spindle speed of 8000 rpm, a fast traverse of 1181 imp and a 24-
Magazine of station tools
Since its launch in Metav in June, 62 machines have been sold.
Toshiba Machine Company USA, village of elkgrove, IL, shows ASV40 vertical CNC milling machine and air quality using small tools-
The spindle equipped with the bearing can be transferred from 1500 to 50,000.
Grinding the connecting rod mold time from 8000-
According to deputy general manager Sam Otaka, rpm machines reached 1/2 hours
Sales Engineering of machine tool division.
The latest member of the Niigata horizontal production center series, SPN63, expanded the cube size to 1000mm, introducing a 40 horsepower spindle that speeds up to 10,000 rpm in 2 minutes. 7 sec.
The replacement of the 44 pound tool requires 1. 4 sec and chip-to-chip time is 3. 8 sec.
Fast crossing speed of 1575 ipm on the rolling grass
The company-based horizontal cable is achieved through its fixed column/travel saddle design, which limits the quality that must be moved.
CT Milford IBAG North America showed high-speed metal removal of its main dynamic magnetic bearing spindle on Mori Seiki MV40M VMC. The HF200-
MA uses HSK 50E tool to cut aluminum with thin side walls at 35,000 rpm and can be used for milling cast iron, hardened mold and die steel.
The spindle floats in the magnetic field, eliminating the need for wear and lubrication.
Cutting mode information can be obtained in real time and used for adaptive process control. Cutting-
Edge combos machine tool manufacturers go out of their way to demonstrate the cellular combination of stand-alone machines, modular machining stations, and other production configurations.
As builders and system integrators will prove, the dollar is growing faster than buying a machine at a time.
Using the control and software of linear motors, high-speed cutting capability and high-speed positioning can find the reason for the sharp appearance of cellular processing.
Controls such as guidings & Lewis\'s Navigator demonstrate the ability to fully control the manufacturing process through separate CNC controls in the machining center.
The display is a RAM unit that includes a RAM 630 HMC, a new track
Navigation vehicle and navigation unit manager.
From CA Chatsworth, Fadal Engineering brings a special version of its 4020HT VMC, which features an automatic pallet converter that enables the operator to unload finished parts and on off-
On the machine parts of the viral infection of the line trayline pallet.
Florentine Mazak, Kentucky, showed off its FH-
480 HMC integration with Palletech base configuration
Pallet System, pallet shuttle and loading station. The FH-
The 480 can handle large-capacity output without losing flexibility due to constant changes in design and batch size.
More importantly, as with all these cellular configurations, the battery can be increased from a stand-alone installation to eight machines with a maximum of 100 pallets and four loadsUnloading station.
Showing its new thin company name, Makino Inc. , Mason, OH, showing how it leverages its technology
Shift ideas to market by industry-
Aerospace, Automotive, mold.
Makino presents its J55 CNC machining station, which provides high-speed flexible machining in production lines and independent high-volume, short-time
Loop application.
The key is to rotate the tray converter in sequence (SRPC)
It implements the function of dialing-
Index unit with planet index table.
Weighing from Detroit is cellular concept, which shows three of its-axis Model H-
15w CNC wing unit, install three of these units around the precision dial index table to create a CNC system for use in GE Fanuc cimplity Man-
Windows-machine interfacebased control.
For the work store, Cell-
Con launches Bulldog H-
450 stand-alone HMC with tray changer and expanded 22-tool ATC.
Gary Byron, president, mutton processing systems, MI Warren, told IMTS visitors, \"there is no single production system method, whether dedicated or flexible, can meet today\'s requirements for all broad changes in volume, product variability, and product mix.
In order to be competitive, manufacturers need systems formed from a technical group that will best support their cost and quantity targets and provide the level of response they need.
\"Or, they can turn to a whole class of machines that are specialized in large quantities (or linear)
Production line technology and independent CNC machines.
These machines depend on the stability of the traditional dial design, the new power of CNC control, and the ability to add multiple CNC heads to the machining station.
In terms of sales, the show is simply \"fabulous\", Hydromat Inc. bruno Schmitt, president and CEO of, told T & P to highlight the popularity of machines that can be sold between $350,000 and $1,000,000-plus.
His view was recognized by other members of the machine supplier.
