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types of solar cookers: learn about the types of solar cookers & how they are built

by:Earlston     2019-12-09
Solar cookers are the safest and cleanest way to cook food.
They use solar energy to cook food, which is free and very rich.
Solar cookers are being widely promoted in India, China and some solar-rich African countries.
Depending on how solar energy is used in solar cookers, they are divided into various types.
Explore some of the most popular types below.
Box-type solar cooker is one of the most widely used solar cooker.
They can be rectangular or circular in shape.
The box type of solar cooker includes a closed space in which containers containing raw food are kept.
There is a glass at the top of the box that allows sunlight to pass through it and concentrate in the box.
There are two ways to cook food.
First of all, the concentrated sunlight falls directly on the cooking utensils and cooks the food.
In the second method, a black surface is applied on the inner surface of the box, which absorbs the sun and converts it into heat, thus heating the food and producing a small greenhouse effect.
In both cases, the box is covered with insulating material to avoid heat leakage.
It can also include a reflective surface on top of the box, not glass.
Although the box cookware is slow, they even provide heating for food.
The box type of solar cooker is easy to manufacture and use, safe and cheap.
Solar cookers are very cheap solar cookers and are the easiest to build.
These are also known as cooking models.
The panel solar cooker consists of four panels covered with reflective materials like aluminum foil.
The sunlight falling on the panel reflects to the middle part of the box formed by the panel, where the cooking container is kept.
Food is heated and cooked due to concentrated sunlight.
The panel is plain cardboard and aluminum foil is similar to aluminum foil in cigarette packaging.
Although they are easy to make, they are not very effective in windy environments due to heat being blown away.
They also do not absorb enough heat in a cloudy atmosphere.
The Parabolic solar cooker parabolic solar cooker is connected by a reflective metal sheet to form an umbrella shape.
When the sun falls on the metal sheet, the energy is concentrated into a small area where the cooking container is placed.
In the parabolic solar cooker with high concentration of solar energy;
So they are the fastest of all solar cookers.
The parabolic shape of the solar cooker requires precise design so that the solar energy can be concentrated in the right place.
If the concentrated energy does not fall on the cooking utensils, the food will not cook effectively.
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