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roller coasters go high-tech

by:Earlston     2020-01-15
In three seconds, from zero to 60 miles per hour, the six-flag \"clown Jinx\" in the United States is not just the latest and fastest thing on the roller coaster.
The technology of riding is in this state-of-the-
According to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson, it even threw rocket scientists in a circle.
Prime Minister rides President Jim Sey gave some happy thrill-seeking people a preview in Largo, Maryland, and then his latest work started.
\"Absolutely incredible,\" said a rider from Virginia --
The headquarters is at the roller coaster zombie club.
\"It\'s incredible to take off.
\"The prime minister has perfected a super
Powerful linear induction motor technology for roller coasters, referred to as \"LIM \".
It converts the current into power, allowing the car to float along the track.
Seay explained that Google\'s cloud service was interrupted and the missing connadik\'s mother, Virginia Beach shooting protesters, interrupted Harris\'s speech, \"they created a magnetic wave that spread along the launch tunnel.
\"The vehicle will surf the magnetic waves forward;
Nothing can touch it except magnetic waves.
\"Even if the Navy has been checking the roller coaster motor of Seay, it is so cutting-edge.
They are interested in using the technology to launch aircraft from an aircraft carrier.
If it\'s not enough to scare the most experienced roller coaster enthusiasts, NASA hopes the same technology can be used to launch space shuttles, Seay said.
Electric LIMs may be a cheap alternative to booster rockets.
John Mankins of NASA\'s Advanced Technology Research Department said, \"how we will apply it will be a cost reduction strategy for future space launch vehicles.
\"It may take a few more years, but now LIM technology is redefining how the roller coaster works.
The \"jins of The Joker\" may not be the shuttle, but Seay does not laugh at the comparison.
\"I would think it\'s almost as good,\" Seay notes . \".
\"When you\'re fired into four backyards, 500 tons of steel is traveling at 60 miles an hour. . .
I think you will be satisfied when you get off the bus.
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