There are other innovative ways to achieve the same processing goals.
Fuji does not make turning machines without on-board robot loading and unloading equipment when turning.
At the machining center, Chiron America, Charlotte of NC, has been weighed by the Flexline system of multiple machines run by one operator.
From three to eight-Spindle or double
Spindle machine up to 15,000
The Rpm spindle can be configured to complete the part on one machine, or it can be run as a transmission line, using multiple machines to complete the part.
Parts are automatically loaded and unloaded quickly through an integrated robot part converter.
The turn, turn IMTS 96 once again confirms the view that the turn has evolved from an \"Old Reliable\" device to one of the most versatile and profitable devices
Any manufacturer of a store
T & P predicted in its display preview that \"the familiar lathe became very familiar as its function blurred the line between the lathe and the machining center.
The forecast was well supported in Chicago.
\"The transition from production of dedicated spindles to CNC production with production flexibility is over,\" Klaus worth, president of CT Shelton Index, told T & P.
\"Today\'s machines combine the manufacturing process with CNC in an economically designed package.
\"To illustrate this, he pointed out that the V300 vertical Chuck machine of Index is characterized by an inverted vertical moving spindle under the spindle with a fixed cutter.
Besides gangs-
The style or turret tooling can accommodate a variety of professional processes such as spindle drill bits and tap heads, high-frequency drill bits and mill spindles, grinding spindles and even laser welding and induction hardening equipment.
The G300 reclined bed CNC turn-milling center is also shown with bar capacity of up to 3.
54 \", clamping capacity up to 12\", length up to 47 \".
\"The premiere in North America is Tornos Bechler Deco 2000, Switzerland. type, single-
Automatic spindle for Tornos Technologies, Brookfield, CT.
Especially for the high-precision parts market of medical machining, it adopts an electronic control system called parallel numerical control, which is designated as TB-
Decoration, the joint development of the family.
Two versions, five versions. and a nine-
Shaft, proved to be a 7-
Axis models are also available.
One can hear the wolves howling in mirakhole, Cincinnati, OH, the introduction of the new Falcon 200 turn Center ---\" value-
The price is \"at $70,000.
This Wolfpack was created for high production
The engineering center rotates the rod to 2 \"dia at a speed of 4500 rpm.
The center of the Milacron exhibition is \"your profit shop\", designed to help the work store understand the economic impact of their machine selection.
Elmira Harding, New York, launched its low
Cost CNC lathe, Cobra 42 CNC diagonal
Bed lathe with \"continuous machining accuracy performance 0.
After preheating 0005\"
\"The price of Cobra 42 is $46,900 and the function is 5/8 \"(42mm)
Bar capacity, 12-
Station turret and 5000 rpm spindle.
At the exhibition, by kaxin industrial company of Kalamazoo, Michigan, launched the storm oblique bed CNC lathe of 100, 200 and 300 series.
Storm CNC lathe can meet the 24-hour demand of 80% lathe users.
For machines with large capacity, the price ranges from $60,000 to $80,000, and the spindle and chuck of 10 HP to 30 hp range from 5 \"to 12 \".
Among the Falcons and cobras are the Panthers.
Rem sales company at CT East Granby presents the new Tsugami Panther and BX series swisstur with high performance, low cost Swiss-
12/18 type solutions in fixed and independent sliding models that work.
The Spindle series has Spindle speeds of up to 12,000 rpm, close to zero chipsto-
Chip time and integrated series spindle motors for optimal acceleration/deceleration.
There are 7 OD and 3 ID tool stations.
BX series, a gang
Swissturn style with fiveto seven-
The ability of the shaft, presented as fast, flexible, cost-
Effective alternatives to turrets
Style machine for applications that require balancing turns and overlapping machining capabilities at the same time.
Wassino Corporation, Wayne, New Jersey, provides its SG-5DT, a double-
The rod or rod stock can be held in the end of the two synchronous blocks to turn the machine and turn the rod in the middle.
Then, the work is separated in the processing place, leaving a turning end on each of the two barstock pieces.
Results: both ends of the two parts are processed simultaneously.
The rotating feature can be an exact mirror image, or a mirror image with a completely different diameter, length, or profile.
Stock can be extended beyond two chucks as needed, allowing the parts to have any length.
