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The Revenge of Nikola Tesla

by:Earlston     2020-01-29
Nikola Tesla Mster\'s retaliation for our electricity use today comes from Nikola Tesla.
He was said to be about 150 earlier than that time.
Some people prefer to study and discover things.
About Nikola Tesla: Nikola Tesla (
Serbia Cyril: D waste D, a D ° D connection D ° D ¢ D antibody N x81 D» D °;
July 10, 1856 January 7, 1943)was a Serbian-American[2][3]
Inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist, most notably his contribution to modern AC design (AC)
Power supply system. [4]
Tesla began working in the telephone and electrical fields before moving to the United States to work for Thomas Edison in 1884.
His patented AC induction motors and transformers have been licensed by George Westinghouse and he has also hired Tesla as a consultant to help develop power systems that use AC power.
He made a lot of money from his hundreds of patents, but it also cost him a lot of money to do experiments.
You can spend a lot of time reading the above article.
This is a faster and more interesting reading article titled Why Nikola Tesla is the greatest geek of all time.
This is a very interesting reading.
While it made Edison a bad guy, I didn\'t see any mention of Edison\'s use of cocaine, which was legal at the time.
According to AlterNet: in 1863, French chemist Angelo Mariani invented \"Vin Mariani\", a Bordeaux wine treated with coca leaves with its active ingredients
The ethanol content in Bordeax can be extracted from coca leaves at a concentration of more than 7 mg per ounce of wine.
Thomas Edison, a prolific American inventor and notorious insomnia patient
Although it may not be strange)
Was one of the many people who used cocaine at that time-laced elixir.
Now that Tesla can read and recite the whole book, it means he has a photographic memory.
Tesla speaks 8 languages including English, French, German, Welsh, Czech, Latin and Hungarian.
In addition to Edison, many people are not ready to accept what Tesla has given them.
Now, there\'s a very interesting quote on the page above about what I\'m talking about: Edison thinks fossil fuels are the future, and South America has enough resources to provide energy for the next 50,000 years.
Tesla believes that renewable energy such as water and electricity, solar energy and wind energy is the future direction of development.
This is very notable because in the 1890 s there was no such thing as \"going green\", so Tesla\'s idea of protection was very advanced --
Thinking at that time.
The article also calls him Tony Stark, although Tony Stark (Iron Man)is fictional.
Now, all of this is in line with the rest of my article, but I will discuss other things before going back to this article.
There are two different things.
Know, believe.
When you believe what you\'re guessing but don\'t know.
So it\'s better to know if you can.
Now, most of the major religions believe that the soul or spirit is like not dying when the body dies.
If so, then the soul can do different things after the body dies, including going back to the other body.
I have an article about reincarnation, and there are two psychiatrists working on it.
But with this article, I will focus on some very famous people, including intruders.
It was Benjamin Franklin who discovered the electricity that made it possible.
He said: \"Therefore, I find myself in this world, and I believe that I will always be, in any case;
Although there may be all kinds of inconvenience in human life, I do not object to my new version and hope that the errata [mistakes]
The amendment of last May.
\"Now in yoga philosophy and Hinduism, people are incarnated to learn what they need to learn, such as learning from mistakes and solving unfinished things.
Henry Ford, who invented Ford, said he had studied for a lifetime.
Cars will also enter in the third and last parts of this article.
Here\'s what Ford said to the San Francisco Examiner in 1928: when I found reincarnation, I seemed to have found a general plan, and I realized there was a chance to come up with my ideas.
Genius is experience.
Some people seem to think it is a gift or a gift, but in many lives it is the result of long-term experience.
Scientology, deniti, and leinkanar Ron Hubbard decided to do what psychology/psychiatry was trying to do, but there was no drug they thought and still believed to be barbaric,
Frontal lobe resection is now illegal.
Therefore, they will find traumatic experiences in people\'s lives and solve these problems so that they will no longer subconsciously disturb the person.
When someone is dealing with all these events, it is said that he is a clear person.
This is the ultimate realm that human beings can reach.
You can read all of this in the book denitti.
Now please note that this is not a compliment to denitti.
They don\'t believe in the past.
I\'m reading what they call a past life, not a reincarnation.
Now, when people try to discover these traumatic events, they begin to talk about something in their past lives.
But since all westerners know that there is no reincarnation, they will change it.
