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the induction motor and other alternating current motors

by:Earlston     2020-01-26
This book fully discusses the practical theory of induction motors and several major types of AC motors.
The author also gives a historical account of the invention of induction motor and its theoretical development.
He attributed the invention to Nikolai Tesla in 1888.
In the UK, this is usually attributed to Ferrari, who built induction motors in the fall of 1885, with the rotating part of which being a solid copper cylinder.
In this regard, there are also some people in Baily who claim to be inventors, as he showed the London Physics Society in June 1879 a disk spinning in a rotating magnetic field.
Tesla and Westinghouse
However, it was the first person to make a motor similar to the pastday.
Since the standard frequency of AC power supplies in the US was 135 in 1888, it was difficult for them to deal with it.
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