Workpiece processed on high speed, single chuck of Hitachi precision machine HiCELL 23turret, four-
Surprisingly, the axis rotation unit looks like the unit produced on the machining center.
In fact, Itasca, IL-
The hic-based company said that in a chuck on the HiCELL machine, there was almost no composite milling, drilling or turning work that could not be completed
Can accommodate conventional or rotating tools and 12-
Tool ATC for turret service.
Davenport machines in Rochester, New York, has launched a truly new, quiet, multi-axis Automatic Screw Machine solution. (
The details of its hyped LS 522 can be found in the product focus on page 99. )
MI Clement mountain Hole Truth TM Smith tools international emphasizes its Smith Super cone (SST)
Super precision, fastchange stub-
President D. Fred Smith himself pointed out that traditional drilling parameters were out of date.
He said: \"Traditionally, the short-cut drill is considered to be any drill bit of no more than five times the diameter of the drill bit.
If the drill diameter is 0.
5. The exercise will not exceed 2 times. 5\".
Today, customers use 0.
5 \"the drill bit expects the spindle head to have the same concentricity as expected in the past 5 \".
5 \"from the nose.
\"The southern drilling and steel-out strategy was developed through the Rome, Georgia and Suhner industrial products company, which launched a new generation of drilling and processing spindles.
Its new BEX15 series processing unit is used in a variety of materials.
The BEX15 features a compact but stable spindle body.
Spindle with 5/8 \"drilling capacity can be equipped with up to 1. 8 kW motor.
The spindle speed of 28,000 rpm is also an option for processing special materials.
As far as the grinder bed is concerned, IMTS has introduced many small machine tools.
Many people have been created using the technology of large production machines and have been modified to suit the budget and special needs of small, narrow markets.
For newly designed machines, the overall trend is very rigid machines controlled using CNC for ultra-abrasive applications.
For example, Jones and Shipman from Kennesaw, GA, showed off their new Surform grinder, said Nelson boleyu, president of the company, which \"redesigned with a clean sheet of paper
\"Expansion is controlled by the circulation of the coolant through the components of the system, while the bearings on the living center and dead center are as close as possible to the workpiece to minimize the movement of the parts during grinding.
Erwin Juncker machinery, at Marcy Springfield, launched the BUAJ 30 cylindrical grinder, which allows several separate grinding operations in one part clamping.
There are three working modes for the machine.
The new Viking centerless grinder has been introduced in Cincinnati mirakon.
Horst mark, chief engineer of the project, said: \"We looked at each element in the grinding system to obtain stiffness,\" note that the machine has static stiffness and damping properties, good performance when using CBN grinding wheel.
At the same time, Weldon machine tool company in PA York has introduced a new agn2 machine with automatic loading facilities, which is ideal for the production of small parts.
Weldon\'s products represent the trend of combining mature technology with newer methods to produce machines capable of handling small devices
Large-scale production.
As Jim Flinchbaugh, president of Weldon, said, \"it may not be rocket science, but it is a good project.
\"Control, software and control are important introductions in almost every metal processing category.
IL Mt Prospect, a Mitsubishi Electric industrial control company, launched the \"first\" 64-
CNC bit printed circuit board.
64-designed for high speed machining-
The industrial standard architecture for the use of a bit-based handheld processor connected to a personal computer (ISA)
Bus, which can handle up to eight axes.
Meanwhile, Siemens recorded the advantages of embedding a universal patch in its Sinumerik 840
CNC capable of performing surface modeling directly-
The geometry can be defined without the post processor.
According to Klaus Wucherer, vice president of automation at Siemens, the processing speed has increased by 50%.
\"The accuracy of the workpiece has been improved, the old block-to-
\"Block processing speed is no longer relevant,\" he told T & P . \"
Meaning: CAD files can be loaded directly to CAM station and factory workshop and returned to CAM station as the file changes, but no post-processing is required.
Boston Digital, malmilford, produced this \"software\" program for its BostoMatic VMC hardware.
It launched the new BDC3200X Fanuc-
Compatible controls are said to be 35% faster than previous models.
Also introduced Therm-
Atrol spindle growth compensation system and anti-canceller
Vibration system, it eliminates Z-
Shaft vibration in rapid reversal, as in mold and mold cavity manufacturing.
