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the differences between the six weber genesis gas grill models

by:Earlston     2020-03-31
Weber is known for producing the best gas grills on the market today.
They have many different types, and there are usually several different models for each type.
Weber Genesis gas grill series is one of the most popular series of gas grills.
There are six different models to choose from for the Weber origin line.
It can be confusing to know which one best suits your barbecue needs, so here\'s some information about the major differences between these six Weber Genesis gas BBQ models.
The six models of Weber\'s Genesis gas grill are S-330, E-330, S-320, E-320, S-310 and E-310.
\"S\" means the stainless steel model.
This applies not only to the body, but also to the seasoning bar and the cooking grille.
When you choose the \"S\" type, these items are also made of stainless steel.
\"E\" represents a model with color selection.
Black, copper or green.
These models come with porcelain glaze seasoning sticks and cooking grilles.
The cooking grille on the \"E\" model is very heavy --
Cast iron under porcelain and those grilles are reversible.
There is a thick and flat bar on one side to maximize access to food.
On the other side is a small triangular point that provides the smallest contact with cooking grate for small items such as shrimp.
Weber divides the cooking grate into two pieces, which not only makes cleaning easier to disassemble, but also allows you to use the thin and wide cooking grate at the same time. The S-330 and the E-
The 330 is equipped with a side burner and a sear station.
Sear Station is high by an extra
Electric burner, allowing you to quickly scorch before transferring food to the grill area above the normal burner or indirectly heated.
The side burner offers a lot of versatility that allows you to stew sauces or make side dishes while you\'re grilling. The S-320 and the E-
The 320 is equipped with a side burner but lacks the sear station. The S-310 and the E-
310 there is neither a sear station nor a side burner.
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