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repulsion start.....induction run motor

by:Earlston     2020-01-17
A large cast iron (12\" jaw )
Wood Planing bed driven by rejection forceStart sensing-Run motor.
This is a motor that overcomes the low starting torque of the induction motor and combines the large starting torque, while losing the noise and brush wear of the rejection motor.
For those who are not interested in speed torque, you can skip the next step.
Curious about the iron penny, you are lucky.
The start-up of the large planing bed requires more torque, and then the induction machine can accelerate the quality of the single-blade in a huge flywheel.
The first picture (Third Pic )
Draw the speed torque of the rejection motor with strong starting torque at low speed. See the (First Pic )
Simplified wiring diagram of rejection motor. .
After 40 seconds, the rejection motor reaches the speed, the brush is separated from the variant, and the motor is turned into an induction machine for planing.
This is a pointer to the actual rejection motor that starts the planing machine wind
You can see and hear. See the (Fourth Pic )
A simplified wiring diagram of induction motor.
The second picture (Sixth Pic )
Draw the speed torque of the induction motor with almost no starting torque (used for fans ). .
If you skip here from the intro, you might want to use this pointer to see and hear the actual reject motor wind --
Start the sound of this shaved bed.
The safety cover blocks the very dangerous rotary steel-cut flywheel sheet.
As you can see, the repelling motor uses a fixed brush on the rotor with a connection-changer to achieve starting torque.
This configuration is very similar to the shunt motor.
Here are some photos of the plane cutting on solid 4 × 4 segments.
This is a pointer to the planned operation that you can watch and hear.
Please note how the safety guard keeps the wrong finger away from the blade.
I have trimmed a solid core door in three channels to install the old door jambon for this machine.
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