And the Fagor Automation Company, elkgrove, IL, in its CNC control, DROs, digital drive technology is a new type of special rotary sensor with a line/loop from 9000 to 90,000, for linear feedback between 120mm (4\")and 30m (98 ft).
Mittoyo/MTI in Paramus, New Jersey, has joined two highly competitive companiesaxis CNC/three-
The new CNC retrofit system enables the shaft DRO market.
$12,200 with 586 DX microprocessor, Windows 95-based.
For a long time, the focus of the tool material is to withstand higher temperatures and work force.
However, this year\'s IMTS show that the focus has shifted to engineering products for specific application needs.
People in the store \"are getting rid of the pattern of doing things the same way,\" notes Ivars Roberts, sales and applications team at Iscar Metals Inc. , Arlington, Texas.
A proper example: the blade used to turn stainless steel always fails due to edge Formationup.
Traditional solution: new plugins can resist this buildup.
New materials from R & D efforts are not always easy to solve the problem, explains Karl Katbi, product marketing manager at Valenite Inc. , Madison Hts, MI.
Valenite\'s answer is to make it easier for the user to select the correct insert for the job.
It publishes its SpectraTurn Application Guide, a color
Covers 95% turn applications and coding guidelines for nine grades and 13 chip circuit breakers that make up their spectrum lines.
The Valenite guide is unique in that it deviates from the traditional ISO grouping and makes suggestions based on the similarity of the operability index of working materials with common failure modes.
It also includes suggestions for choosing the right Valcool cutting fluid for steel, stainless steel and cast iron.
Meanwhile, Gregory J Moreland, marketing manager for TN Lavergne stellellellram, said, \"everyone is looking for some key vendors that can solve a range of problems.
\"This in turn brings Guhring Inc. products such as I/ESPANDA packages, which programmers and engineers use to evaluate and compare cutting applications, or \"e-commerce\" introduced by Kennametal to reduce internal procurement costs \".
However, tool users may most benefit from the quality and consistency of the ultra-grinded blade edge preparation Hone, as Ewag Corp, Lincoln, RI, has launched a unique package at IMTS 96.
It consists of a \"non
Aggressive \"brush grinding technology and electronic grinding equipment to complement the manual and CNC insert grinder for Ewag.
Andre M Grosjean said: \"For the first time, the blade supplier will be able to provide a blade with consistent and verifiable edge preparation and Radian in Micron, and the user will be able to verify this fact, \"Executive Vice President of Ewag, Geneva, Switzerland-
Partner based in T & P
Clean and scrubbed proteins have been added to the oil and synthetic materials in the work store.
Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri, has launched a biodegradable metal glacier --
Work fluid based on protein.
For a wide range of applications, glaciers have become an areatested.
\"It has been used to make products from engines to door hinges,\" said Winsor Cho, business manager at Glacier . \".
\"Original equipment manufacturers like Amera have also been successful
The precision machine, showed its use for black metal at this exhibition.
With these achievements, we are now looking for more partners to optimize glaciers with a wider range of processing applications.
\"Mobil Oil of VA Fairfax shows its DTE Excel, a hydraulic Oil free of zinc.
This chemical reaction keeps the water separated from the waste coolant free of heavy metals.
The company\'s DTE 20 series oils are recommended for most hydraulic applications, including high-pressure systems and systems with servo valves. Tri-
Mer Corp. of MI Owosso has launched a fully networked aerial-pollution-
The control system is designed to be used for the installation of large multiple washers manufactured through chemical processing as well as metal processing and semiconductor.
The big three scrubber
Mer load share is networked so that each becomes a fully functional background
Serve others in case of overload or failure. Ingersoll-
Liwanaland, Michigan, cleaning and finishing systems, has launched a new Mod series
Crane industrial washing machine--
From multi-stage conveyor belt washing machines to mixing tank washing machines and desktop ultrasonic washing machines.
All these units use water.
Overcome ozone-related problems based on cleaning solutions
Consume organic solvents.
\"The customer is looking for A variation of the basic product,\" notes John A Lawson, marketing manager at the company Centri --Spray line.
\"Not only do they want to clean up the parts, they want to send it to another operation.
So we provide materials. handling [aspect].
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