On one occasion, when this happened to L Ron Hubbard, he decided to have some fun with this imaginary mixture.
He asked the man to talk about it, as if it were real, and they recovered more in this conversation than the previous one added up.
So they had to get rid of denitti because it was based on someone who only had this life and they changed it to a Scientology.
They also learned that a clear present is more likely to encounter things that have happened in the past.
Please note that my spelling check does not recognize the word diantics.
Back on Tesla\'s path to revenge in the movie Star Wars, Obi Wan Kenobi said, \"If you beat me, I\'ll have more power to come back than ever.
Then Darth Vida hit his robe with a sword and the robe fell to the ground and Obi-Wan disappeared.
Now I have another article about electric vehicle company Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk.
This explains Robert Downey Jr. .
Since Tony Stark, I don\'t know what a real billionaire genius would do. Iron Man)
A fictional character.
So he interviewed Elon Musk with the producer.
Earlier Musk started PayPal and sold it for more than a billion dollars.
Nikola Tesla did not invent a motor that uses DC (DC).
But he did invent an induction motor that uses AC power. AC).
Tesla\'s AC induction motor is one of the top ten discoveries, a web page says.
Most electric vehicles use electric motors, but both Tesla\'s sports car and model C use three
AC asynchronous motor.
I quoted Tesla\'s famous saying that it wants to use solar and wind to generate electricity, rather than fossil fuels such as Musk\'s evil Thomas Addison outside of Tesla\'s car CEO (TSLA)
He is also the CEO (
Now chairman of the board)
His cousin founded a company called SolarCity. SCTY).
The company installed solar panels on the roofs of people\'s houses, and over time people paid off with the electricity they saved.
The company also built charging stations for Tesla cars.
The people who own these cars are free, they are solar.
So Musk no longer cares about money after selling PayPal.
He hopes to save the planet by using sustainable energy.
In terms of Tesla\'s revenge, Elon Musk Nikola Tesla was in his previous life, right?
I don\'t think we will ever know.
This was written before imagining Geely factory.
Since Musk does not remember being Tesla, he does not know that he will make a huge super factory that can store and manufacture electricity.
The Consumer Reports that the Tesla model S is the best car ever and will get 110 without charging time (instead of 99)
Since it was tested from the chart, there are a total of 100.
To do that, of course, Musk had to be born after Tesla\'s death, which is the case.
Musk is only 41 years old (
Tesla died in 1943 70 years ago).
At the age of 13, Musk sold a computer game for $500.
Musk is also the CEO and chief technology officer (
Chief Technology Officer)
Space Exploration Technology launched a rocket into the space station on 2012.
So Elon Musk is also a rocket scientist.
He is still alive in your lifetime, so you can witness what he has done in time.
Like Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk has photographic memories that Albert Einstein doesn\'t have.
Tesla is a physicist, Wikipedia says.
Elon Musk studied at the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor\'s degree in physics.
Prior to that, he received a bachelor\'s degree in business (economics)
Wharton Business School in Auburn
This is the number one business school and billionaire Donald Trump in the country (
Ivanka Trump)went there.
So revenge is to come back and save the Earth when people are looking for green energy.
Unlike Tesla, Musk is a billionaire.
I don\'t know how accurate another article about Tesla\'s exclusivity is, but Musk has two beautiful wives (
Not at the same time)and 2 children.
Although I don\'t know how much time he is now working for them 80 to 100 hours a week.
Here\'s the article about 29 reasons why Elon Musk is the worst CEO in the United States, with a lot of pictures.
The new update of February 25, 2014 will not have enough batteries to meet Tesla\'s demand for batteries.
So Tesla will (now is)
Build the largest battery factory in the world.
It is called Ji processing factory or Ji processing factory. factory.
So Tesla is no longer just a car company.
It is also an energy company.
It will be powered entirely by solar cells and wind turbines they built.
Maybe they will build more and create all the electricity in Nevada.
They have started to build it and some of its owners are helping it ---
PanasonicMorgan Stanley raised Tesla\'s target price from $153 per share to $320 per share.
This is similar to Amazon. com.
It was originally a book company, but now it sells everything.
Tesla shares closed today at $248 a share. End of Update.
Learn about the relationship between Tesla Motor stock and Amazon stock, and many new developments such as the autonomous taxi system.
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